The first proof of Comfort Food Zine arrived! Back the project here for as low as $5 to get a PDF of the 92-page zine featuring the work of 35 artists! You can also pre-order your copies for TCAF and VanCAF!

Hello, hello!

I’m working on a new zine and thought you guys could help me out! ▰˘◡˘▰

It’s going to be a little guide about those things that once lost/used, are impossible to get back. So far I’ve thought of things like baby teeth, tea bags, eyelashes…

What can you come up with? 

Things to do before Atlanta

- finish some new songs and maybe a demo disc
- make more copies of my last live recording to have with me
- finish the gasa zine
- maybe work on another dear America zine
- lock down who I’m gonna hang out with and see in Atlanta and who im staying with and all that
- maybe figure out a hike or two do to while I’m down there. Any suggestions on where to hole between richmond and Atlanta are welcome. The more photogenic the better!


The LADIES OF LITERATURE: VOLUME 2 KICKSTARTER is now live!! Please spread the word, help us reach our goal, and make this book a reality!

Check us out! (Ha. Library humor.)

LADIES OF LITERATURE: VOLUME 2 is an illustration anthology dedicated to our favorite literary ladies! We asked 100+ artists to illustrate their favorite female authors and book characters and show us why they fell in love with them. The results span over genre and time period, showcasing a diverse array of powerful and complex women. Think of it as 100+ illustrated book recommendations!

Featuring the amazing work of Aatmaja Pandya | Abigail Malate | Aimee Fleck | Amanda Martin | Amanda Scurti | Amelia Chia | Aminder Dhaliwal | Andrea Poretta | Andy Lee | Angela Tong | Annie Stoll | Anoosha Syed | Aranda Dill | Arielle Jovellanos | Athina K. Poda | Ava Nguyen | Caitlin Ono | Captain Chants | Carey Pietsch | Caroline Dougherty | Charles Tan | Chie Y. Boyd | Chris Kindred | Ciel Bahena | Colleen Tighe | Courtney Godbey | Dana Guerrieri | Dana Wulfekotte | Daniel Shaffer | Deborah Hauber | Desiree Surjadi | Diana Huh | Ellen Wang | Ellie Yong | Emily Cheeseman | Emily Ho | Ena Kim | Enduro | Erin Lux | Fleur Sciortino | Fraeya Pinto | Glenn Harvey | Grace Chen | Grace Fong | Greg Wilson | Hannah Krieger | Janet Sung | Jenn Strickland | Jenny Xu | Jessica Kleinman | Julia Lipponen | Kara Argue | Karina McBeth | Katrina Richter | Katy Farina | Kaysha Siemens | Kelley McMorris | Kevin Jay Stanton | Kiernan Sjursen-Lien | Kristen Acampora | Kristen Davis | KJ Martinet | Kristin Kemper | Lana Chan | Lara Paulussen | Laura MacMahon | Lauren Degraaf | Lily Luo | Lily Pfaff | Liz Pulido | Lynn Nguyen | Magnus Atom | María Galán | Mariel Hester | Mark Ledgerwood | Marta Milczarek | Matt Rockefeller | Max Temescu | Michelle Hiraishi | Mildred Louis | Missy Pena | Molly Ostertag | Nic ter Horst | Nicole Xu | Nikkie Stinchcombe | Nilah Magruder | Odera Igbokwe | Olivia Aserr | Pablo Leon | Pam Wishbow | Penny Candy Studios | Rachel Smythe | Rafael Mayani | Ricardo Bessa | Rose Wong | Sai Nitivoranant | Sonia Liao | Sophie Blackhall-Cain | Stephanie Kao | Stephanie Stine | Susan Bin | Swati Addanki | Trung Le Nguyen | Vivian Ng | Xiao Li | Yssa Badiola | Zelly Thomas | Zofia Zabrzeska

Edited by Arielle Jovellanos & Janet Sung. Cover Typography by Paulina Ho


Dear DigiDestined across the multiverse,
Wake up and remember our history.
Wake up to guitar riffs with call and response.
/Digimon Digital Monsters/Digimon are the Champions/
Wake up to childhood confusion and delight as cats transform from puppies into angelic women warriors.
/Heaven’s Charm/Celestial Arrow/
Wake up to a churning of embers in the pit of your stomach, finally releasing into a Pepper Breath! *Puahhhh*.

