SUNY Purchase Zinefeast write-up

I went to Zinefeast at SUNY Purchase on May 5 as a seller, and it was incredible. Here are some words.

- I printed up copies of Metal Riot, Red Skeleton 1, Red Skeleton 2, and Dream a Dream with Joey in the campus library pirate style. Neither of us had slept much, so we were already goofed up. I had no bag for all the copies so I just stole a garbage bag from the reference library and stuffed them in there.

- Out of thirty copies of each, except for about ten copies of Dream a Dream, I sold very little. There was no profit. If you’re interested in buying copies of Metal Riot, Red Skeleton 1, and Red Skeleton 2, contact me! I’ll put up more information later. 

- This is OK because a bunch of incredible artists and people like AD and Ben Urkowitz and Daphny and Zach Hazard and Olivia Fox got ahold of copies.

- Those guys are all great. I love them. AD is like a giant hamtaro. Zach looks nothing like a dog. Daphy is as colorful as you expect.

- Wesley Willis Tribute Band and Gr0ban put on the most incredible shows, which were only enhanced by my sleepless delirium.

- I slept in the campus radio station for 12 straight hours and it was perfect and beautiful and nothing hurt.

- I bought so many incredible books oh my god. I’ll take a picture later, I love them all

- Mama we all go to hell


hear ye the stationary pack is done!

listen up all you lovers of the letter “D”!

each pack has 2 sheets of each design for a total of 10 sheets of paper, 2 silkscreened envelopes, and 2 sticker sheets of “D” stuff to cut out and stick up.

these will be around next month at Zinefeast in Purchase, NY, TCAF, and CAKE so get them there or after all this beep boopin’ around i’ll list them on the internet. or before? i danno!