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From top to bottom, some shots of my studio and bedroom door with my treasures obtained from Zinefeast when I was able to leave my table and check out everyone else’s stuff:

astralrejection and her wonderful poster of badass cute goings on with Totoro jamming on the keyboard! I had to have this, and I knew it would look great next to the EVILSTICK, a Dollar Store Gold wand that I picked up a few years ago at a dollar store. It’s all kinds of wonderful, and even laughs evilly when you press the button. It also says it can ‘send out the luster of the beauty’ (on the package) whatever that means. The list goes on and on. BEST WAND.

asherlevenson is really wonderful with digital colors and his line-work is really solid. I just love his Dune poster.

bighonkk’s cyber mall catalogue is tongue in cheek awesome. I love the fact that it even has a fake order form in the back. So good! We had a nice exchange and he bought one of my buttons. Great stuff!

The lovely pin is from vreniwasaman I love crystals and occult stuff so this was a must buy.

Baby Mollusk (Rachel Gordon) is awesome and made this banner that spoke to me in so many ways. She had other banners and her new tapes for sale too. She called them 'congratulatory banners’ that included stuff like 'cried in the sandwich line’ and other such gems.

Anyway, bumping all these cool people! Check them out! Thanks guys! 

{EDIT} Yay for all the love directed at THE EVILSTICK. Also, roarlivia

yes I will definitely be your friend and join your EVILSTICK alliance! Consider yourself followed!


Purchase Zinefeast intendeds and familiar returnees! Grinning Lantern Studio is back again! 

To refresh your memory, we were the people with the free fortunes as well as cool prints and neat-o monster sculptures for sale.

Okay, now that you remember us (or are intrigued) the above pictures are from a Sacred Space ‘zine that i am offering. It will come with customized fortunes and some surprises. Oooh!

There are only 22 available this year, so if this is your jam, grab a space of your own. 

Also: cavecricket will have a ‘zine or two that will be as inciteful and emotional as her music, so look forward to that. As my sister, she is a natural addition to Grinning Lantern. 


Zine Feast Vol. II @ SUNY Purchase.

Timelapse video.


Con Recap: Zinefeast at SUNY Purchase

Last Sunday was Zinefeast at SUNY Purchase, a zine and small press convention. Artists and small press publishers set up their wares in a student center on campus, and a steady stream of students and visitors came by all afternoon. 

Zinefeast is not strictly a comics convention, there were lots of talented student printmakers:

Music act Baby Mollusk sold tapes of her songs. There were musical acts once the main convention hours were over. 

Cartoonist and printmaker Kiki Jones:

Cartoonists Ben Urkowitz and Peter Schmidt:

Cartoonist Jane Mai:

A booth selling homemade pickles should be standard at all comics events from now on.

Thanks for a good time, Zinefeast!


Hey all! I’ll be tabling at zinefeast a sweet gathering of artists and music from Purchase College and beyond May 4th. My art book ‘Illumimates’ will be for sale, as well as some prints so come stop by for all that and some free fortunes for those who want that sort of thing. 

grinningnarwhal will also be there with me selling his amazing monsters. Just check him out if you haven’t already. Seriously.

Each book is $10 and comes with a button of your choice. There is one of each creature displayed on the cover, each inspired by a different genre of music.

Mention you heard of me from Tumblr, and get a free button! Yay!


Thanks to everyone who shared your passions, your smile and your energy with me today. It was my pleasure to offer you free fortunes. Once again, Zinefeast proves to be a place where cool people frequent.

Also thanks for picking up Kira’s lovely food and nature-based health zines. Hooray! 

To those who purchased a Starseed Oracle, I will be looking forward to seeing what you create and reveal in the future. 

Don’t forget, doing what you love matters most. You matter. Love and light!