\arlula is siting in the kitchen shirtless, her huge kill still bleeding on the floor. she has four huge deep scrapes going down her back, from shoulder bone to the end of her wing bone. shes gotten the shortest stitched up and the wounds cleaned, but with the other three still open shes started to leak her own teal blood onto the table. the rest of the medical supplies is spread out on the table as she attempts to stitch the second scratch to little success due to the angle

anonymous asked:

tell us bout yo quads guuurl

diz iz toj ^n ^rrrlul^ lovez himz v^rrry v^rrry v^rrry muchz

evenz whenz hez ^ ztupidz orrrz noz doz wh^tz z^yz m c^nz neverrrz zt^yz m^dz ^tz himz


diz iz c^inuz ^nz zhe ^ buttz

zhez dizipe^rrrz ^t forrreverrrz ^tz ^ timez

m bitz zomez ^ herrrz fingerrrz offfz once whenz zhez tiedz ^rrrlul^ upz t^ trrryz h^z w^yz


diz iz n^utiz ^nz hez ^ ztupidz

m noz knowz ifz hez feelz z^mez w^yz

but m tendz t^ w^tchz himz ^nz keepz himz inz chezck with hiz h^bbitz

noz knowz ifz d^ countz

diz iz c^lluz

zhe de^dz