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Chris Cornell.

I’ve been trying to think of what to write for a solid hour now. I’ll start something, then backspace every word until it’s all gone, and I think that’s how my mind and heart feels right now.

This isn’t just a case of a musician I was a casual fan of dying too young. Soundgarden is a band that I discovered as a child in the late ‘90s. I have fan art of Chris Cornell that I drew when I was 11 fucking years old. I had a silly teenage crush on him, too. There are old picture files on a zip drive I own that date back to 2004 with titles like “Ohh Chris!” and “So Sexy”.

And now this guy that was so much a part of those silly times is…gone. Just gone. He took his own life. God knows what led him to do this. It could have been the result of months or even years of heartache that wasn’t managed properly. It could have been an impulse decision made while upset, as so many suicides occur that way. None of us will ever know what was going on in his head last night.

His bandmates, his friends, his family, and millions of fans are now stuck in a horrid grieving process that will take a long time to work through. My first thought this morning after seeing that Chris was actually gone, as in gone and never coming back, was about how Jerry Cantrell is going to have to bury another fucking friend of his that died too young. Another one. He has had to watch dozens of people he loved die like this. The same could be said for any grunge musician right now. Another brother. Gone.

But I want to say something to all of you - nearly 1,000 of you - you are so fucking loved. If you’re not loved by the people in your life, there are people like me and others on the internet who are going to be there when your head starts slumping. Please, please take care of yourself. If you’re battling suicidal thoughts, please reach out to me or someone else. Don’t make an impulse decision to leave this world when you have so much more to offer, so much to give. I failed to take my own life three times. I am glad something stopped me each time. Death culture is rampant and it might be comforting to think about when times get rough, but please don’t die.

I am not okay. I’m probably not going to be okay for a while. Last night was a mess and I was already upset about that, but now that Chris is gone, the only thing I can do is kind of divorce myself from my emotions a bit. Regardless though, I am here for you. Please don’t do anything to hurt yourself. Maybe when my head settles we can have some kind of group session about this and play some Soundgarden tunes (or hell, even Audioslave or that jank Timbaland album) to get through this together. 

Chris Cornell, the second best voice in grunge, has been silenced, but recordings of that voice will be around for a very long time. I am so grateful for all the times I was inspired by his singing, his songwriting, and his sense of humor. Chris wasn’t just a pretty face - he was highly intelligent and had such a unique way of looking at fame and praise. He didn’t want to be a sex symbol. He didn’t take groupies. He didn’t have that same hedonistic attitude that befell so many other musicians. He was a cut above the rest, something truly special, and I’m going to remember him that way.

I’m going to remember Chris Cornell as the amazing person he was, not for what he did in a split second while alone and hollow inside. He is still full of life through the life he gave to others.

since the other soundtrack masterlists i’ve seen on here have a lot of broken links, i decided to make my own! under the cut are 200+ different musicals and 300+ different download links all in alphabetical order. if you encounter any problems please message me so i can update the list, but please understand that these are not MY uploads, they are others’ that i’ve found and listed here for you. there are also some notes listed below the cut regarding the download links. please like/reblog! [last updated: 24 december 2015]

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glcnnwood  asked:

"It just slipped out" (any muse you please)

“Well… That sucks…” Steve replied looking down in the gap that the zip drive fell down. “Looks like there’s another room down there, I think I can see it. We’ll have to get it back…” He thought over how they would be able to get down there with the least amount of attention drawn to them.

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Have you tried putting those fanfics in files and emailing them to yourself? So you can always redownload them, even without the same computer?

Hi anon, that’s very sweet of you to suggest things to help! Unfortunately, the fics/art are on zip disks. That means they cannot be accessed by a computer that doesn’t have a zip drive, which is a thing almost no one born after about 1998 has ever seen. I unfortunately allowed myself to be pressured into getting rid of the old computer, rather than removing the zip drive first so I’d have a chance to work around that. (Read: Give the drive to my sister and make her figure out how to mount it externally on a working computer.)

This was the 90s, before email addresses allowed large attachments or even very long messages. Many of these fics were actually collected from mailing lists, where they’d been broken up into many pieces in order to fit within size limits. The mailing lists they were posted to and the email addresses I used back then no longer exist. Many works were also collected from geocities, fortunecity, and other sites that no longer exist.

This is one reason why AO3 exists now.


I heard she’s finally committed to someone again. You must be her new boyfriend. I’m glad that she decided to put her walls down once more even though she is not exactly the type who would trust her heart to anyone. That should mean you’re a good man too.

This may seem weird but let me tell you a few things about her that she tries so hard to hide. Soon enough, you will be going through all these situations and I thought it would be best to give you an idea about her actions before you even conclude or do something.

First of all, she’s a really shy girl. When someone is talking to her and she feels overwhelmed, she would slide her feet backwards and hide it under the chair. She has sweaty palms, especially when she gets nervous. You might have noticed why she never lets go of her hanky. Aside from covering her lips and her nose, or her whole face at times, her handkerchief is the only thing she can hold on to. You need to learn how to hold her hand in a way that makes her feel that she’s not alone, and reassures her that you’re there for her all the time.

