Blog tags!

Here is the tags I’m gonna use!

Screenies - for posts with screenshots! Easy to find!

The Eternally Lost - Basically every post

Week Update - Here is the post with the “Homework” or information for the next week!

Isadelle, Rogni, Eradric, Zinariel, Myrlif, Gedga - this is the tags I’m gonna use on screenies when these characters are in them!

Zinelle, nikorin98, doctorin-the-tardis, dvvalin, departmentofstrategery - these are the tags for posts that I want you to see. Usually Week updates or extra info.

Tags will be added as they appear :)

Zinel Die Cast Aluminium Non-Stick Cookware Low Casserole – 28 cm

Product code: EH8382

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Zinel Aluminium Die Cast Cookware is stylish and durable. Made from a die cast aluminium body and a non-stick coating to the interior the range is ideal for all types of cooking and can stand up to even the hottest kitchens. Zinel Die Cast Aluminium Non-Stick Cookware Low Casserole 28 cm.

Zinel Hard Anodized Non-Stick Cookware Casserole With Glass Lid - 30 cm

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Zinel Casserole With Glass Lid - 30 cm Zinel Hard anodised cookware is made from aluminium which undergoes an electro-chemical process, changing it’s structure of the base metal, making more hard than stainless steel. Hard anodised pans are very hardwearing but still conduct heat efficiently, and are relatively light in weight. The interior of the pan is coated in a non-stick coating. Suitable to go on Gas, Electric and Halgon surfaces. Not dishwasher safe.