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Hey! Jay & I are still looking for folks for our Cartoon Cartoons fan zine, and you still have time to apply! Check out the info above, and if you have any questions, feel free to tumblr message @truebuggy or I! 

If you’ve already applied, we’ll contact you shortly after the deadline to let you know if you’re in. 

(artwork above by Jay)



The Isis Nicole Magazine
Issue #2


THE DEVIL IN MY LUNCHBOX: A MARILYN MANSON FANZINE is accepting submissions of anything and everything Manson. We want your writing, your art, your feelings, your organs…content about any Manson era is welcome, from Spooky Kids to aging goth potato. Any fan, present or former, is welcome to submit!

We want your fan confessionals, conspiracy theories, lists, timelines (Manson hair timeline, anybody?!), “What I Learned From Marilyn Manson Is…”, art, experiences, music & imagery breakdowns, favorite moments, Twiggy worship, secondhand embarrassment, stories, poems, Grand Slam discourse, memes, and whatever the hell else you can come up with. If it’s Manson-related and makes you feel a thing, we want it. Think The Nachtkabarett meets Post Secret, in a zine. With more you and cooler graphics.

NEVER DONE A ZINE BEFORE? DON’T WORRY! All submissions will be proofread and professionally laid out to look hella sweet, you just have to type it up and send it in!

DON’T WANT YOUR NAME IN PRINT? THAT’S COOL! Our experts of anonymity will help you pick a “family name” to protect your privacy!

NOT A WRITER? NO PROBLEM! We welcome any art + photo-relics from your breed of Manson fandom or embarrassing spooky kid years.

All contributors get a free copy. DEADLINE IS MARCH 31!

GOT SOMETHING FOR ME? email yr sh*t to psycho.zine@yahoo.com !

sherri moon dahmer (julia eff), editor