Sometimes, she doesn’t know how to behave within a group of flashy people. It’s not because she wasn’t born rich. She was bullied a lot when she was young because she was so thin and sickly back then. It took me quite a while before I let her out of her shell and build that confidence in her. You need to take care of that confidence because once she feels threatened, she’d rather stay inside her room and not talk to anyone.

Take her to museums and places which reminds her of art and nature instead of pubs. She would adore your gentleman behavior. She dreams to travel and would love to visit Rome and Santorini. Let her be when she stares blankly to a painting at Ben Cab Museum. She has her own world happening on that moment. Appreciate what she’s into and notice her eyes go big. You will feel her excitement when she starts to tell you about everything she knows endlessly. Trust me, she will look lovely when she does.  She will get mad for no reasons though. Out of nowhere that is. Maybe that’s just how women are. But don’t get mad at her too when she does, nor stay away and wait for her to talk to you again. Let her be mad at you, she’s just having another episode, it’s nothing serious. Hug her if you can, stay beside her, send her cute messages, play with her hair, compliment her, take her to a pasty shop, remind her about babies. Yes, she likes babies. That’s her magic happy pill.

Her favorite color is blue. She wakes up at 6:15am every day even if there’s no class. She likes her coffee white. She loves rabbits. She wants McDonald’s fries and Ben & Jerry’s when she’s on her period. Cook for her but let her hold the ladle and stir the food. Hug her back while she does, she will love it. Don’t stop her from doing risky things like zip lining alone or driving the bike. She doesn’t want to be underestimated just because she’s a woman. But be there when she does them, she takes risks, but she will take strength from your reassuring eyes. No matter how true it is, she will never believe when you say she’s beautiful. She would prefer if you show it instead. She likes receiving random messages, flowers. Kiss her ears and stare at her while she’s sleeping. She would know.

She has asthma, her inhaler is on the green box in her cabinet. Buy one and take it with you every time you’re out. She can’t breathe when there’s too many people or if it’s too hot. She also has a few other prescription medicines in her bag. She carries them, remind her to drink them every day. She can be really stubborn, you know.

Don’t worry, I’m not writing to take her back. I’m over her and I’m glad she’s taking another chapter of her life with you. I just want you to know that you found a really beautiful person. She’s worth every thing you got. Take care of her, because you’re one lucky man.



Into the Fire

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,766

Summary: The Reader finds out Sam is back in the life. 

Warnings: Language. Implied smut. 

A/N: For @one-shots-supernatural SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge. Prompt this week was: “How about no?” This idea came from a conversation I had earlier this week with @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit about our favorite versions of Sam Winchester. So, my dear Moz, here is some Canon Baby Sam for you. Also, there’s a major cliff hanger. Yes, I plan on continuing it, most likely a little drabble series. 

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The bar was crowded and loud, a small local band playing covers of terrible country songs. It was bad enough that the lead singer was tone deaf, but then to not even play decent songs on top of that? You would have preferred a bar that was smaller, quieter, a little less packed, or maybe even the comfort of your motel room, but this was the only bar in town and you hadn’t had enough time to make a supply run before the only grocery store in town closed for the night. One horse towns. These were the consequences.

It hadn’t been a bad hunt, just a lonely one. A solitary salt and burn milk run. A vengeful spirit that been tormenting a local school for the last 20 years. It hadn’t even taken you three days to crack it and find where the woman had been buried. The drive to town from your last case had taken longer. Bobby had called you personally, asking you to take a look. You had been in Arizona, hunting down a demon when he tracked you down, asking you to head to Minnesota. There hadn’t been any hunters closer.

That’s when he told you the news.

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aquarianknightrising  asked:

Any idea on technologies that might be created and then "lost?" This is a fantasy setting where they have a mix of some technology, combined with magic--and some technology that's dependent on magic. Many places in the world had pretty advanced technology at one point--where they had an equivalent to automobiles and electricity, and possibly telephones... But then mortals ended up in a war with gods, and barely survived... So, any ideas on what technology people might lose and find again?

werew: Probably the easiest way for a people to lose technology would be if they are forced to flee and leave it behind, and at least a generation or two goes by before anyone goes back to that place.  If the technology is something small and you want to make SURE they leave it behind in spite of it being portable, you might work on something about some power or weapon of the gods being able to disable the technology, so it ends up being useless and people leave it behind because why take something that doesn’t even work when you’re fleeing?

werew: As for what would be lost, I think you can feasibly say that almost anything could be lost and then found again. If they have tech as advanced as cars and phones, they probably have methods of data storage that would last for a long time, so there’s no reason that examples of the tech and/or the specs/blueprints/whatever couldn’t be perfectly intact many years in the future.

