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hey y’all! i’m making my very first collaborative zine! the deadline to submit is dec 3rd! the goal is to get enough submissions 2 make a ~very cool~ free digital publication and also continue this again.

this zine is about queerness: anyone can submit, but voices of color will be given focus as they are the most marginalized.

if you have any questions, feel free to ask me on here, or email me at willisbn@vcu.edu.

when submitting, make sure you submit a name/pseudonym, title of work (optional), brief bio (optional), or contact (optional, but can be an email/blog/twitter/etc)

please reblog if you can!

Call for Submissions!!

We are looking for trans writers and artists to submit work for our zine about trans embodiment! It can be any work relating to how you define your experience as a queer or trans person. What do these identities mean to you? You will be credited as you wish, even if you wish to remain anonymous! 

You can submit to transembodimentzine@gmail.com or contact us there or through tumblr with any questions! 

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hey guys, gather ‘round! i’m thinking about making a short zine of poems on feminine magic and magical women, and i want people in the witch community to contribute their voice! (non witches also welcome!) the zine will be inclusive of all women of course, including transgender women and WoC. i’d like it to be creatively diverse in order to capture the complexities of witchcraft & womanhood.

submissions and questions can be sent to me here on tumblr, or more preferably at my email spuksmail@gmail.com.

submissions can be NSFW (to a degree) and must be less than one page long. anyone who is chosen for the final print will be given full credit for their creative work. thank you, and please spread the word! 🔮🌙

Modern Greek mythology fanzine! ✨

Hey! So I’ve been seeing a lot of cool art fanzines with wonderful concepts and fandoms, but I noticed I haven’t seen a modern mythology one yet! And so that brought me to the idea of possibly creating/starting an art and writing zine of younger, modern takes on the Greek gods, i.e. girl gang leader Aphrodite, surfer dude Poseidon, and so on! I can’t draw/write all these ideas myself, nor do I want to when there are so many great writers and artists out there, so it would be an open call for submissions zine!

But I can’t make this happen alone! I’ve never run a zine before, so while I’m more than willing to give this my 120% effort, there are certain things I’m iffy about, such as selling, ordering, formatting, etc. So I’m looking for one or two people to run this project with me, with past experience please! If you’d be interested in participating or buying, please like/reblog! (And if you’re up for possibly helping me run this thing, message me!) I haven’t decided on details yet, but if possible I want to give contributors a copy of their hard work and for the zine proceeds to go to charity with bundles and stickers and charms and all that fun stuff!

So please, if you’re interested, signal boost this! I’m so excited for this and I really hope it happens. ^~^

xo, Ashley (@momokkoi)

EDIT: Just to clarify, I am currently not accepting submissions! There will be open submissions, yes, as well as invited artists, but I gotta do my research first to make this happen! Bear with me :)
silver linings

AN: @a-little-light-zine​ is a digital Miraculous Ladybug charity zine to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew. Zine orders will be open until Feb. 1! I’m thrilled to participate in my first ever zine! Hope you enjoy :)

Order here! | Extra Info

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They almost miss the butterfly, at first.

Despite being hypersensitive to their presence after so many months of fighting akuma, it’s an easy mistake to make. Distractions come in the bag of hot roasted chestnuts passed between them; in the sea of twinkling lights washing up before their feet that dangle over the edge of a roof; and in the joyous ringing of laughter and carolers rippling through the streets.

In the distance, the bells of Notre Dame sing the late hour, and the Eiffel Tower comes to life in a stunning rush of light that sparkles brilliantly for a few captivating moments before fading.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” Chat hums as the bells continue to chime. He deftly catches a chestnut that Ladybug tosses at him and pops it in his mouth. Undeterred, he puffs his chest out and belts, “There’ll be much misteltoeing and hearts will be glowing when loved ones are neeeear~!”

He nudges Ladybug cheekily at that and laughs as she shoves another chestnut in his mouth. Sputtering, he finishes, “It’s the most wonderful tiiime of the yeaeeaaar~!”

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HALOSCOPE is a new, volunteer-run zine for young creatives + a digital/physical concept. as of right now, we are looking for staff writers who can create original + intriguing content, from articles on film to culture to art to music to style, along with think-pieces, original art and poetry, etc. 

if you are interested, you can apply here, and the application period officially closes on MARCH 31ST. thank you! 

hey spanish / july 2016 / Karolina Koryl

Deadline: Sunday February 12th by 11:59PM

-Pieces should be 8.5” x 11”

-300dpi, PDF

-1-2 pages max


-Name your file “[Your Username]_MBZine”

-If you have any questions or problems about file specifics, feel free to contact us

Email submissions to gorosnegi@gmail.com  with “[Your Username]: Muslim Ban Zine Submission” in the title. When you submit, please give us your preferred name and artist link[s] so we can properly credit you. You should receive an email reply from us when we receive your file and have your proper information.

