Do you want to be in the best sequel of the year? 

The Photocopy club are calling out for your skate photography! The zine will be released in September at the NYABF16.

Send your submission to: (Subject: X&D2)

Image size: 6x9in @ 300dpi

1-4 Images only

Black and White only

DEADLINE 14.8.16

Please name the file: FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_001   etc*02*03*04

Everyone in the zine will get a copy at discount rate, a big thank you and their work featured on the TPC website!

Thanks everyone!  - TPC

The Twin Cities Queer Masculinity group is interested in creating its first zine! Anyone who identifies in some way as a queer masculine person* is welcome to submit material! Also, you do not have to be located in the Twin Cities to submit your work!

We are looking for a variety of zine submissions from fiction, poetry, art collages, photography, graphic design, autobiographical or biographical sketches, rants, articles on political or personal topics, etc. Anything is welcome as long as it relates in some way to queer masculinity.

To submit your work to the Twin Cities Queer Masculinity group (or to ask questions about the project),

please email with the following:

-Your submission

-A brief one to two paragraph autobiographical note about the author or creator

-A photograph of the author or creator

*Submissions are due Sunday, August 7, 2016.


*Queer Masculine people includes a wide range of queer people such as lesbians, butches, transmasculine people, genderqueer people, non-binary people, trans men, gay men, assigned male at birth masculine presenting trans dykes, transgender butches, among others who feel an affinity with masculinity or have some varying identification with masculinity.

This call for submissions is posted on behalf of Twin Cities Queer Masculinity. To have your call for submissions featured on Queer Zines, please submit to our blog!

Because they are constituted by and through a culture that is itself fractured and contradictory, girls can also move about within that culture, they can contingently marshal one cultural strategy or practice against another. This means that girls do have the resources to think critically about mass culture. But those resources do not exist outside the already existing culture. They are themselves always already cultural.

This means that the political interventions we would design must address girls on their own ground. It simply will not do to lecture “just say no” when girls have already learned to inhabit a sexualized, tightly tank-topped body. Rather, we must engage girls in the conversations they have already started both within and among themselves. We must seek to understand what girls already know. And what they seem to know, better than the adults who would address them, is that change is constant, multiplicity can be generative, and contradiction, rather than a form of stasis to be feared, is something more like a matrix that is endlessly generative.

—  Janice Radway, “Girls, Zines, and the Miscellaneous Production of Subjectivity in an Age of Unceasing Circulation” (x)

Registration for Nocaz 2016 is open! You can apply to become an exhibitor at

A few quick details:

  • Registration closes October 15th.
  • NOCAZ FEST provides free tables to all Louisiana, Mississippi, & Alabama residents.
  • Table Fees for accepted out of town zinesters are on a $10 - $30 sliding scale, please pay what you can.
  • We hope to be providing some scholarships to a few traveling artists again this year. If Table fees/ travel costs are prohibitive for you, please check the box on the registration form and we will get back to you.

*NOCAZ 2016 poster by M. Chandelier!


Check it out: Butch Is Not A Dirty Word 

A non-profit zine challenging negative notions around identifying as butch. Their first issue was just recently published and is available here($10-$15 for physical copy)

The title itself embodies a compelling concept that not many people have been vocal about. Read more about the zine’s creation.

Credits: created in Melbourne, Australia | Photographed by Georgia Smedley and produced by Esther Godoy.


Grimes Fanzine includes illustrations, an article and a pull out paper doll activity page!

Click here for Etsy listing

Launch: Table D5 at True Believers Comic Festival, Cheltenham on Saturday 6th February!

Contributors A-Z: Angus Medford Art, The Astral Gypsy, B. Mure, Bryan Hemmings, Chaz, Chibi Shibby, Drew Askew, Jack Devereaux, James Johnstone, Julia Scheele, Kayleigh Causton, Kellie Huskisson, Laura Watton, Paddy Johnston, RAMZEE, Sammy Borras, Sarah Burgess, Siobhan McKenna, Yen Quach and Zain McMillan

Cover illustration and compilation by Sammy Borras

Printed by Elyse & Reece from Rope Press

A5 staple bound zine (148x210mm/5.8x8.3inches)
24 Interior pages (risograph - black ink)
Double sided cover (risograph - black and fluorescent pink ink)
Double sided pull out activity sheet (risograph - black and fluorescent pink ink)

Special thanks to everyone who sent their work! The zine is beautiful!


So these just came into the office and we’re going crazy over them! It’s a delightful zine with all your favorite Gems doing all sorts of things! Hanging out at the beach! Having feelings! Being in a fast food AU!

It’s funny and heartfelt and comes in three different covers, so stop by the BOOM! booth #2229 at San Diego Comic-Con and pick yours up before they run out!