zinefest 2013


 Hey guys! Today was a beautiful day so I walked to Twin cities Zinefest  and it was AWESOME. (Except the part where I got lost and the walk was about four hours round trip…but aside that AWESOME)

I saw Maddi, Rosemary, Chase, and the Dead Cartoonist Society crew there too!

I went a little crazy buying zines…I think I spent over $40 in zines from current & former MCAD students, but totally worth supporting the arts and artists that worked so hard to put these zines together! It was a great investment if I do say so :)

I especially love the little sketch Chase (chasingcomics) made me on the back of Pieces. 

Definitely will be going back next year, and maybe will make a few zines to sell as well.

And if you have a moment please check out these amazing artists (and DCS):



maddigonzalez / thankyoucorndog