ndrv3 characters according to text to speech

Kaede Akamatsu - Payday at the matter
Rantaro Amami - Mantaro her mommy
Miu Iruma - Me you imma
Kokichi Ouma - Cochiti alma
Shuichi Saihara - Shuichi sejarah (close!!)
Kiibo - Kiba
Tsumugi Shirogane - Smooky shirogane
Gonta Gokuhara - Gonzaga kahara
Maki Harukawa - Monkey hirakawa
Kirumi Tojo - We will meet elja
Tenko Chabashira - Hey coach of a shit ra
Korekiyo Shinguuji - Kikyo zingu G
Kaito Momota - Hey tell my motor
Angie Yonaga - Angia nada
Ryoma Hoshi - Real my Ho chi
Himiko Yumeno - Can you call you better?


Once upon a time there was a group called the Sidemen who decided to fly to Siberia to spend christmas there. It was christmas eve when all was silent apart from JJ rapping loudly promting his new EP. Simon came out to find Vikk climbing the christmas tree saying:

“i want to be a fookin ⭐️ m8”

So the SideMen decided to put him up there instead of a traditional star. All of a sudden Father Josh, not Father Christmas, but Father Josh climbed down the chimney.

“You feel a lot like daddy,” Simon moaned as he stroked Santa’s beard.Then the christmas tree fell on top of Vikk.

All of a sudden Jack Frost appeared and froze JJ’s mix tape.

**Simon: Does he really need to freeze it? It’s not on fire or anything.**

Then Vikk got up and punched JJ for claiming he could rap. Meanwhile Tobi, Ethan, and Harry starting singing Silent Night outside the SideMen house because Josh refused to let them in. Then Ethan played the wrong version of Jingle Bell Rock out loud. ( 😏😏😏👏 )

JJ decided to chop up some christmas trees and Santa farted in Ethan’s mouth. Ethan then became a hot girl and then Santa sat on JJ’s lap. Ethan gave Simon a wink as he place an odly shaped present under the tree. ( 😏🍆💦 ) While all of this was happening, Harry stood under the mistletoe patiently waiting for his goat.

JME then came out of no where and started singing “Man Don’t Care”.

Jide screamed hysterically by Vikk’s ears and made him deff. A snow man man then appeared and started touching Jide. Vikk died for no reason whatsoever. Then the SideMen burst into the elephant dance. Even the turkey hopped off the table and started playing the drums with it’s legs.

As this was going on Ethan pressed a candy cane against Simon’s lips and asked, “Do you like that?😏”

Simon replied, “Minty Fresh.😐”

Then Ethan turned to Jide and kissed him on the lips while the sound of Josh singing Jingle Bells rattled his ears. They then lived happily ever after under the shelter made of baby diapers.


who is most likely to get with a fan
  • Ethan: you're all gonna pick me just fuck off 😒
  • *they all pick ethan, they burst out laughing and he walks off*
  • harry: CHECK YOUR DMs
  • calfreezy: wake up one morning to zingu sliding in there asking how your day has been
  • harry: hey how old are you?
  • calfreezy: your bio says 15 but are you actually 15?
  • *meanwhile simon, tobi, and manny are on the floor pissing themselves*

Ethan: An electric train is headed south at 50 kph, what the fuck is kph?
Simon: kilometers per hour
Ethan: ohhh ok cool
*insert their laugh*
Ethan: and the wind is blowing west at 25 kph. Which way does the smoke go? South, *whispers something*
Simon: wait what? How do you remember?
Ethan: Naughty Ethan Sprays Water, ok.
Simon: yep ok.
Ethan: it’s going south, it’s going down.
Simon: yep.
Ethan: and it’s going west. So it’ll be going *move hands* nowhere.
Simon: why nowhere?
Ethan: I I believe my answer. Don’t question it.
Simon: why is it nowhere?
Ethan : *stuttering*
Simon: so there’s no logic behind it? Or is it just
Ethan: I don’t think you need to question it.
Simon: well I know the answer.
Ethan: do you?
Ethan: you do it.
Simon:yeah you want me to choose the answer?
Ethan: you do it.
Simon:alright. *browsing through the answer*
Ethan: nowhere.
Simon:it’s nowhere.
Ethan: yeah fuck yes see (happy)
Simon: it’s an electric train.
*pause a bit*
Ethan: ohhh shit
Ethan: I did it without even realizing. OHHH IM SO SMART. HOLY SHIT.
*simon still laughing*