hey Wakfu community

me and a small group of friends play wakfu now and then and we’ve been playin it for a long time, since before it was f2p. Back then, the ONLY thing we could really do (at our lvls) was run Zinit as far as we could get.

Now that there have been SO many updates and changes… how do we get to Zinit? Astrub is WAY different now. Where is Ullu? or do we take a boat?? I can’t find it.

I just had a new friend join and he’s just made it to lv 25ish so he’s about at that strength to join us in the group segment of Zinit - but he hasn’t done the first (solo) part yet

where is it? how do we get to it?

takayaabe asked:

i have mixed feelings for the ova cuz i'll see any criticism and go "oh ya totally" and i'll see any contradicting praise and go "of course yes i agree"

yea like… same? I have gripes with the OVA, the majority of them have to do with tristeva or the whole zinit deal tbh, but none of them are the commonly trotted-out criticisms

which all have to do either with har///eb//ourg (I have to break up his name so they don’t come after me again) not being Faithful To The MMOs or Elely being a mary-sue (which HAVE YOU SEEN???? HER FATHER WHO IS LITERALLY A GOD FOR NO REASON oh wait he’s a dude, nvm!!!)

I want to know why they destroyed the Zinit and with it most hope of learning more about the Eliatrope people. I want to know why Yugo didn’t have more consequences for almost ending the gd world

jiniichor asked:

Give me some headcanons you have about Qilby

//He used to be left handed. Sometimes when he wakes up after sleeping in the white space (because what else could you do in there) he tries to raise up a hand that isn’t there because he’s so used to using that hand. Damn muscle memory

//he appreciates mutations or variations in the creatures he collects, even making a whole spot in the Zinit for them. Nobody else knew about it but him, not even his sister

//If the english dub were good he’d be voiced by Mark Hamill if I had a say in things.

can you imagine if ogrest cried and knitted up there on the zinit… large ogre with many large sweaters

instead of fighting him they should have let him stay up there with a bunch of wool yarn and some needles. dofus-augmented knitting. socks for everyone in the world of twelve (they may be too large but ogrest doesn’t know any better)