I LOVE myself a delicious ‘bar’, as my lovely friend Dena (of The Perfect Bite, Boston) so endearingly calls them. If you don’t know what a 'bar’ is, well, I am referring to health food bars, bars with nutrition in them, compact, rectangular pieces of food that tend to be cutely packaged in eye-catching wrap.  

So, when my dear family friend, Meghan Schloat (Asphalt Green Cycling Team’s woman extraordinaire & my sister from another mister) posted a review about ZingBars, I just couldn’t resist to comment about my excitement for these bad boys (or girls). 

I have yet to get my Zing on, but having recently trained for a half marathon I struggled to find something delicious, yet nutritious for my longer endurance runs. These ZingBars seem like THE perfect fit.   Meghan writes, “By combining all-natural low-glycemic carbohydrates (agave nectar, oats, and fruit) with a moderate amount of protein per serving, Zing bars deliver a continuous source of energy without spiking blood sugar. I find them to be a happy medium between a fast-acting sports gel and a dense protein bar. Best of all, Zing bars’ soft, chewy texture make them easy to break apart and eat while riding." Ummmm, YESS! 

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Stay tuned for my ecstatic reviews, chomping and all!

Get your zing on and find out where you can purchase the bars here.

Zing Bars: Complete Nutrition That Tastes AmaZING!

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The Asphalt Green Women’s Cycling Team was so pleased to announce our partnership with Zing Bars for the 2013 season. Their support of women’s cycling and their dedication to a COMPLETE nutrition  bar really hit home for us, and we are proud to be using Zing Bars throughout the season to fuel before, during and after our rides.

Read Meghan’s review on what attracted her to Zing and why their bars fit seamlessly into the nutritional needs of all of the athletes on the Asphalt Green Cycling Team.