Zine Librarian Pet Zine #2: call for submissions

It’s almost that time again – the zinepavilion at americanlibraryassoc annual conference is just over a month away. Once again, I’m putting together a very special exclusive zine for anyone who participates in the 2nd Annual Zine Swap on Friday night, during the opening of the exhibit hall.

Due to popular demand, once again it is gonna be a collection of photos of the pets of zine librarians. So, if you’re a zine librarian, plz send me a photo of your pet!

You can email the picture to kellymce at the gmail, along with your mailing address if you won’t be at ALA in person, so I can send you a copy.

Plz boost, thx!!

Attn: jennafreedman jennyandthelibrarians judevachon zinecats midnitelibrary zibazehdar catladylib