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Can you do a list of songs and artists that Jonghyun like ?

i feel like i answered a question about this in the past but i can’t find my response to it. (╯︵╰,) oh well! his taste seems to be pretty widespread considering some of the artists that he’s either mentioned being a fan of, alluded to liking or stressed as being inspiration for him musically. i’m, for sure, going to miss a good number but:

wheesung (a given), zion.t (also a given), brown eyed soul (annnnd another given), lim kim, prince, maxwell, ne-yo, musiq soulchild (the last four he’s mentioned as being influences on his solo work, iirc), akdong musician, winner, im se jun, h.o.t, baby v.o.x, park ji yoon, hozier, damien rice, stevie wonder, lee so ra, cat power, kim dong ryul, kiha and the faces, glen check, dream theatre, daybreak, brown eyed girls, verbal jint, lua, beenzino, iron, crush, maximilian hecker, the richard parkers, epik high / tablo, yoo young jin, gray, younha, soran, jinbo, junggigo, thornapple, dynamic duo, mate, the weeknd, frank ocean, michael jackson, nirvana, eric benet, bily acoustie, okdal, dear cloud, dickpunks, sung si kyung, rachael yamagata, coldplay, ra.d, iu, thomas cook, d'angelo, bruno mars, 10cm, oldfish, miguel, fromm… and that’s all i can find / think of right now, but!!!! it’s still a lot. (i think.)

Song Drabble - Zion.T - Question Mark ?

Idol: Zion.T

Song: Question Mark - Primary Ft. Choiza (Dynamic Duo) and Zion.T

Request: Anon

Rating: Don’t know yet 

Woah, it doesn’t make sense, can you please stop?
You’re so cute (attracted to you) I’m dizzy (attracted to you)
I’m more than attracted to you

Please catch me or be caught by me
Please fling me off or come into my arms
Don’t just smile like that and tell me
Give me your window inside my frustrated heart

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It was a seemingly sunny day that called for light rain showers throughout the afternoon- he’d decided to go and take a walk, get some air, live a little- but nothing could have prepared him for this- 

She was sitting on a park bench reading ‘The Great Gatsby’ in a beautiful floral sun dress and nude heels. Her hair feel past her shoulders in cascades of curls and her lips were tinned in a subtle pink- he knew this because he’d been starring at her for the past twenty minutes. He studied the curve of her delicate features while he tried to silence the rapid beating in his heart- every turn of the page made his heart skip a beat- He tried to make sense of it all-  It can’t be now- it’s just a normal day- 

 And then lightning struck- literally. Those expected “light showers” turned into a monsoon- the people inhabiting the park scattered like flies and she didn’t have an umbrella- now or never

He decided to pick now- after his umbrella was hoisted securely he moved briskly to the women taking shelter by the tree’s - this was it- 

And then- he did the natural thing- and panicked- “I wish I’d done everything on earth with you-” 

She looked up at him confused using the book to cover the top of her head- “I’m sorry?”

“Ah- Your book-” His heart was racing so loudly he worried she’d hear his nervousness- 

She quickly looked at her book and then back at the strange man and smiled warmly-  “Oh- yeah- I guess I haven't gotten that far yet-” But then she realized she’d removed her only form of shelter- 

“Ah- would you like to share my umbrella?” She never broke eye contact- her smile never wavered- he wanted to run and hide- if she knew his intentions- if she knew the hold she had on him, would she still be smiling? 

“Oh- yes please- that’s very kind of you-” She moved a bit closer to him as he extended his hand closer to her covering them both- and they both stood there inches from touching and staying completely silent- “Ah- so you like books?” 

The voices in his head took over for far too long- did she just talk to me- god she’s cute- I wonder what her name is- ask her out you idiot- I can’t ask her out, you ask her- oh wait- “Ah- would you like to get coffee sometime?” 

She looked puzzled and wasn’t sure if he’d heard her question- she laughed noticing the nervousness in his tone- “Is that a book?” 

Oh- no-” And then he decided once again- he decided to tell the truth- to be himself- to trust that the universe pulled him to his soulmate so it wouldn’t matter if he messed this up- “I’m sorry- I’m terrible at this- I’ve been watching you read and then the storm hit and then I noticed you didn’t have an umbrella- and I didn’t want you to get cold and-” Her face made a small ‘O’ shape and her eyes widened in surprise- “Shit- I didn’t mean I was watching you- No- I was- but I’m not a stalker I swear-” 

Thunder clapped loudly and both bodies were startled unconsciously clinging to one another closely for protection- her eyes met his once again but they were hooded this time- her laugh was adorable and obnoxious and she tried to muffle her smile, but he wouldn’t stand for that- he swiftly moved her hand from covering her lips which only made her smile disappear faster. Her legs extended balancing on her toe’s as she placed a soft kiss on the strange babbling man leaving him in the same state as she once was- She heard his heart and wanted him to know her’s was beating just as fast- 

I like coffee-”  

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Which khiphop artists is IMPORTANT to listen to? Who's your favorites? I'm trying to find some new diamonds to listen too.

Honey all the khiphop artists are important… 

My favorites are Simon D, Hi-lite (Okasian, Paloalto, Reddy) Elo, Sik-k, Illionaire (beenzino, Dok2, THE QUIETT), Verbal Jint, Iron, Bewhy, E-sens, Crush, Zion T, olltii, Crucial Star, Mino, Andup, legit Goons, Rem and Moro aka Glamgould, Demento aka dojo lovechild, Bobby. More I can’t remember all of them.

-Admin Michaelle

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best silver mt zion album?

Horses in the sky, and the Pretty little lightning paw EP have always been my favorites.
But every SMZ record is brilliant and important.


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Fav artists

Zion T. (his voice is so smooth)
Alice in Chains
FKA twigs
Lion Babe
the gazettE
Lana Del Rey
Odd Future
Frank Ocean
King Krule
A lot of kpop and jpop groups
Jrock and visual kei bands
Royal Pirates
Nine Inch Nails
Tame Impala
Vince Staples
Death Grips
Sky Ferreira
Tofu Beats
Shiro Sagisu
Toro y Moi
Kendrick Lamar
Purity Ring
Papaya Paranoia
Ryo Fukui
Sasha Keable
The 1975
Neutral Milk Hotel
The xx
Arcade Fire
Galileo Galilei
Spooky black

lol my music taste is all over the place

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kpop songs that sound like the first song on your blog? Love your theme and posts btw!!! :3

you ask a hard qn.. nevertheless here are some of my fave collabs that are kinda similar..

kisum ft. jooyoung - you & me
zion.t & haha - $ponsor
san e & raina - a midsummer night’s sweetness
san e ft. baek yerin (15&) - me you
crush ft. lydia paek - a little bit

K-Pop Tag!

Tagged by; diamond7teen (thank youu!!)

Just a heads up; there’s gonna be a lot of ‘or’s in most of my answersㅎㅎㅎ
1) First Kpop group? - (that i liked) Big Bang (but the first that I discovered was U-KISS)
2) First Kpop song? - (that i discovered) U-KISS - Bingeul Bingeul /dont judge me this was yrs ago ok/
3) Favorite male group(s)? - (i added an s bc i cant choose one yep) ikon, got7, seventeen and bts
4) Favorite female group? - the arK ALL THE WAY
5) Favorite solo artist? - Zion.T
6) Favorite Kpop song? - don’t make me choose pls
7) Favorite Kpop MV? - The Light by The Ark!!
8) Favorite Kpop ballad? - there’s so manyyyyㅠㅠ
9) Catches tune? - 딱좋아 by Got7
***(My answers to the questions below are all my opinion /and its more like favs atm rather than best/ so if you get offended or anything i’m sorry!)
10) Best male dancer? - Yixing or Donghyuk
11) Best female dancer? - Hyoyeon
12) Best male vocalist? - Jongdae
13) Best female vocalist? - Ailee
14) Best male rapper? - Beenzino or Verbal Jint
15) Best female rapper? - Kisum or Yuna (the ark)
16) Best male leader? - Seungcheol or Jaebum
17) Best female leader? - Minjuuu
18) Current song you’re listening to? - Just Tell Me by MYNAME
19) Previous song you listened to? - My Last by Jay Park ft. Loco and GRAY
20) Next song you’ll be listening to? - who knows
21) Current Kpop addiction? - i’ve been getting interested in Block B
22) Current Kpop song addiction? - none atm
23) Female Kpop bias? -The Ark’s Yuna<33333 (but i have a soft spot for chaerin aka the queen)
24) Male Kpop bias(es)? - (yes i added an 'es’) Hanbin, Taehyung, Mark, Moonbin/Minhyuk (i cant choose one bias in 17 and astro ok)
25) Hottest male idol? - Taeyang
26) Hottest female idol? - Hyuna or Hyorin
27) Cutest male idol? - Bambam
28) Cutest female idol? - IU or Minah
29) Cutest maknae? - Sanha or Jane
30) MBC, KBS, or SBC? - more of a KBS person sorry! (But i watch MBC and SBC as well!!)
31) Are you active on allkpop? - not reallyy
32) Which fandoms are you a part of? - IGOT7, ARMY, and whatever; the ark’s, ikon’s, astro’s, and seventeen’s is called lol
33) Which kpop forum are you a part of? - none hehe
34) Favorite kdrama? - (atm) ITS DEFFO OH MY GHOSTESS (but b.o.f/b.b.f got me into k-dramas even more so)

I tag; princelyjeonghan yehetismykryptonite namjoondimples fandom-struggle hoseokedpanties jiminobsessed mundimon somebody4life mingyus-tosun

not just about the sweetness

 is just a matter of time before we call each other honey anyway..

i. peppermint chocolate - mamamoo & k.will ♡ ii. she - zion.t (feat. beenzino) ♡ iii. lion heart - snsd ♡ iv. oasis - crush (feat. zico) ♡  v. cupid - oh my girl ♡  vi.  just like u - primary (feat. jessi & yankie) ♡ vii. back and forth 30 minutes - giriboy (feat. shin ji soo) ♡ viii. 200% - akmu ♡ ix. me you - san e (feat. baek yerin)  ♡ x. awoo - lim kim ♡

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Does Zion.T rap?

Yes he does but he mostly sings tho… 

He raps in this song. There’s another one but I can’t remember which song.

-Admin Michaelle

I was tagged by hoshikichicken WOAH thank you 

Tag description: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to so hit shuffle on itunes/spotify or whatever and record the first 10 songs that play

1~ Empire Cast - I Wanna Love You feat. Jussie Smollett

2~ Verbal Jint -고맙고맙 (Feat. Zion.T)

3~ SHINee - Alarm Clock

4~ Zion.T - Eat

5~ Empire Cast - Good Enough feat. Jussie Smollett

6~ Super Junior - Devil

7~ Empire Cast - Nothing to Lose feat. Terrance Howard and Jussie Smollett

8~  Simon Dominic - 에헤이 (Eh Hey) (Feat. 조휴일 of 검정치마)

9~ SHINee - Married to the Music

10~  Zion.T - Click Me (2013) (Feat. Dok2)

wow didn’t know I liked Empire this much…

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okay so I know people started school so if you dont have time to do this or dont want to its okay :)

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