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What did you think of the scene with Bob? Of course Bob is ah-ma-zing but I really liked Echo and Roan’s subtle conversation with each other when they had to tell Bell about Octavia. I honestly think Roan has a soft spot for Octavia. Also the look Roan gave Echo, like you created this problem, you tell him. I can't wait until they find out she's still alive!

I thought their interactions were interesting. Roan did not plan for any of his key people to be killed. He was supposed to bring them IN, both under his protection and under his guard. 

And for an assassin, Echo sure does seem to be affected overly much by killing one stubborn girl. It’s gotta be the Bellamy connection. Like it hurt her to do that to him specifically. She focused on it being a good death, like that helps in her world. 

It was interesting how neither of them wanted to tell him. Like they cared how he felt. Both of them did. Interesting. They didn’t check on Earth Dad. Only Bellamy.

As for Bellamy, that was horrible. Someone mentioned that they thought the music for his scene was jarring, but I liked it, with the clanging piano swelling louder as he hears. Like that’s what shock feels like. This outsize sensory overload that kind of drowns out everything else. 

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Ok so I just finished reading the first chapter of your new series and it was a-mah-zing <3 I hope you'll listen to your shipper heart and write some Loki/Steve into it but either way it's fine and I know I'm rambling I just wanted to say the first chapter is really great. kbye. :D

Thank you so much! I’m really excited to start posting this fic, as it’s been in the works for a long while and I have a lot of Ideas about where it is going. 

I mean, this is me we’re talking about, and despite vowing that Life in Reverse is going to stay gen (which it is!) I keep nodding toward the idea of Steve/Loki for anyone who knows me. 

So you know. It might happen. I’m not ruling anything out. 


1. Bi Bi Bi - Marco Diaz (SVTFOE)
2. You’re My Zing - Kim/Ron (KP)
3. Can’t Stop the Feeling - Transformers
4. Steal Your Heart - Steeljaw/Strongarm (RID2015)
5. Just Friends - Miko and Jack (TFP)
6. Woman of Color MEP - Sari Sumdac (TFA)
7. I’m Just a Sidekick - Commander Peepers (WOY)
8. The Only Exception - Monique/Kim (KP)
9. Dollhouse - Sari Sumdac (TFA)
10. Dangerous Woman - Arcee/Starscream
11. The Beach - Knock Out/Starscream (TFP)
12. Baptized by Fire - Blackarachnia (TFA)
13. Baptized by Fire - Lapis Lazuli (SU)
14. Perfect - Bumblebee and Optimus (RID2015)

“Stop being such a scrooge Tsukki. You know you had fun with this.” Yamaguchi reached for the red frosting with his finger and placed some on the tip of Tsukishima’s nose. “Now you look like Rudolph!”

I am alive~ :D
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