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Well.. this is a first.



An illustrated poetry zine by Yumi Sakugawa and Taleen Kalenderian.

Written by Taleen between 2011-2014.
Ink brush pen on paper illustrations by Yumi between 2014-2015.

Covers lovingly printed by Pop-Hop Books & Print.

Both artists will be signing the zine on Friday, January 30th from 3pm-5pm at table X06 (Pop Hop Books & Print) at LA ART BOOK FAIR, taking place in the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA.

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Sorry for the radio silence – I spent all last week making this mini-zine for CALA (which was super fun btw! I’ll post a couple pics from Facebook so you can see). This is the first time I’ve ever printed my own zine, and it came out perfectly! I had a lot of help from my designer friends at work – I couldn’t have done it in time for the con w/o them, so thanks guys!!

Anyway, here’s the zine in its entirety. I draw these little water nymph characters whenever I’m stressed or art blocked. Drawing the repeating lines in their hair is therapeutic for me. c: Hope you like!


An Interview with Luis Godinez by Tiffany Rodriguez

EDIT [oct 21, 2015]: You can find the original drawings of Luis’ Recreations here

Luis Godinez is a 17-year old Mexican living in America. He is part of two worlds and through his art, fashion, and simply being himself he is able to live in both of them.

As the photographer shoots Luis, he’s stiff and hesitant. If you had been there watching him you would be able to see just how nervous the boy was. He chuckles softly when the man behind the camera directs him to do a position. I watch intensely knowing that I have to truly know Luis more than he knows himself if I want to get this interview right. He walks around the art room - a room in which he spends every day in yet is cautious with every step he takes- and positions himself in some of the art pieces that he’s been a part of.  “Try to relax yourself,” the photographer says behind the camera and Luis’ laugh becomes a bit louder and on the contrary, I see him become a bit stiffer. He trifles on though and the more he walks around that room with paint on the floor, he slowly begins to relax.

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This past weekend was the annual Los Angeles Art and Book Fair, and of course we just couldn’t miss out. After all, a girl can’t have too many zines!

On our way to check out Michel Hsiung’s illustrations of bearded mermaids, we came across these babely blondes in Sk8-Hi’s. We also loved the pizza drawings (#SnackWave4Life) and the Gangster Doodle book at  Valley Cruise Press, not to mention a curated collection of works from Ed & Deanna Templeton that left us super inspired.