I’ve been travelling my mamaland for two and a half weeks, but in a few days i’m coming home with a new zine I made, debuting for next weekend’s Zine Dream 8 in Toronto~

20pgs xeroxed
Two inserts, one f/c vintage srilankan photo card
tiny edition of 25
Numbered ✨

miss me?

anonymous asked:

Are there other blogs you'd recommend that focus on reblogging zine info? I keep finding zines I'm interested in after applications already close

These are covered under resources but I’ll go more in depth here: 

http://zinesubmissions.tumblr.com/ Pretty similar to this site! Covers calls for submissions and zines.

Their other site has features of events, giveaways, zines you can buy, etc: http://zinedreams.tumblr.com/

https://comicops.tumblr.com/ One of my favorites, they feature paid opportunities for artists! Good if you’re looking to start an art career.

https://twitter.com/ZineAppCalls?lang=en  If you’re on twitter, this is the perfect site for you! Tends to post a lot of fanzines, so if you like those this is a good one to follow.

And if that’s not enough for you, I recommend going straight to the source! Following creators that have organized zines before, browsing tags on twitter & tumblr, and just following a lot of creators and keeping your eyes peeled! Tumblr tags we look out for are call for submissions, zine, fanzine, etc. (Sorted by newest, of course.)