zip duffle

Stargazing; Liam Dunbar

Warnings- extreme fluff
Request- “A really fluffy Liam imagine”
You were over at Lydia’s lake house for some “pack bonding.” It started at 7:00 and it would be a sleepover. You run around your room going over the mental checklist in your head.
“Pajamas, check. Toothbrush, check. Slippers, check.” You mumble counting the items off on your fingers. You ran over and checked the time on your phone.
It read 6:45. You also had a text from your boyfriend, Liam.
“Hey babe, I’ll be over around 6:50 to pick you up.” It read. You had 5 minutes. You double check the list and throw in some extra stuff like another charger, perfume, fuzzy socks etc. You zip up your duffle bag and head downstairs. You walk into the kitchen and grab a pack of fruit snacks. Happily munching on them you see that Liam should be here any minute. You hear a firm knock on the door and you throw away your empty wrapper.
You grab your bag off of the table and open the door to see Liam standing their with his hands in his pockets.
“Ready?” He asks looking at you with that cute smile on his face.
“Let’s go” You say returning the smile and grabbing his hand. You walk down to his car and hop in.
The drive to the lake only took about 15 minutes. Filled with singing along to radio songs, laughing and chatting.
Once at Lydia’s you two get out along with your bags. The door opens before you can even knock.
“Liam, Y/N!” Lydia squeals grabbing your wrist and pulling you inside. You tug Liam along and into the living room. You see blankets and pillows crowding the floor and plop your bag down.
“Okay now since everyone is here, let’s get started.” You two took a seat on the couch and his arm wraps around his waist. You lean your head on his chest and listen to begin telling the details of the night ahead.
First you guys discussed the supernatural, but that quickly died down not wanting it to ruin your guys’ night. Next, Lydia called a pizza place and ordered pizzas. You guys decided to watch a few movies. The pizzas arrived about half way through the second movie so you put up the popcorn and went to devour the pizzas. After finishing the pizzas all of you guys seemed to forget about the movie.
Everyone was laying around talking and you decided to go outside for a break. You walk out the sliding glass door and you hear footsteps behind you. You continue walking down to the dock and stop to stare out over the lake.
“Hey babe” You hear the voice of Liam say coming behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist. He rests his head on your shoulder and you sigh. You turn and kiss his cheek before looking back out over the rippling water.
“Just needed a breather” You say looking up into the clear, starry night sky.
“I get it” He says and you let a soft smile slip onto your face.
“It’s so beautiful out” You say turning around in his arms and looking up at him.
“Almost as beautiful as you” He says kissing your forehead.
“Wow. That was soo smooth” You tease grabbing his hand as you leave the dock.
“Hey now, you still love me” He says turning you back around to face him.
“That’s debatable” You reply with a smirk.
“No it’s not!” He jokingly yells grabbing you and throwing you over his shoulder. You let out a squeal as he starts to take off somewhere.
“Liam!” You scream pounding on his back. You lightly smack his butt and he lets out a laugh this time.
“O, you’re in for it now!” He says throwing you down onto a surface. You scream as the surface rocks and you realize you’re in a hammock. The hammock swings some more and Liam is soon pushing you in it.
“I’m cold” You say after a few minutes of swinging back and forth. Liam stops the hammock and climbs in next to you. He wraps an arm around your shoulder and you snuggle into his chest. You inhale his scent and a smile works its way onto your face.
“You’re so beautiful” Liam mummers. You look up to see him looking down at you. You let a small smile slip onto your face and you turn and look back up at the stars.
“Do you know any constellations?” Liam asks gazing at the stars with you.
“Nope. I always tried but I could never find them” You admit a frown working its way onto your features.
“Lucky for you, I know a few” He says and lifts his hand up. He points out the Big and Little Dipper at first to no avail. He takes your hand and tries to guide you to where they’re located. After a few minutes you finally see them both, much to your delight. Liam shows you a few more and you feel exhaustion start to overwhelm you. You yawn and snuggle back into his chest, wrapping an arm around his torso.
“Go to sleep beautiful. I’ll be here when you wake up” He says running his fingers through your hair. You fall asleep so the sound of Liam humming a tune, the soft lapping sound of the lake and Liam’s fingers playing with your hair.


“So you’re just going to leave me here?” You huffed crossing your arms over your chest, Jason mumbled something under his breath before turning to face you “Yes, and you will behave.” He warned, the only reason he was acting like this was because he was in front of the guys “Oh really? Maybe while you’re gone Alex will keep me company.” You hinted winking at Alex, Jason’s brother, standing in the door way supported by his crutches, his eyes widened at your statement.

“Don’t start with me Em.” Jason growled zipping up the last duffle bag, you simply shrugged before walking over to Alex, draping an arm around his shoulder you smirked “He is pretty hot.” You stated knowing the reaction you would get from Jason, he snapped his head towards the both of you and glared harshly “Emily if you don’t get the fuck away from him I swear to god I will-“You cut him off with a chuckle “You’ll what?” You challenged arching your brow

He parted his lips but quickly closed them making your smirk widened “Exactly.” The room fell quiet, you and Jason both stared at each other before he sighed “You’re not going because I don’t want you to get hurt, you’ll be safe here and that’s all that matters.” His words came out slow almost as if they were painful “Now come here and give me a kiss so we can go.” He took a step forward

Rolling your eyes you walked towards him and leaned up, just as your lips were about to meet his you jerked up so your lips met his cheek instead “You can get the real thing after you come back and make this up to me.”


Road Trip || Jason & Roslyn


It was nice to finally get away. Roslyn was devoted to her work, one of the things that had always come first in her life but with the way the last week had been she could use a break. So she finally took a full weekend off, and Monday too just in case she wanted to spend more time with Jason. Roslyn was excited for their first time away together as she packed. She placed her things in a small duffle bag since she knew they would be camping and only gone for a couple of days she was able to narrow down her packing significantly. While they typically both worked most of the weekend it was nice to spend more than just Sunday with Jason, knowing that they would not have the responsibility of going back to work looming over them. 

She zipped her duffle and brought it out to the mid-size SUV Jason had rented for the occasion. Roslyn smiled as she got in and waited for Jason to finish locking up the apartment. She watched him come down the stairs, his last bag in his hand, and walk over to the vehicle. It was nice that Jason understood how much she worked and did not nag her about it but sometimes she wished they could do things like this more often, just the two of them. She smiled at him as he got in on the drivers side, she enjoyed this excited and less stressed side of him. “Kiss before you start driving?” Roslyn asked with a sly smile. She leaned over the console towards him and gave him a quick kiss. She settled back in her seat and took his hand in hers, after he started driving the car, and placed their entwined hands on her lap.