Author Shoutouts and Story Recs

Happy Belated Author Appreciation Day!

I follow so many wonderful writers! They’re all amazing so check out their work! Names in parenthesis link to FF.net or Ao3 profiles. (If you’re a writer I follow and I didn’t mention you below please let me know!)

authenticaussie (authenticaussie)

loofahlover (loofahlover)

ssjsky59 (Mithril Lace)

anjellesblog (anjelle)

dark-impluse (darkimpulse)  

tokyosketch (tokyosketch)

izzywolf22 (Izzywolf22)

ultravioletwinters (ao3 ultravioletwinters)

innocentfighter (innocentfighter)

sailingdayz (sailingdayz)

riotoftime (Riotoftime)


Looking for something to read? I’ve got ya covered (for probably at least a few months!)

Story Recommendations 

These are the stories that I’ve read a million times, fall back on when times are tough, and that have helped me improve my own writing. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Warning: Long Text Post

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First 48 seconds were created by Sheebal and I added a few of my own. Here is a link to her original video:

If there are any artists out there who’d like to add your own few seconds, it would be great to see the finished vid with a bunch of different styles and scenes. Let me know.

If you like adorable Undertale art and animation you should definitely check out Sheebal’s channel and DA.

She should be finishing her own vid soon so once it updates I’ll link to that as well.

I’m on a major Twenty One Pilots kick right now

so I painted me some fanart of Tyler Joseph (who is not Josh Dun) one of my favorite members of the band (though that drummer is pretty wonderful).

if you haven’t gone and listened to their new album Blurryface, I hight recommend giving it a listed C: