Vanessa throwing shade at Meg crying….seriously??? Meg has only cried for herself once! She’s only cried for her friends leaving. Van only cries for Van. Cried so much you get zinged for it. I wish the convo with James and her he had been hoh, because I think he would have brought that up when she started bawling….instead he tried to calm the cry baby down, due to Meg.

Chapter 13 of A Week off the Grid is up.

Okay, I’d like some advice for this chapter. I changed the story’s archive warning because of it even though that warning doesn’t apply to our main characters. I also added some tags and made a note at the beginning of the chapter.

This is where we find out something of what Aaron’s situation was in the meth house before he ran away, and I don’t want to upset anyone or do a bait and switch, but kids don’t choose to live in abandoned barns all alone, hungry, if they have better options. I felt I owed it to Aaron and the readers to explore this if the eventual resolution of the story is to be satisfying. If you have comments on any of these choices, please leave them. I’d appreciate it. 

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Chapter 1 is here.

Chapter 13 is here on AO3.

A snippet:

Oliver saw the moment Aaron understood what had happened because he stiffened in his chair and his hand began to shake so hard he dropped the knife he was holding. Oliver looked at Felicity and saw she was watching Aaron as well.

“We have to talk about this,” Oliver said to the boy, “but it doesn’t have to be now.”

“Talk about what?” Pete asked as he came through the door with more sterilized canning jars.

Oliver pressed his lips together. Aaron’s eyes were fixed to the table, and he was rocking back and forth a little in his chair. Garnet was staring at him in fascination, and May looked a little frightened. He gave Felicity a meaningful look, jerking his head toward the stairs. She nodded.

“Girls,” she said, “lets run up and see if your mother needs anything. I haven’t heard her call down in a while.”

“What?” Garnet said, dragging her attention away from Aaron. “No. She’s fine. She’s probably just napping.”

“Let’s check,” Felicity said. “May, would you get her a glass of water? She’s probably already drunk the one you took up this morning.”

May went over to the sink and began cranking the handle to the water pump. Garnet set her mouth in a firm line. “May can check on her. I’ll be more useful here.”

“Garnet,” Felicity said, “We’re going upstairs.” She put her hand on the girls shoulder and tugged her in the direction of the stairway. May looked mutinous as she glanced from face to face of those in the room, but eventually her shoulders sagged, and she obliged.

Pete had his hands flat on the table and was leaning over the newspaper. His eyebrows raised. “Is this Niemands guy going to be a problem?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Oliver said. “Aaron?” He put a hand on the kid’s shoulder, and Aaron startled and shoved it off in one movement. Oliver took a careful step back and then pulled May’s chair further out, sitting down.

“I can see that this is upsetting you,” he said in a low, calm voice, “but Pete and I need to know if you think you’re in any kind of real danger.”

Aaron looked up at him and then over at Pete. He narrowed his eyes. “You mean, you need to know if you’re in any kind of real danger,” he said.

“No,” Oliver said. “I can handle myself with this guy, and I suspect Pete can as well.” He looked over to the other man who nodded firmly. “We’re not on his radar. But you probably are.”

“He’ll come here because of me, and then you guys won’t be safe,” Aaron said. “I’ve been in danger from him for almost a year, but this is the first time anyone’s given a fuck about it.” He looked defiantly from Oliver to Pete.

“What exactly did Niemands do to you?” Pete asked, his voice rising in anger.

Aaron’s face went blank. “Nothing,” he said. “I don’t want to talk about it. If you want me to leave, I’ll leave.” His pushed his chair back from the table.

Pete bit his lip and rubbed the palm of his hand against his jeans. “I don’t want you to leave, Aaron,” he said. “I’m just not sure what we should do right now to keep you and everyone else safe from your uncle.”

“Can we get back to canning?” Aaron asked, stilling. “That’s what you’re paying me to do, and you said it was important. Garnet over there looks like she could use something to do.” He gestured to the girl who had snuck back down the stairs and was lurking in the doorway.

“Okay,” Pete said slowly. He shot Oliver a look, and Oliver knew they’d pick this up later. He’d have to ask Pete about what he had in terms of defense or if he was comfortable with guns or other weapons. He was already mapping his midnight patrol route in his mind and calculating where it would be safest to put Aaron for now. Felicity could hack the police communication system and see what kind of threat Niemands had posed last night too.

Still, he wasn’t worried about Niemands as much as he was about Aaron now. Because he’d seen that angry, self-loathing look in the boys eyes before: when he’d looked at himself in the mirror after Lian Yu.

