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queer indigenous girl is a zine by and for queer, trans, 2-spirit, non-binary, disabled, neurodivergent, chronically ill black, indigenous, people of color.

QIG is now accepting submissions for issue 4 including art, poetry, photography, comics, short essays & fiction, etc.

QIG is a half-page zine; submissions should be 5.5x8.5, JPEG and no more than 2 pages per submission. Please include a short bio with pronouns and any social media links if wanted.

Submit to mysterygirl-moongirl.tumblr.com/submit. Deadline is Friday, March 10, 2017.

We’re doing a submission callout for our zine and art show by asking one question “What’s it like being a punk of colour?”. 

From your lived experience, you can answer this in any 2-D format (or 3-D or video for the art show) a poem, a photo, a story, a painting, a sculpture, a scene report of the punx of colour in your town (even if it’s just you, maybe especially if it’s just you), whatever format is appropriate for your work.  

deadline is march 11th.

more info and detailed specs here! http://decolonisefest.tumblr.com/fest-submissions

[image description: the cover of the zine queer indigenous girl issue 4: liberation, a collage depicting a black indigenous woman seated with her left hand palm open resting gently on top of a black indigenous boy’s head. Next to the boy are four O'Otham people. On the lower left is text from the poet ire'ne lara silva’s poem we call ourselves back. The text reads: we have walked through fire through burning infernos we have wept we have suffered we call ourselves back we have survived we have become stronger we call ourselves back we have not lost any part of ourselves we are not diminished we call ourselves back we are whole.]

Look at it. It’s just so beautiful. I cry. 😭
It’s now on pre-sale in my shop so help support and go buy it! Sape. Link in bio. ✊🏾✨💖

For My Brown Girls (FREE Download)

This quarter page zine (38 pages) is filled with images and text for brown girls, indigenous girls who are trans girls, non-binary girls, queer girls, lesbian girls, pan girls, ace girls, 2-spirit, disabled girls, mentally or chronically ill girls, rez girls, city girls, adopted girls, foster girls to know you are not alone and embody much strength.

We are currently accepting submissions for VISUALS for our August issue! Photography, drawings, paintings, etc. are all welcome (even short films). Email us at sulacollective@gmail.com if you have any questions! 

General submissions are still welcome, but any writing sent in for this issue may be postponed until the next one because we are currently backed up. 

Sula is also looking for illustrators, graphic designers, and photographers to join our staff so please visit our FAQ and send in an email if you’re interested in being part of our team!!


Hello everyone, I always wanted to start a feminist zine focusing on women of color who are passionate about social justice issues happening today! Our perspectives offer a new dialect set apart from the mainstream that should be heard. Pop culture, current issues, and anything in between can be published in this zine. Looking to build an empire with other strong women. If interested please message me on tumblr so we can get this ball rolling! Looking for an entire board of people who would be willing to write and submit :) 

*Please reblog to spread the word in case some of your followers may be interested! 

it’s happening!
**CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS to MIXD zine #2: Healing! **

it’s been a long time comin’ and i’m really excited for this.

shout outs to Elyshia Mcdonald Andi Hernandi​ Lemon Fwee​ for hashing out ideas together / for the real talks / being part of the collective approach to making the second issue of MIXD happen! + everyone who gave feedback on the 1st issue.

**plz share widely** 

deadline for submissions is Dec. 15th!

email submissions to MIXDzine@gmail.com !

questions? pm me directly or shoot a message to MIXDzine@gmail.com as well(!)
more info on the project: mixdzine.tumblr.com


full text:


MIXD zine is a text & art-based space by & for mixed-race people of colour - born out of convos & dialogues surrounding questions / understandings of mixed-race experience(s), embodiment(s), histories & resistance.

“Healing” is the theme of issue #2!

[ some prompts / ideas:]

- what has / could healing & care look like on an (inter)personal, intergenerational, and ‘community’ basis?
- challenging the notion of healing as possible, as mandatory, as having a time limit, as equating to 'forgive & forget (violence)’.
- exploring & grounding struggle / resistance as (inherent to) collective healing processes - within contexts of white supremacy & colonialism, & against systems / institutions of domination: e.g. prisons, the police, the anti-immigration system & the settler colonial state.

<3 MIXDZINE.tumblr.com <3

I refuse.

I refuse to organize with people who take more than they give and who only offer help when it involves being in the spotlight.

I refuse to organize with people who project their issues and trauma onto me and are in denial about how this plays out in harmful ways.

I refuse to organize with people who aren’t capable of discussing complex topics in real life or (at the very least) by phone with others before they go online or into real-world communities and participate in slander.

Some might think that making these choices would limit my opportunities or shut me out from community. Nope! It has been the opposite experience for me; by removing toxic people from my personal & organizing networks, my life has improved dramatically and I’m able to more effectively organize.

I attract.

- I attract people who aren’t afraid to work on themselves
- I attract people who support my self-care practice in tangible ways
- I attract people who operate from a basis of trust, who don’t define their self-worth through attempting to tear others down
- I attract people who left “cool kids” exclusionary bullshit back on the playground and are interested in authentic relationships

I set a high standard and I’m better off because of it. I wish the same for you all in 2015 and beyond.


This year at sfzinefest we talked to Artists of Color about making zines and kicking a**. Here’s what they have to say about diversity, expression and finding a voice.


Burrito Babes Issue 1 physical copies are available now on etsy. You can choose your price!! 100% of what you pay will filter back into distribution. A free PDF copy will be available online soon. Please support us and pick up your copy now! We’re really proud of what we’ve put together and we’re ecstatic to finally share it with you all!

Sula Collective is now accepting submissions for issue 3! We are now back with a much better flier thanks to Sophia! Please reblog and help spread the word!