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The listings below are only as good as the input I receive. I have not had zines distributed by and/or I have not ordered from every distro. I have also not been to every shop to see if they actua...

Happy International Zine Month day 3!

It’s distro appreciation Day! Why not follow the link above and order some zines from your favorite zine distro!

July Publication Announcement

We are proud to announce the publication lineup for Setting the Captives Free, the first themed edition of The Rising Phoenix Review. The writing in this issue focuses on personal and social liberation. Additionally, many of the poems in this issue document the struggle for freedom. Our editors are extremely honored to publish the work of these talented poets.

We will post our the issue from July 4th-July 31st. Check our site for a new poem every day at 5pm Eastern Standard time.

The following poets will be featured this month:

Alex Dang
Jamie McGhee
Lindsey Hobart
Michelle Gordon

Darcy Vines
Elizabeth Hewer
Leah Mueller
Mica K

A. Davida Jane
Alaska Gold
Alessia Di Cesare
Chelsea Fujimoto

Emma Bosacki
Martina Dansereau

Congratulations from our staff and welcome to the nest!

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Hey kids! I’m doing some fun stuff this weekend and you should come hang out if you’re in the neighbourhood. Tonight I’ll be at Box in Glasgow from 8pm doing live art (maybe?) and then Skull Puppies will be headlining the show there with some really cool bands - VERY EXCITE (also free). The amazing owenmichaeljohnson got the ball rolling with this as a DIY launch event for Glasgow Comic Con and the equally amazing johnjpearson designed the poster for it.

Then tomorrow, believe it or not, I’ll be exhibiting at the con itself. I’m sharing a table with the ultra cool coraliebouguerra whose ultra cool partner neilslorance designed this year’s poster. Check out their work - comix couple supreme. I also decided to make 20 numbered mini prints of my ‘Hobbies’ strip to give away with purchases and I’ll have some sweet stash from Black Lodge Press to peddle too!

See yas there xoxo


Wolfskin is a short story I started writing while travelling, then finished it at home. It’s about a girl who has no heart who finds a girl who is also a wolf in the middle of Fitzroy.

These are the first 4 pages, if you like them you can get the whole 19 pages for whatever price you want (even free! neat!!!) over at gumroad.

(Pls note there is a tiny bit of nsfw content!)

Later this moth we are going to be sharing some prints in an exhibition at
a small Midwestern music festival called Beesonstock. This is going to be the first of many Same Coin Shows. Aside from the prints we are going to be sharing some photo zines for folks to look at. I am positive there will be zines at every Same Coin Show. In fact some of them will probably only include zines.
I will be pulling these zines from my personal collection for this show but if you want to contribute a zine you can send it our way for consideration.
If you want to submit make sure your zines are to the following address by July 20th.

Nathan Pearce

401 east main st.

Fairfield il




read my new comic for free ya dingus its 36 pages i made it it took me forever and its FREE its free real estate

here’s everything you need to know:

Quinn and Penelope have been bullied by the most popular girl in school for the last time. After stumbling upon a mysterious old book, they decide to take matters into their own hands. But things don’t always exactly go as planned, do they?

A story about bullying, revenge, friendship, teen girls, learning about the world around us, and learning about who we are as people - with a healthy dose of magic, heavy metal, and crazy monsters mixed in.

READ THIS COMIC IF YOU LIKE: magical girls, ancient gods and goddesses from all around the world, teen witches, terrifying demons, existentialism, feminism, cute and creepy stuff, pizza, anime, video games, and hilarious high school antics with a twist

its gonna be 12 books of 36 paged stories get ready



thanks guys please reblog and spread the word about this and yeah


✓ creative expression
✓ the spirit of the universe
✓ watching a plant grow
✓ watching a dog play
✓ feeling nature inside you

‘it doesn’t have to be perfect, i just has to exist’ is a new zine by gemma flack about making things, feelings things, and doing things.
it’s a reminder to yourself to be a magic and kind person, to other people and to yourself ♡

a zine challenge; i made this zine in one week in june 2015

A6, colour, 14 pages


prints & stickers also available 



Hello friends, this here is BLANK HILL ZINE, the 64-page zine about Hank Hill’s face! It pairs well with Lone Star beer. Enjoy these excerpts by caracorderart, ohdonteven, deniscaron, and hipogram.

Order Blank Hill Zine here:
>> <<

Hank you very much!

Love, robbieandbobby & lousydeal <3



This is my last call for entries! The deadline is July 1st - that’s less that two weeks! 

(Artwork already included, from left to right: TOP ROW - Louis Wood, John Pesina, Justin Woo. BOTTOM ROW - Spencer Hawkes, Ceri Giddens, Daryl Toh Liem Zhan.


  1. This is an ART book, as opposed to a fan book. All submissions should be drawings, paintings, comics, photography, etc.
  2. All artwork MUST be your original work. Photo manipulations of other people’s photos or artwork is not allowed either.
  3. This is a Gamera book. Crossovers with other franchises are not allowed as we don’t want 20 Gamera vs. Godzilla submissions stealing the limelight from the birthday boy.
  4. But artwork based on any Gamera film, book, game or other property is allowed. This is a curated book meaning not all entries will be in the book.
  5. Please no NSFW material.
  6. Artists are allowed to submit as many images as they like and ask for as many pages as they like - but the more pages you ask for the less likely you’ll get them. Double page spreads are also fine but PLEASE think about the gutter and ask yourself if the images needs to be two pages.
  7. This books is curated - not all artwork submitted will be featured.
  8. PLEASE PLEASE use this template to submit work -

Please send entries to with your website url and the name you wish to be credited with too!

Listen Here: Genuinely Diverse Comic Con Panels (that I was on)!

Heya, folks! With that embarrassing all-male “Women in Comics” panel from the Denver Comic Con still fresh on the comic blogs, I figure now would be a good time to link to the audio of the panels I was on this year at Emerald City Comic Con.

Strip Tease: Adult Comics and The Perverts Who Draw Them (NWS!!!) This after-hours panel features me, Erika Moen, Blue Delliquanti and Leia Weathington, talking about smutty comics, childhood misconceptions about sex, awkward teen years, and the murky origins of The Anal Safety Snails. This puppy runs a full one hour, thirty minutes long, and gets mighty salty.

Being Non-Compliant (Naughty Language) features me (eventually, I got there late), Kate Leth, Noelle Stevenson, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Erika Moen. Topics include my love/hate relationship with Dave Sim, twitter assholes, juggling adult and all-ages work, and people who feel threatened by the audience and creators of comics diversifying. Clocks in at about 50 minutes.

How To Run a Comics Anthology and Not Screw It Up has me, Kel McDonald, Taneka Stotts, and Sfé Monster. It opens with a story about a stranger hitting on my husband. The rest is on-topic, though! This is the most instructive and informative of all the panels, so if you’re thinkin’ about running your own project sometime, this might be for you! Pretty clean, and about 50 minutes. (I also mention the Kickstarter I have running right now. Hint hint!)