Mirintala: Places of high technology that could be used in war are prime targets during a war and would have been the first to be knocked out. And after the war ends, priority is on survival not recovery of that type of thing, so it could stay buried for some time.

werew: I would tailor what is lost to the kind of scene you want to have for the characters. So if you want them to be forced to rely on delivering messages on foot, say that some kind of magic or tech knocked out all more advanced communication methods temporarily or permanently, and go from there. You could easily tailor this situation to whatever you want it to be like

Mirintala: There’s also discovering low tech things. Like, carrier pigeons. We’ve not used them much in the age of high tech but in a post war world it might be something they rediscover how to do while they salvage what they can.

nico: There’s also an element of - we got into the war because of technology and it more becomes forbidden so generations would not use it - so it’s lost.  Until people start finding references to the old technologies and start reusing them.

MareeB: Much of the tech we have today is created with extremely complex manufacturing

constablewrites: Technology gets lost when everyone who knew how to make it is dead, and it hasn’t been recorded in a way that we can recover. It can be rediscovered when later generations reverse-engineer it from the finished products that remain, end up going back down the same process that led to its development, or find new information. Alternatively, a technology can die out because we know exactly how it works and just don’t have the thing that makes it run anymore, and can be revived when we either find more of the thing or develop an alternative.

constablewrites: This is a process that happens ALL THE TIME throughout our history.  We don’t actually know much about Norse mythology because the only source we have for it heavily adapted it to be palatable to Christians.  We know everything about Egypt’s primary trade partner except where it was, because no one bothered to write that detail down since, you know, what idiot doesn’t know where Punt is? Whole industries could be wiped out by one good war or plague because they didn’t keep written records of their techniques.

constablewrites: And we’re not talking ancient history, either. Half of all films made before 1950 are gone. Completely, utterly gone, never to be recovered. Advances in data storage technology means that data has to be constantly converted and updated, or else you’re the poor bastard scrambling to find the one Zip drive still in existence in order to read this very important disk. Digital formats degrade over time just like anything else–a fact we’ve only just started coming to terms with and work to counter.

constablewrites: So literally anything can fit the bill for what you’re suggesting, from the uses of this one flower to how to weave fabric for a particular purpose to how to communicate quickly across long distances. Look to history for the mechanisms of how that loss can happen, and tailor the specifics to what suits your story needs.

constablewrites: Also, there’s a whole trope for this: The Real Life header in particular has dozens examples of things that have been lost and rediscovered.

Synth: That TV Tropes link is an excellent resource, and also a most terrible trap. Be prepared to get stuck in that website for hours.

Mirintala: The thing to remember when looking at tropes and real world history is don’t be upset if you find something you thought of using. It doesn’t invalidate your ideas because something has been done before. You just need to be original in your presentation.

MareeB: It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the things you’re probably getting wrong

Bina: Like @Mirintala mentioned, the idea of having to go back to old tech (like, OLD old) due to some disaster is something that gets overlooked a lot. It’s an idea I personally prefer over discovering lost advanced technology that conveniently saves your butt. Sometimes, what a culture needs is not the advanced tech of their ancestors, but the “old-ways” and techniques those ancestors left behind (probably requires a much different old society, unless these high-tech ancestors were ALSO in touch with their roots). Sometimes in our scores of technological innovation, people lose respect for older ways of life and forget just how effective past methods could be at solving current problems.Take a look at this article about a man who stopped desertification through ancient farming techniques for a great real-life example of this! Or, if you like videos over articles, there’s a video link too.

For the purpose of the questioner having magic and tech combined, maybe the “lost technology” was some method of using magic with nature instead of integrating it with technology. If there was some war and lots of magic technology was lost, it would certainly be useful to use your magic with something as readily available as nature! Assuming magic has existed for a long, long time, it makes sense for people to have used their magic with their surroundings far before technology advanced enough to take over manual ways of life.

Nourishing the Planet

“The Man Who Stopped the Desert”: What Yacouba Did Next

Meet Yacouba Sawadogo – The Man Who Stopped the Desert

constablewrites: Very true about tropes, @Mirintala. Tropes are all about the context and how they’re used, not just the classification. And allusion is a long and proud literary tradition, especially when you can use that extranarrative information to shed light on your story. If your knowledge was lost because an invading army burned a very important library, most of your readers will automatically think of Alexandria–which you can factor in and put to use.

Sam Winchester: Peanut Butter And Jealous

Character: Sam

Reader Gender: Female

Request: “can you write one where the reader is on a hunt with sam and dean and they need access to some confidential files, so the reader has to distract the guy (who just happens to be pretty cute) who’s supposed to be guarding the file room, and when she does so by flirting with him, sammy gets uncharacteristically jealous and protective due to his feelings for the reader, which he hasn’t told her about yet?”

Warnings: None I can think of, maybe some swearing, but nothing major!

Word Count: 1250

Summary: While trying to flirt their way to some important documents, Sam realizes how much he hates seeing them with someone who wasn’t him. 

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I worked on a system prototype for a local non-profit. A month after sending a .zip file attached to an email, they told me they never even received the files.

Me: Hello [client], I’m sorry that you did not receive the files you needed. I’ve attached them to this email.

Client: We do not have ZIP Drive in our computers. Can you run them over to us in a flash drive?