Tomorrow is Canzine central and the Winnipeg Anarchist Book Fair! Lot’s of exciting things happening, and Sad Haus Press will have a table of zines there if you’re into that kind of thing. :) :)

A giant zine fair including zines, comics, politics, small press, alt-press, DIY, art books, and more! Visit canzine.ca for more information!

FREE Admission! Comes with the Fall issue of Broken Pencil: Magazine of zine culture and the independent arts.

• E V E N T S •


Learn to make postcards with a particular focus on helping the Prisoner Correspondence Project, a grassroots organization based in Montreal that connects LGBTQ2SA+ with pen pals and resources.


Two teams of Winnipeg’s finest cartoonists will face the seemingly indomitable task of making a comic based on an audience suggestion in 30 minutes or less. The comic voted favourite by applause will win a prize pack!

Racers: Anthony Woodward, Scott A. Ford, Autumn Crossman-Serb and more TBA!


Fearless R2W advocates for parents that need help with CFS and also educate the community and parents on System Literacy. Fearless jeopardy is just a fun way to learn about us and system literacy.


Join Broken Pencil founder and Author Hal Niedzviecki and Jen Sookfong Lee as they discuss their two new novels and where they meet and diverge. In Niedzviecki’s The Archaeologists, published by Winnipeg’s own ARP Books, developments in suburban Wississauga are belied by both surprisingly sinister and startlingly sincere motivations. Meanwhile, Sookfong Lee’s The Conjoined explodes the myth of social heroism and examines the fractures dividing diverse cities through the eyes of a social worker who discovers a gruesome secret amongs her mother’s belongings.


We will talk about how we have used media and social media to create a strength based narrative for urban indigenous community organizing in Winnipeg. By contributing to various online, visual and print media initiatives, AYO and other groups in the village are building up the village and we want to share with you how to get involved.


Live on our mainstage in front of a crowing crowd, you get two minutes to pitch your book to our panel of judges. They get one minute each to tell you why you’ll never get published in a million, billion years, or why they want to see your manuscript in their inbox ASAP.

Sign up in advance to participate in the 1-2 Punch Book Pitch at Canzine. To sign up email canzine@brokenpencil.com with your: 1. name 2. email address 3. phone number 4. two or three line description of the project you are going to pitch. Sign up now, we only have room for 8 participants and this will be first come first served. Make sure you say which city you’re pitching in!

The winner of the pitch gets bragging rights and a Broken Pencil prize pack worth $200.

Our AMAZING Judges this year: Rosanna Deerchild, Hope Nicholson, Hal Niedzviecki and Jen Sookfong Lee


• K I D S / F A M I L Y P R O G R A M S •


For people of all ages! No supplies required, but people are encouraged to bring some if they like. Make a zine!

Thanks to our national sponsors:The Beguiling Books & Art, Canada Council for the Arts


A discussion about parenting in this world for the better of kids, the community, and beyond.


Sticky’s Festival Of The Photocopier 2015 is happening on February 12th-15th, with the massive zine fair in Melbourne Town Hall happening on the Sunday.

So that’s:

SUNDAY 15TH FEBRUARY from 12-5pm.

We are now taking applications for zine stalls.
It is free to have a table / half-table but space is limited, so you must apply in advance please. The sooner you apply the more likely there’ll be space left, obviously.

Just to make sure you know: we will only accept zine stall applications. It is a zine fair. We are a zine shop. It is a zine event. If you are planning on mostly having a stall selling records or ‘Keep Calm’ tea towels or knitted Morrisseys* or whatever, this is not the event for you. ZINES. Please. Thank you.

So: email downstairs@stickyinstitute.com with your name and the zine(s)/distro you’ll be representing, with the email subject ‘ZINE STALLOUT’ – it’s like a cross between zine stall and callout, see.

Thankyou! We can’t wait. And thank you to ghostghost for dat gorgeous flyer. <3 

*although if you do make these please get in touch anyway, we’d like one.

I made a zine on the basics of starting your own edible garden! 

It can be intimidating to start growing edible plants, so I’ve compiled and explained the basics to help you out! Included are sections on soil types, different edible plants and what to choose, hardiness zones, starting seeds indoors, planting outdoors, pests, fertilizer, and more!

I’m selling digital and paper versions on my etsy for only about a dollar or so!

check it out: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RachelZedd

Thank you!

amazing mid 90s diary entry i found on the zine table at astorinos last night. can you imagine writing this and having people still read it 19 years later, like I’m sure this person can’t even remember that boys name anymore.

Thank you so much to ghostghost for creating this AMAZING poster for Festival Of The Photocopier 2015’s zine fair! Please share it amongst your zine-fan friends! 

