EW's Fall TV Cover Battle: Vote for our cover star!
Move over, Olympics! This summer’s biggest competitive event has been Entertainment Weekly’s Fall TV cover battle. For the first time ever, we...

Excellent news: we won against “The Speedster” in round 4!

Now we are in the final round!


This FINAL round ends MONDAY 1st August 2016 at 12pm EDT

  • You don’t need an account anymore - just vote by clicking on ARROW
  • They apparently also lifted the geotag restrictions so can vote from anywhere in the world
  • Vote as many times as the page lets you

Let’s kick some more ass as the awesome fandom we are!

Let’s get ARROW the PR it deserves!!!

Let’s show the CW how to get some PR work done!!!


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Tomodachi Life Masterpost

finally decided to post some of those rad-ass miis that i made like ages ago, a lot of them lack appropriate clothing because i’m lazy but feel free to clothe them as you wish

categorized by what they’re from

and unfortunately i don’t have screenshots of every single mii but for those i do, i added one















Frisk (Keep in mind, Frisk’s gender here is male, but I personally headcanon them to be nonbinary!)










The Batter


Ross O’Donovan


Hey yall! Back from Metrocon! It was a wonderful experience and I’m really glad I got to go. I met some a-mei-zing people and saw some old friends. If you have any photos of me, I’d love to see. I was Genderbend Handsome Jack on thursday, Mei on Friday and Saturday, Punk Mars on Saturday, and Gowther on Sunday.


2016.07.22 zing925 posted throwback pic

#FayeWong for #Número #ZingMakeup #flashback #ZingArchives #NotARolexAdvertisement #Zing

zinge  asked:

Hey I'm probably someone who would be classed as an SJW since I'm a feminist, genderfluid and pansexual. But I want to say I'm sorry you guys are getting harassed and bullied. You're minors, so all these adults and even kids your own age shouldn't be harassing you. They wouldn't like to be treated the way they're treating you. And from looking at your 9-page blog, you folks haven't even gotten to speak. Like you barely started your blog or put your opinions out and people are on you. :(

Thank you, friend…I do appreciate asks like this. I really do…

~ Mod Tikal

zinge  asked:

I love how pro-lifers think they are better than pro-choicers. But if 35-40 or so per cent of the US is pro-life, and 1/3 people with vaginas will have an abortion in their lifetime, then statistically speaking, pro-lifers have to be getting some of those abortions. Never forget that to a pro-lifer the only moral abortion is their own abortion.

zinge  asked:

You can't just NOT go to school because of your period or because you've had a seizure. You also can't leave school and come home to rest after having one, either! ( I had epilepsy in high school, and debilitating periods. My grandpa's words to me!)

“I’ve probably never menstruated and I have no idea what it is like to experience an epilepsy but I chose to be both ableist and sexist by ignoring your natural bodily need, level of pain you go through and the moment of crisis you experience.”

-Mod Reptonic

(Man, I hate those kind of “YO STRAP ON YOUR BOOT AND TOUGHEN UP” attitude. They simply do NOT understand)

zinge  asked:

I have autism. If people start throwing me and my fellows under the bus I'm gonna blow a goddamn gasket. Autism is treated like this enormous monolith of debilitating utter brokenness. It's not. You probably pass people on the street with autism every day and none of them look any less neurotypical or act any less neurotypical than anyone else. Autism can be very undetectable to the untrained person and it -Does not cause people to break down and become uncontrolled killers.-

^^^Seriously. Most people are surprised when I tell them I’m autistic and say shit like ‘you don’t look autistic!’

Autism =/= violent. Autism =/= murderer


zinge  asked:

I love the pro-lifers who believe the pictures of fetuses next to quarters and buttons and shit are real abortions. Because yes, a trained medical doctor would take someone's aborted fetus, which would normally have actually been reduced to fluid anyway, and place the remaining tissue on a table net to household items despite how unsanitary that is and how much of an invasion of privacy that is, snap photos of it, and then post them online. Ah yes. Our nation's finest real life doctors.

Seriously, those ones make me laugh, like how ignorant do you have to be?

Plus the real photo’s they use are usually stolen from places that are trying to determine the fetuses cause of death and being used with no ones consent.