Stereoview portrait of a dog in sitting in a studio in Augusta, Maine, c. 1800′s. By Hanson and Kimball’s Stereoscopic Views.

Source: New York Public Library.

Track 1 - Kisses
木村 良平
Track 1 - Kisses

HEY! HEY! HEY! It’s track 1 for Bokuto! Enjoy his kisses! Sorry it doesn’t sound exactly like him, but I found this one to be the most similar cause he kinda has Boukto undertones.

Haikyuu Character: Bokuto Koutarou

Drama CD: KISS x KISS Collections Vol. 36

Producer: AIR LABLE

VA:  Kimura Ryōhei

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Hey guys! I’m doing a set of Tea Witches-prints for an upcoming con, and I need your help making up my mind! I’ll be picking 3 of them, and would love your help making my mind up - any prints left over after the con will go on sale in my tictail store!

Ask-box, dm or comment - which witch is your favourite?