I'm on my way home

Give me a moment to compose myself
No, give me a moment to capture my breath.

I’m on my home way home
I’m on my home way home

That’s what my mind told my very soul.
My soul replied “We’re not too far from home.”

I’m on my home way home
I’m on my home way home

These feet will continue the journey until I make it home.
This home resides in the borough of peace.
Greenery stretches as far as the eyes can see; it breathes life in me.
All I see is love and peace
Prosperity is the house name, success is the street name ironically.
I’ve walking down this road for what feels like a lifetime.
But it is twenty years
Seen some make a wrong turn.
But I was too far, to even shout take that right instead of the left.
I am too far ahead to go back from where I left
Praying for the Lord to guide my steps.
I’m on my way home
I’m on my way home
Just something I’d like to stress.

Written By Zionite Aka Kieron Rennie ©


Poets Pavilion - Zionite “BIRDS EYE VIEW” 


I miss her; I miss her long glances at me as she tries to suppress her longing to advance.

I miss her; I miss her politeness, her ensuring that she doesn’t stop someone mid speech.

I miss her next to me.

I miss her arms wrapped around my neck, which gives me the sense she never wants to let go.

I miss her soft lips on my lips.

I miss her humility that plays down her qualities.

I miss her exchanging poem for poem.

I miss her praying with me at night.

I miss her gazing into my eyes which feels as though it lasts an eternity.

I miss her hands locked in mine.

I miss her completing my sentences.

I miss her telepathic like mind, that always to contacts me when I’m down.

I miss her reminding me never to give up.

I miss her company through my epic walks through the park seeking inspiration.

I miss her very essence.

I miss her, I miss her more than words can convey.

I miss her so much that I wish I could return to that dream without waking.

Written By Zionite Aka Kieron Rennie ©