I spoke on a panel at Dartmouth College a couple days ago, as well as ran a zine workshop. New England tends to feels a bit itchy to me - something about the mix of colonial revival architecture and spring pollen and in Hanover, the somewhat overbearing J. Crew sort of whiteness. It is beautiful, though, and I had a very intimidating cruller french toast at Lou’s.

The events schedule is out for the Zine Pavilion at ALA Annual 2017! Schedule in some time to join us for these awesome workshops, discussions, zine readings, and more.

EDIT: The opening of the Zine Swap on Friday was corrected to 5:30pm (to match with the opening if the Exhibit Hall Floor).

Zine Swap
Time: Friday, June 23rd, 5:30-7pm
Location: Zine Pavilion
If you make zines, bring a stack of them to the Zine Pavilion during the opening festivities to trade with other zinester librarians. There will be special treats for everyone who trades.

Zine Collection Development Discussion
Time: Saturday, June 24th, 1-2pm
Location: Zine Pavilion
Acquiring new zines for your collection can be a challenge. Join library staff and zinesters as they share their experiences and discuss hints and tips about building and improving the zine collection at your library.

Mini Zine Workshop
Time: Sunday, June 25th, 11am-12pm
Location: Zine Pavilion
Ever wanted to make your own zine but don’t know how? Join zinester Dawn Wing as they provide guidance, prompts, and templates to teach you how to make your own mini zine!

Zine Cataloging Discussion
Time: Sunday, June 25th, 3-4pm
Location: Zine Pavilion
Cataloging non-traditional materials like zines can be tricky. Come see examples and share your experience, tips, and questions about the organizational aspects of incorporating zines into your library or archive. Plus we’ll discuss the Zine Union Catalog.

Zines out Loud: Zine Reading
Time: Sunday, June 25th, 4-4:50pm
Location: Pop Top stage
Come and listen to some zinesters from the Zine Pavilion read from their own work. If you can’t make it to the reading, make sure you come by the Zine Pavilion where there will be zine creators all weekend long!

anonymous asked:

I am planning to transfer to Columbia in the fall and was wondering if you could explain the program you did last year where you went to San Francisco, just like what the process was for applying and experience was like, etc.! Cause you made it sound really wonderful and fulfilling :-) ty angel, hope you have a nice day!!

hey yeah of course !! it was honestly one of the best things i did in college + in life in general :-) It’s called Place, Process and Portfolio: Travel Stories and it’s a class over J term (which is like during winter break) and you spend about 10 days in California. I can’t remember exactly how many of us there were … maybe 12? idk but it’s definitely low under 20. it’s kind of one of those classes you have to look for ? theres not a lot of promo for it, my friend matt posted that he got accepted on FB and i was like …… what is this. you basically have to have an interview with one of the instructors + then after that they give you some questions to answer post interview you find out, it was pretty simple! 

the experience was honestly life changing and i’m not like being annoying when i say that. before we left for California we met up at school three times and did these like exercises to get to know each other/break down walls of just like how tense and closed off we were as people, mostly  bc we were all strangers, everyone from different majors and whatnot but also because a lot of this experience was about becoming more human and being more thoughtful about our every interaction + movement. it wasn’t corny @ all and like normally i can’t fuck w that shit but yeah it was really nice. you all meet at the airport together (flight/meals + snacks/room&board is included in the class fee aside from if we wanted s/t when out on our free days) 

when you get there you stay in marin county (in the mountains basically) abt 15 minutes out of downtown SF at a hostel and y’all get your own house and it kind of feels like the real world tbh lmao like when you get there you go upstairs and pick what room you’re gonna stay in. your phone doesn’t really work which is kind of really nice, you sign up for what days you’re gonna help w dinner/cleaning. everyday you do something different, experience s/t different. like one day we went to muir woods for a whole day and you could chose if you wanted to do the intermediate hike which was like 8 miles or s/t and i did that and it was SUCH a bonding experience + i was going through it at the time so it was just nice to accomplish so much w my body. one day we volunteered at this food pantry in downtown SF for like survivors of aids/cancer/illness in general + the lgbtq community, one day we did a literary tour where we went to city lights bookstore, went to an independent publishing house (which is what sparked my love for the books i read) and then did a lil zine making workshop. another day we went to the lgbtq museum, just different stuff everyday. we’d have free days here + there, too, where you could really do whatever you wanted + go wherever you wanted, alone even. when we’d come home before or after dinner we’d have reflections/discussions + write in our journals + vet through our individual concepts for our projects. i’d run on an empty, beautiful beach, i’d wake up and eat pancakes and berries on a porch overlooking mountains and deer in our yard, helloalone would play guitar and we had sing alongs while people were making dinner, there was the perfect amount of quiet when we needed it. the trip gets to count as a full 3 credit class bc we spend the next two months after we come back to chi working on an exhibition of our time in california back @ school. so we had to work out what those were on the trip- it could’ve been anything, a poem, some kids made zines, a sculpture, photographs, an installment, a video, song, collage, literally whatever.

i learned a lot about myself, i met my best friend nkatzman :-) i opened up more to complete strangers than i had my friends at that point, it was just a REALLY big deal for me and everyone else on the trip. i’d honestly recommend it to anyone. if you end up applying, let me know !!!