Welcome to Pepper Breath!, a collaborative illustration and comics zine celebrating Digimon history. 15 years ago, an entire generation was swept into the digital world to learn the meaning of friendship, courage, and sacrifice. Whether you grew up following the journey of Digimon Adventure, playing the notoriously frustrating PS1 game, or having one too many Numemon on your digivice, we ask you to unearth the crest living within you.~*

We are currently securing our artist roster, so if you are an illustrator or cartoonist and would like to participate, email us at! ALL contributing artists will receive royalties ($$$) on every book sold!

ZINE LAUNCH: September 1st

Edited by Angelica Alzona and Odera Igbokwe
Published by Pyrite Press


FIGHT! zine Kickstarter launches this week!

Hey guys! I started the FIGHT! zine project back in 2013 and I am finally ready to launch the Kickstarter campaign to get this zine made. I was really ill for a majority of 2014 and it pushed the book onto the back burner while I dealt with other stuff.

For those of you who don’t know what the project is, FIGHT! is a zine which invites artists to create an original female fighting game character. The zine is curated by me, (Jenn Woodall). Each artist is assigned a page of a spread with a direction to orient their character towards, and the rest is up to them! So each spread of the zine is a versus match between 2 amazing female fighters. I am incredibly excited about this project as it is basically everything I love put into a zine. The artist line-up is really amazing, including the talents of:

Sam Bosma, Ze Burnay, Kali Ciesemier, Madeleine Flores, Andrea Kalfas, Guillaume Singelin, Stefie Zohrer, Kat Verhoeven, Stefan Tosheff, Patrick Carson Sparrow, Jenn Woodall, Trevor Henderson, Annie Stoll, Kevin Stanton, Schnekk, Kristen Acampora, Abby Boeh, Caitlin Rose Boyle, Alan Brown, Jenny Zych, Rachel Kahn, Baptiste Pagani, Kyle Fewell, Babs Tarr, Julian Callos, Jeanne D’Angelo, Jimmy Giegerich, Joanna Krotka, Dilraj Mann, Ralph Niese, John Lang, Paulina Ganucheau, Jordan Rosenberg, Valentin Seiche and Mathilde Kitteh!

The zine will be available as a reward for backing the Kickstarter campaign or you can pick up a copy from TCAF this May! This volume is titled ROUND 1 which will be followed by ROUND 2 and FINAL ROUND.

Thank you to all the artists for their fantastic contributions and their support! And thanks to everyone who is excited for this project and has gotten the word out!


Diaspora Drama is a zine dedicated to creative, offbeat and cool people of colour in cyber space. Our first issue features an interview with M.I.A.’s personal photographer and founder of the Black Balloon Archive, Liz Johnson-Artur, an interview with future Kurdish superstar Cany Dilan, an editorial by Shabab Int clothing’s Mohammed Hasoon, art by Sanaa Hamid, Rayanne Bushell, Daku and a lot more including poetry and essays exploring identity and culture. 

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have faith in cyber space •*•*•*


We are extremely excited to debut the cover for Frontier #7: Jillian Tamaki.

Frontier #7: Jillian Tamaki is the first issue for 2015 of Youth in Decline’s ongoing monograph series. It features the new story “SexCoven” — which revolves around IRL and online relationships, the seductive and secret world of early internet file-sharing, and life inside a commune (cult?). 32 pages, full-color. For Mature Readers Only.

Frontier #7: Jillian Tamaki debuts on April 11th at MoCCA Fest in New York. The book will ship our to Frontier 2015 subscribers the week before the festival, and to online pre-orders and retailers when we’re back home on 4/13/2015. To ensure you get a copy, you can either:

Jillian Tamaki is an award winning cartoonist and illustrator. She is the co-author with her cousin Mariko Tamaki of the award-winning graphic novels “This One Summer” and “Skim”, and the author of the forthcoming “SuperMutant Magic Academy” from Drawn & Quarterly. A noted soup enthusiast and one of our dearest friends, Jillian has written and storyboarded two episodes of the show “Adventure Time” and created many lovely zines and minicomics.