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If someone's idea of P-in-V sex is just the person with the penis repeatedly putting said penis into the other person's with a vagina, while said vagina-have just lays there... I never want to think about how awful, dull, and unsatisfying their sex life must be. It just seems sad... I cry every time :'(

Like = 1 tear

Reblog = 1 prayer for nonny’s sad sex life

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Hey I'm probably someone who would be classed as an SJW since I'm a feminist, genderfluid and pansexual. But I want to say I'm sorry you guys are getting harassed and bullied. You're minors, so all these adults and even kids your own age shouldn't be harassing you. They wouldn't like to be treated the way they're treating you. And from looking at your 9-page blog, you folks haven't even gotten to speak. Like you barely started your blog or put your opinions out and people are on you. :(

Thank you, friend…I do appreciate asks like this. I really do…

~ Mod Tikal

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I'm rewatching 3x17 and I just noticed the positioning of the scene when F first walks into the wedding!! O is standing in the aisle with the alter/front of church behind him, Diggle's in the position of best man, F stops to look at O from the start of the aisle, her face is glowing when she lets go of Ray and walks up the aisle to Oliver. His face is just like a man seeing his bride for the first time and his bashful look when she walks up to him is pure adorableness. This ship is killing me!

Would you believe that I was re-watching 3x17 myself last night, just to see these two adorable idiots make mega heart eyes at each other? 

(gifs from here. All gifs below from Google Images)

That nervous shuffle thing he has going on is so freaking cute I want to cry! The big bad vigilante hero, all nervous and flustered because the girl he loves so much just…walks into the room. It’s like she brought the sunlight with her, streaming in through those big glass windows. He can’t even look at her, she’s so bright and beautiful. And it doesn’t matter if she’s not here with him – she’s here, and that’s all that matters. She is all that matters. 

As for her, well. She came with another man, a man she liked. Maybe her feelings ran a little deeper, who knows? But they were nothing compared to how she felt for this man, the man she’s known for three years, the man she’s seen grow into a hero (as an aside: my favourite “Olicity” moments from this ep aren’t actually at the wedding. They are the two separate scenes in which Oliver and Felicity tell someone, and remind us, that they know each other better than anyone; that they trust each other more than anyone; that, above all, they are partners. Always.). 

Here, she has eyes for only one man: 

“Sometimes the heart beats for a different man in the room.” – Emily Bett Rickards

We always talk about the way Oliver looks at Felicity – his “Felicity smile”, his “Felicity heart eyes”, but the way Felicity looks at Oliver is equally important. Yeah, she’s always liked the look of him, superficially speaking. But here it’s like her eyes gravitating towards him is just….fact, plain and simple. The way of the world. Because if Felicity Smoak is “it” for Oliver Queen, then Oliver Queen is also “it” for Felicity Smoak. 

There are moments where they both silently long for each other, unable to express their quiet dreams: 

But silent longing and quiet dreams aside, there is no selfishness, no pettiness or jealousies at display: 

Yeah, there’s some mild snarking (“Ray saved the day!” // “For the record, I am not the one who used that phrase.”) but above and beyond everything is the need for the other to be happy. Have you ever seen a more glorious OTP? Because I haven’t…

Finally, Anon, I leave you with this. Do you know what my absolute favourite Olicity shot of all time is? Here it is: 

This shot just….encapsulates everything that I love about Olicity. It’s the nervous shuffle again, the glowing looks, the secret smiles. It’s the acknowledgement that “Yes. I’m in love with this gorgeous girl and she’s the best thing to ever happen to me and I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” There’s something so tender about his expression here. And once again, Felicity’s standing with the one man she wants more than anyone, and she’s looking at him like he’s the sun, like he’s the answer to every question she’s never even asked. 

You were talking about how these two looked like blushing bride and groom when the scene starts and she walks in. Well look at them here, Anon. I’m not one to proclaim “married!” at every moment with these two, but does this picture not look like the very definition of it? This is Oliver and Felicity when they aren’t together. Are you ready for Oliver and Felicity when they are together?

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I love how pro-lifers think they are better than pro-choicers. But if 35-40 or so per cent of the US is pro-life, and 1/3 people with vaginas will have an abortion in their lifetime, then statistically speaking, pro-lifers have to be getting some of those abortions. Never forget that to a pro-lifer the only moral abortion is their own abortion.


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It is 110% legal to link to information that was willingly put out in the public eye by the owner of said information. Linking to someone's facebook is not illegal. It is the profile owner's personal choice which information does and does not go up on the page. When they put their information up on their profile and set it to public viewing they consent to strangers being able to look at it. He could have set it to private, but didn't. He made the information public by choice, on his own.

First Dates (Olicity fic)

A/N: This started off as a dialogue-only fic, and…well, it wasn’t working as well as I wanted it to, so I tweaked this and played with that and it ended up here. 

Full disclosure – the idea for this came to me as I was bored at work and browsing the arrowtags blog (guys, you do stellar work – thanks for entertaining me!) and came across this gifset and the comments underneath it. I don’t know if anyone has actually written on this idea before (I haven’t seen anything), but it amused me so much that I just had to pen something. So, in a way, I suppose you can all blame fernlicity, susannahmccormick, fiacresgirl and thecolourpurpleinafield for this one. 

Tagging chronicolicity because you asked. :)

First Dates

Summary: Oliver and Felicity’s first date didn’t end as well as they’d hoped. A year later, they reminiscence, and consider how much has changed.

Read on AO3 or below. 

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A white family an name their child Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116, but all the news outlets want to ask Quvenzhané Wallis when she'll change her name to make it easier for the media and white America to pronounce. Okay.