Collaborative Unit Workshop: Zine Draft

I want to design some pages with an empty circle in the middle, which seems like a microscopic slide. I attempt to print my image on the transparent paper.


I made this little folding zine as an example to show some youth during a zine making workshop. I thought it was kind of cute so I actually made a few copies of it. 

Weird Plants is a folding art zine with illustrations of plants from the sewer. The zine has 8 pages, and folds out into a poster on pink marble patterned paper. 

Weird Plants measures 2.75" x 4.25". When unfolded the poster measures 8.5"x11".

Available on ETSY.


I keep forgetting to post these! At the beginning of May @tiffany-tate and I ran a zine-making workshop at the Art Gallery of Alberta. This is one of the zines I made. I made another one with Tiffany that I’ll post later (when I find the pictures we took!)

tammymercure: Hello! If you or your followers are interested I am doing a zine workshop in Bristol, VA at the Grind House on October 4th at 7pm. It is for those who want to know how to get started and for those already making them to show their work. Hope to see you there. Got your zine in the mail- it was awesome.

Thank you for submitting this, it looks amazing! I will try to make it. Thank you for getting the zine too, I am glad you enjoyed it!