WAKFU MANGA #4 - L’Errance des Eliatropes - Cover/Portrait

The cover of the new tome available since next May 2016 is already on AmazonFR.

L’Errance des Eliatropes = Eliatropes’ Wandering = El Naufragio de los Selatrops

The description of the book is the following, found in Amazon:

FR: L'Histoire de l'exode du peuple Eliatrope se révèle alors que Yugo et ses amis pénètrent enfin dans le Zinit. En recherche des Dofus Eliatropes, monnaie d'échange contre leurs frères kidnappés, ils espèrent y trouver leur localisation. Mais à leur grande surprise, les Dofus ont disparu du Monde des Douze ! Une seule piste s'offre à eux : visiter Drill, le gardien du Dofus de Chibi et Grougal pour tenter de découvrir ce qu'il s'est passé.

EN: The story of Eliatropes’ exodus is revealed before Yugo and his friends when they enter the deepness of the Zinit. Looking for the Eliatrope Dofus, the ramson required for his kidnapped brothers, they hope to find their location. But they end surprised because these Dofus have disappeared from the World of Twelve! They only get a hint: to visit Drill, the guardian of Chibi and Grougal’s Dofus, in order to know what has happened to them.

ES: La historia del éxodo del pueblo Selatrop se revela ante Yugo y sus amigos al penetrar en los confines del Zinit. Buscando los Dofus Selatrop, rescate exigido por sus hermanos secuestrados, esperan encontrar su ubicación. ¡Pero para su sorpresa, los Dofus han desaparecido del Mundo de los Doce! Solamente consiguen una pista: Visitar a Drill, el guardián del Dofus de Chibi y Grugal para intentar descubrir qué fue lo que les sucedió exactamente.

I’m too excited to know a little bit more about Orgonax and Mechasmes :) And as a good friend told me recently, each one of the Eliatrope Dragons has a dimension, this is to say that Emrub/Amrub is Balthazar’s dimension but there are more. And it could be a topic for this incoming manga, but may be not…

I hope to see if Qilby decides to rejoin his sister… And i want to know that weird shape who communicated with Jiva, it had a mirror like the Brotherhood of Forgotten but it also had a fruit like Dathura’s private conversation…

Release date: September 02 2016 (Amazon)