Tables for the zine fair are running out quicker than usual, if you want a full or half stall please get in touch soon: http://blog.stickyinstitute.com/?p=1365


CAKE DEBUT: The Yellow Zine 6 by Roman Muradov

1. lists
2. Seinfeld
3. dogs
4. lists
5. pigeons
6. lisps
7. Julian Barnes’s nose
8. “arches torn midyawn”
9. lists
10. lists

Roman Muradov is an illustrator and cartoonist from Moscow, Russia, currently living in San Francisco. His clients include the New Yorker, New York Times, Penguin, Random House, Vogue, Lucky Peach and many others. His work has been featured in the Society of Illustrators (Gold Medal), ADC Young Guns, American Illustration and numerous other shows. Over the last decade he’s been self-publishing his romanthology called the Yellow Zine, with issue #6 debuting at CAKE. His first graphic novella In A Sense (Lost & Found) was published in September 2014 by Nobrow Press. He likes books, tea and long aimless walks.

Visit Roman’s website, and pick up Yellow Zine 6 at Table 28A June 6 & 7th!

Clearing Out Huddle Zines

Right, so I’ll be selling the last batch of zines I have on the omgcheckplease storenvy tomorrow around noon. (And some buttons!) I don’t want ‘em! You might! SOLD OUT!

If you’re in Savannah on April 25th or 26th for SwarmCon, I’ll save a few Huddle! zines for my table with…other new merchandise? (Johnson, Parse, Chowder, Dex, Nursey buttons??? Longer hair Lardo?? Stickers????) And SwarmCon invited me as a guest! So I’ll be doing a panel on multiplatform storytelling aka Everything You Wanted to Know About Eric Bittle’s Twitter.

Hey, and you should be excited for the Check, Please! Kickstarter this April.

Have a good one! 

My table at the OC Zine Fest this past weekend. The next zine fair I’m tabling at is in San Francisco in September #oczinefest #dethpsun (at Orange County Center for Contemporary Art)

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for my first opportunity to show my work at the New York Art Book Fair I’ll be selling copies of my first published zine titled “22”. step into my world via photographs and scans of very intimate fragments from my journal. I decided to use this project not as means for pity or exploitation, but simply a way for me to use my art as an outlet for my emotions. everything from heart break, to angst, to self adoration, to self doubt and more. I hope others find comfort in being able to relate, and I also hope through my work people can gain a better peace of mind in accepting the plethora of feelings we feel as human beings. even when it makes us feel crazy at times. if you’d like to buy a copy come out to the #nyabf2015 at MoMA PS1 sept 17 (preview day)- sept 20. i will have copies of my zine for sale at table A22 in the Xerox & Paper + Scissors tent thanks to totallystokedonyou

TCAF! I could afford your table, but your airplanes are much too much and yes, other raisins abound.

That said, my table will remain: manned by Sophia & Georgia with excellent zines of their own, including Material Use, an anthology of furniture illustration featuring the aboveposted picture and many other drawings by people you know.

For further furniture needs: A Very Comfy Sofa, my minimalist 28-pager about a very comfy sofa. Lovingly handmade, risographed, 50 numbered copies.

Also mine on the table: Yellow Zine issue 4, linoprints and several Ruined Picnics, each one with an original ink sketch on the title page.

now selling instructional pins on how to live your life ✨ available from my etsy store, any zine fair i’m tabling at, and maybe at @stickyinstitute if they let me! ps melbourne babes i’ll be at the the Workers Club in Fitzroy tonight and all the Tuesdays in August (i think?) with a zine/merch stall for super babes @thegirlfridas for their new single launch - Daggers! ✨🎵✨🎵✨

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Muchacha fanzine Issue #9 “Body Positivity” CALLS OUT TO POC, trans* folks, disabled badasses, women, curvy/voluptuous/fat/thick Goddesses/Gods/Genderqueers, and lesbians/gays/bis/queers to submit poetry, prose, art, comics, photography, quotes, scripts, musical lyrics, ramblings, etc. concerning body positivity. Submissions are very open to interpretation and can include but are not limited to discussions/art related to how race, gender, size, sexuality, able-bodiedness, age, and class intersect with ideas related to body positivity and/or embodiment.

Contact Riotgrrrl56@yahoo.com with submissions. The deadline is Tuesday, July 1st and all contributors will receive a free copy when this edition is released in mid-July. 

Note: *This edition of Muchacha aims to challenge the mainstream white/heterosexual/able-bodied/cisgender-centric feminist movement of “body positivity” that has and continues to exclude/ignore the fact that many marginalized people have distinct experiences with their bodies that are often underrepresented in our society. Another goal of this summer issue is to reclaim the term “body positivity” in a way that is inclusive of diverse voices and encourages reflectivity on how bodies can also be cause for pain, conflict, and/or healing.