I’ve been handing these out at zine workshops that Ashley and I have been running lately. Has instructions on how to make an 8 page zine, ideas for making zines, and a template on the inside.

Put a bunch of them in my shop, only $1.80 each. Buy one and get inspired to make your own zine or run your own mini zine workshop!!!

Get it HERE


I made this little folding zine as an example to show some youth during a zine making workshop. I thought it was kind of cute so I actually made a few copies of it. 

Weird Plants is a folding art zine with illustrations of plants from the sewer. The zine has 8 pages, and folds out into a poster on pink marble patterned paper. 

Weird Plants measures 2.75" x 4.25". When unfolded the poster measures 8.5"x11".

Available on ETSY.

I’m thinking about this for a Vlogbrothers video but it’s making me very nervous...

Good Morning John,

One of the things that I read a lot in the Census is that people want to hear more about our lives as adult humans who also work with people to do big things. And another thing I know about the world is that people talk about their successes, but they do not talk about their failures. Which makes failure feel much worse both to them, because they feel like they must do it in isolation, and to everyone else who never hears about failure and thus thinks their failure is unique.

Well, John, as you know, I’m in the midst of a weird failure right now. And this is how failure works in business…it’s rarely absolute. It’s not like you either get an A or an F. There are all kinds of good things along with the bad things.

So I have this company that aims to celebrate things that are amazing with real-world events. VidCon, of course, is the thing that started this.

But we also want to celebrate other nerdy things that people are passionate about. And, in particular, I’m very excited about NerdCon Stories because we, as a society, aren’t great at valuing the people who create stories and, thus, our entire culture. Like, I go to ComicCon and the lines for actors are very long, but the lines for writers, with a couple obvious exceptions, are quite short.

And here is the way in which NerdCon Stories will not be a failure. People will have an amazing time celebrating something that we do not celebrate enough. It will be a valuable experience for our special guests and our attendees and I am proud of the thing we built.

But the way it is a failure is monetarily. We’ve sold about 1000 tickets, which is plenty to make it a dynamic, exciting event with a lot of wonderful perspectives. But we budged a conference with 3000 attendees. We’ve also got plenty of room at nearby hotels which we promised we’d fill and are not going to. So, at this point, I (as the person who owns NerdCon) stands to lose quite a lot of cash.

Now, I can afford this. I am not going to go bankrupt or even go into debt. But it does sting. I’m learning all kinds of things from this, but these lessons, I wish they were not quite so expensive.

Last year, the first year of NerdCon Stories was an extremely positive experience for me, and I’m very sad I can’t go this year, especially as it will probably be the last year. And I think that it’s going to be a bangin good time for everyone who goes, and I guess that’s the thing that should matter. But while I have failed in the past, the objective measure of this in dollars is quite a ways outside of my experience and I do not have a great system for processing it.

If you’d like to attend the event, to encourage you to do that. I’m not begging, of course, you should make sound financial decisions without consideration for me, a financially stable human being. But I am very proud of the event that we’ve put together. From a John Green Yoga Adventure, opportunities for in-depth conversations with some of today’s most interesting authors, live gaming, community events, a live Dear Hank and John. Panels on diversity, adaptation, self-promotion, and tabletop gaming.  Workshops on Zines, puppetry, improv, and podcasting.

It occurs to me that NerdCon: Stories is a very weird event, and maybe that’s something that is not working in its favor. It’s hard to know exactly what NerdCon Stories is, and I think that may be one reason why it is likely going to be a tremendous financial failure. But it’s also one reason why I’m not going to pull the plug on this thing. This show must go on, because it’s something very different and special.

And maybe that’s the thing we should all be going for. Even when we fail, is there a way to eliminate the shame of that and, instead, make it a failure to be proud of.

John, I’ll see you on Tuesday

tammymercure: Hello! If you or your followers are interested I am doing a zine workshop in Bristol, VA at the Grind House on October 4th at 7pm. It is for those who want to know how to get started and for those already making them to show their work. Hope to see you there. Got your zine in the mail- it was awesome.

Thank you for submitting this, it looks amazing! I will try to make it. Thank you for getting the zine too, I am glad you enjoyed it!