We made copies today and received packages! Now available: Empower Yoself Before You Wreck Yoself: Native America Feminist Musings, Please
Tell Me More About Myself:Education System, Transmission: Hot Trans
People Not Giving a Fuck. Also back in stock are Gut and Peace is not
Real but the Fight is by Sayuri Gomez. Check it out!

Hey Tampa, Seminole Heights Acupuncture just started this great little zine distro. They are calling it “semi heights distro”, and is geared towards literature on the topics of community and wellness. You should drop by and contribute//take from it! #diy #seminoleheights #seminoleheightstampa #seminoleheightsacupuncture #tampadiy #zines #zinedistro #seminoleheightszinedistro #semiheightsdistro #communitywellness


My Favorite Things: BEER and my Distro!

Packaging zine orders and getting drunk!

We reached one of our goals thanks to your donations!!!! (Paying back a loan!) Please continue to donate to Brown Recluse and help us continue reaching our goals for 2014!

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Brown Recluse Zine DIstro Updates!!!!! Pssst, Pass it on!

BRZD just added these fucken gems to the distro: Slash Em Up 1-5, La Bola de Cristal, Truth or Consequences, Gut, Peace is Not Real but the Fight Is, The Swan The Vulture #5, What to Keep What to Give Away and Shotgun Seamstress #7.  Plus there are a few more zines on their way to BRZD!

I have been working hard on sending out incentives for those who have donated to the distro. Check your email if you have donated in the last 6 or so months. I need your selections and your address! Thanks for all the support!

BRZD is donating the entire catalog to New Orleans Public Library’s budding zine library! This has been made possible by everyone’s generous donations and purchases! Thanks for the positive feedback and support!

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Brown Recluse Zine Distro adding "On Struggling: Bodies!"

I received this in the mail yesterday! I have been so excited about this zine since the submission call went out! I have spent my morning sunning myself in the unexpected Seattle fall sunshine, drinking herbal tea on my couch devouring this zine, being inspired and finishing up the last pages of Skinned Heart Numero Seis. I will be posting it up in my distro shortly! Two days left to order before I head out on tour!!!

My copy hustle fell through and I need help making copies for tour!
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Free Zine(s) for Pride!!!!

In celebration of PRIDE season BRZD will include “Queens, Hookers, and Hustlers”(some Pride History for yer ass!) for free in every order that comes in between now and June 30th. Also remember that all snail mail orders come with a free zine cuz I like mail better than the internet. If your snail mail order is postmarked before or by 6-30-14 I will include both! Thanks for the support! Happy Pride and don’t forget to honor Trans Warrior Queens who have brought us this far!

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Adding "Ain't Shit" to Brown Recluse Zine Distro!

I just read this and laughed my ass off while eating my masala burger. Seriously one of my new favorite zines! This zine is all about being Black and punk and carving out space in predominantly punk scene. My favorite part being a step by step guide on carving your own space at a show! I just got back from Stella Natura, a metal festival in the Sierra Nevada mountains and felt really angry having spent $175 to be at a fest with a fascist literature table(Shit talk and dissection zine coming soon!). This zine reminded me that I can be anywhere I fucking wanna be and that carving out a space amidst shitheads is important work. We may be spread thin but there are many of us and we are coming together! Watch the fuck out!

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PLZ Signal Boost!

Updates and New Zines to BRZD!

BRZD is on Hiatus until the distro and I return from the Rough Cut event put on by University of Illinois Chicago and Chicago Zine Fest! LAZF re-energized and inspired me around zines, writing and pumping new blood into BRZD! I learned a lot about tabling for the first time at a zine fest.

BRZD is adding a ton of new titles to the distro upon returning from CZF! Expect the following (not all pictured): The Spitboy Rule: Tales of a Female Punk Band by Michelle Gonzalez, Fix My Head #2 and #6 written by Anna Vo, Musings of a Jook-sing written by Diana Mai, Mad Mulatta by Brittany Couch, Trust the Knife by Joyce Hatton, Rise-Fall-and Repeat by Isidro de la Luna Fox, Profane and The Body is a Wild Wild Thing by Tomas Moniz, AND Shotgun Seamstress 1-6.5! And who knows what I’ll return with from CZF! Do you have a zine you want to submit for consideration?

All of this was made possible by donations, orders and folks who bought zines from BRZD at LAZF. When you buy from this distro you are not only supporting this project you are supporting POC writers and artists too, making our stories and our histories more accessible to one another! Thanks for the support: PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE!

Love, BRZD

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