Please refrain from posting full images until the zine is complete, but you are more than welcome to post previews!

More here:



We go out to dinner
and we don’t look at each other.
We spend the whole night
scratching through napkins,
staining our hands dirty with ink.
I write your eyes into the stars
and you write my name into
a front-page headline:

I write you into something burning
and I am the heat of the sun,
a burning body that
you want to live in.
I turn you into poetry
until you become
the secondhand smoke
stuck in my hair
and I find myself pulling
poems from the shower drain.

We stare at each other
from across the room
and I spend the night
turning you into a metaphor.
It only takes three nights
before I realize you are
just words written
on the palm of my hand,
rubbed away every time
I hold onto something else
too tightly.

The next three weeks are spent
writing poetry about your lips
as you paint the stars
into my crooked spine.
After a while, I grow tired of the way
you look at me like I’m a masterpiece
but are too afraid to touch my body.

I spend the night tracing
the tattoo on your chest
with my fingertips,
and I begin to miss the boys
with the cruel hands
and brutal bodies.
Finally, my hands rewrite
your fear into an apology:
I have to go.

—  “When Two Artists Fall in Love” by Lindsey Hobart published in The Dinner Table Review

Save The Date

summary: Homesickness in space is no joke, and Lance isn’t the only one who needs cheering up. Luckily, Hunk’s got a Plan. …assuming he can get it to work.
This is my fic for project: PALadins! I’m so honored to have been able to contribute to this zine. Special thank you to those who purchased, and by so doing helped us raise money for charity!

It started as a gift for Lance, originally code-named Operation: Cheer Lance Up. Hunk hasn’t told him it exists, which in hindsight turns out to be smart. 

The plan evolves into Operation: Cheer Everyone Up rapidly and without warning, because it’s not just Lance. Every one of the Paladins has families they miss. Pidge’s mom, left behind on Earth. Shiro, who at least got to say goodbye to relatives who now think he’s dead and at fault. Keith must miss someone, too, even if he never says exactly who. Hunk can barely stomach thinking about his own mother and father. Something’s gotta be done.

If Hunk can’t get any of them back to Earth, Hunk’s going to do the next best thing.

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dad jokes - dragonsinparis - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

My Miraculous Christmas story from @a-little-light-zine is up over at ao3! It’s a great cause, and they’re accepting donations until the end of the month.

Shoutout to the amazing @littleblackchat for organizing this! The zine turned out so amazing, and I was honored to be a part of it. 

making a zine about spring/summer and feeling light! Submit to it and maybe I’ll publish your stuff! Submit aaaaanything- drawings, poems, photos, playlists, paintings, spells, recipes, collages, essays, whatever your heart desires! submissions close march 20th but submit late if ya have to 🌿💫🌞

The Universe made me.
Does the Universe love me?
I don’t know.
It is possible that I dwell in a world completely indifferent to me,
Intelligent organism or not.
Yet, every time I step into that lovely garden in Munich,
The one with the stone fountain where swallows shower,
And nothing matters…
The Sun pops out.
Doesn’t matter whether
She was hanging with the clouds
For a tête-à-tête,  
Or was about to set.
She’ll come out and shine with me
On me,
At me.
Charge my body
Till I’d had enough and gone back to commune with the gods…
Me thinks that’s Love right there.

COMMUNION (Magic Spells from the Cosmic Dragon)  

On Old Route 66, driving toward Joshua Tree. East of Amboy, California, we passed a railroad berm that’s been decorated by people passing through. Most of them wrote or drew things with rocks: RAY WUZ HERE, I LUV U MOM, GO BLUE, ☮. Others left things: I saw a lawn chair underneath a beach umbrella, both faded from the sun; a Chinese guardian lion. All these names, messages, symbols, ephemera.
Oh, humans, I thought. All of us want to leave a mark—even if all that amounts to is our name written in rocks in the desert, or a zine that only a handful of people will read. We all just want to say “I was here, I was here, I was here.”
—  Jessie Lynn McMains, from Reckless Chants #24: Snapshots of Ghosts

I woke up this day
extremely annoyed
by sunbeams,
and moon rays,
and star bursts,
and storms.

I’ve circled the mountains
escaping this void,
this relentless smothering
of the Congoid’s humanity.

I woke up this day
extremely amazed
by systems and societies
that seek to segregate
souls from hearts,
hearts from minds,
minds from ideas,
ideas from blooming.

I’ve trekked the highways
the byways,
and no ways.

I’ve skirted the stop signs,
the go signs,
and ho signs…
Escaping these bilboes
of shock and shame.
Escaping this existence
of resentment and blame.

—  WALLS (Magic Spells from the Cosmic Dragon)