zip car


With the snow falling down around you, wet and sticky, you pulled your half-drenched coat around your shoulders and listened as your feet slapped against puddled pavement… It wasn’t that you didn’t like the snow - winter wonderland and all that jazz but this was damn near akin to rain and it had a way of sinking bone deep every time the partially melted flakes touched against your skin.

“You look kind of miserable…” Ray chuckled after he pulled his hood up; his eyes cutting toward the dirty slush coating the streets as a car zipped through and splashed it onto the sidewalk.

“How could you tell?” You joked, shoving your wet gloves into your coat pockets.

“Well, your resting bitch face looks pretty… resting.” He replied with that spacey grin of his, which managed to make you snort though a small laugh. “Want me to put a smile on your face.”

 At that you let out puff and glanced upward to see the city lights catching and reflecting through the falling flakes before saying, “Unless you and your suit can stop this gross weather, I’m not sure that’s possible.”

“I’ll take that bet.” And in one quick move, Ray wrapped a light grip around your forearm, his touch warming even through your wet clothes, causing a shiver to vibrate up your spine as he dropped on his knee. It took you about ten seconds after he’d fished a small, tell-tale box out of his pocket to really put it together; your gloved hands instinctively shooting toward his face to run a cold, wet touch along his jaw. “Will you marry me?”

With your head now bobbing frantically, you felt your lips pull into a bright grin and without thinking, you bent forward to kiss him senseless.

(X) (X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Ray Proposing to You*

@rutherfxckerreally cute christmassy way (if that makes sense) to the reader? And also - I check this blog a lot (especially for Harry 😍) and it always cheers me up, so thank you for doing what you do!!! 


A “zip gun” is 1950s slang term for a homemade pistol, often assembled by delinquent youths.

A “Zipcar” is a rented automobile available by the hour or day under an annual membership program.

Lately I’ve been imagining the definitions reversed:

Zip Gun (zɪp guhn) n. A rented firearm available by the hour or day under an annual membership program.

Zipcar (zɪp-kahr) n. A 1950s slang term for a homemade automobile, often assembled by delinquent youths.

No community yet for Zipcar customers. Zipcar drivers have never coalesced into a community. Recent research notes that Zipcar has failed in its attempts to create rituals among users like waving to each other on the road, as well in rallying them around the green advantages of using car sharing. Apparently, users are not too interested in such rituals and don’t really find the green theme so convincing or exciting.Lesson: If you want to create community , check with your customers and see if they want to be in one.   Via Why Do Zipcar Users Abuse the Cars? 4 Lessons For the Access Economy ,TriplePundit 

Some random guy in a gray suit driving a black sports car stopped me mid-walk to ask if I was playing Pokemon Go. 

Wait, wait. Let me back up and set the scene.

I live in a very remote suburb that is surrounded by farms. Literally I can walk to a horse, cattle, and tobacco farm, all within five minutes of each other. I’m just trying to hatch my newly obtained eggs (I found pokestops in town when I went to work today) and maybe catch that oddish that’s been taunting me for two days. 

It’s about seven-forty-ish in the evening. I’m walking down the road. There is not a soul about. You can hear cows mooing in the distance.

Suddenly this sleek black sports car with heavily tinted windows zooms up behind me. I’m off the side of the road, just lifting my phone to see if I’m any closer to that oddish. The car zips past me. 

Then I hear a screech. The car has stopped a good 500 feet down the road, and now the driver’s thrown it into reverse. I have a vague idea he might have missed his turn, so I walk on. 

He stops the car next to me. I have a minor moment of alarm. Am I going to be kidnapped and made into a skin suit? Am I on someone’s property without knowing?

Instead a man in a nice, well-fitting gray suit rolls down the car window. He’s thirty-ish, white, wearing a tie. He leans towards me.

“Hey! Are you playing Pokemon GO?” he half-yells.

“Um, yeah!” I hold up my phone as proof.

“Any good pokemon out here?”

“Er, mostly just rattatas at the moment.”

Pause. “Fair enough. Have a good one!”

He then peeled off before I could respond. 

I kinda froze for a good minute, before bursting into laughter. Probably the last thing I expected from that exchange. 

Somewhere a junkie fixes the hole in
his arm
and a racing car zips around my halo.

A good God is hard to find.

Every morning I look in the mirror
and say ‘promise me something,
don’t do the things I’ve done.’

—  Jeffrey McDaniel, “Disasterology”

Alight so my roommate ordered a zip car before and we were running out of time and was about to go over the hour so she 70mph on the streets! Glad to know our lives were worth $8.25