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The occupation Arrested 150 Palestinians of Hebron last month, including children

The back of a statistical report that the Israeli occupying forces launched during the last month (July), the widest arrest campaigns in the city of Hebron, which increased in frequency and increased significantly during the month of Ramadan, to affect students and children, sick and old, and released prisoners.

The report of the “Palestinian Prisoner Club” in the city of Hebron, and received “Quds Press” a copy of it, that the Israeli occupation were arrested during the month of July, more than one hundred and fifty Palestinians and Palestinian, including the twentieth child, and imposed occupation courts fines of $ 50 thousand shekels (about $ 12,500).

And the transfer of “PPS” testimony under oath made by those with the prisoners exposure of their children severely beaten during the arrests, of which those with the prisoner, Ahmed Ali Suwayta subjected to severe beatings he and his brothers during the arrest, as well as tampering with holdings house, while the great power of the occupation soldiers estimated at nearly 200 soldiers and seventeen armored Israeli had raided the family home of Mohammed Saqr Sweiti child (13 years), who was beaten severely by soldiers at the sight of his brothers who are young at home.

The human rights report said that the occupation was arrested seventeen patients, mostly suffering from chronic diseases, and also arrested more than twenty-three Palestinian students.

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Massive groupings at the border of Gaza and in particular the area of Khan Younis after the statements of Niten-yaho about the invasion by land to Gaza.

“The logic of the Zionists in Gasa: we’ll kill you day after day and you should not react, if you react, we will exterminate you!”