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Since people are now receiving their @legionzine books, I can post the image I did for it. :3
I was surprised to see it in the preview images of the book as well. XD <3

My choice was First Arcanist Thalyssra. Really enjoy the character and the story attached to her. <3

Since the zine was just announced, I can finally unleash this cover piece unto you guys! It was so hard to keep my big mouth shut about it because I’m so excited about the opportunity. 

So anyways, here are the boys in a parody of the “My Life With You" manga cover, which was @141-point-12 ‘s wonderful idea LOL. 

And here it is!! My Legion Zine submission that I spent…a LOT Of time on. I am really really so honored to have worked with them and to have had this image put into a book! As soon as I heard this announced I knew I wanted a Highmountain scene and most importantly: Moozy. I want to send my love to the entire group of artists who contributed and to the very person who started this. She worked very hard and it came out beautifully. So here you are, Gotosh giving a flower to Moozy on his way back home.


The Sanctum of Light, done for the @legionzine since books have been shipping and arriving!

Super glad to post this! And since it was awhile ago and I was doing a lot of things during that time, I’m thinking of revisiting and doing another piece of this stunning place!

(also shh, that’s @rattle-me-bones​ ‘ eseeria in the middle with ashbringer shh)


Here’s a preview of the newest volume of Common Curses & Blessings!

Common Curses & Blessings is a 2-in-1 mini-zine about the mundane and insignificant things the universe throws at you.

Read it one way, you’ll read the curses. Flip it over and read about the blessings. Stop by table F12 at SPX this weekend and check it out! I’ll also have volumes 1 and 2. 

2-color risograph printed, 16 pages, 4.25" x 5.5". Once again thank you to Kyle Fewell for printing!

to worlds unknown participant list

hello, your friendly neighbourhood hawberry here!! after more than a few delays (sorry – we are SO grateful for everyone’s patience and understanding!), me and med have finalized the participant list for the “to worlds unknown” otayuri zine!

it was incredibly hard to narrow it down – i’m REALLY sorry to everyone who we weren’t able to include, but with 436 applicants, it would have been physically impossible to include even the whole of the shortlist. we decided to cap it at 30 applicants (plus the two organizers) to keep the balance between variety and quality of work, as well as ensuring a decent payout for all our participants!! (even that puts it at 52pp!! it’s going to be a big book!) it goes without saying, but it’s not at all ail a comment on anyone’s skill – i personally had to let go of a lot of artists whom i really admired. please don’t be discouraged!

these are the participants!


kiyala | csoru | sarah-yyy | owlinaminor


hama | marci | kecky | stephanie | maccalon | raizza | johanna | len | mochipanko | jou | cosu | sie | chrissi | daniela | jennie | chalaite | hasu | sas | crys | marion | michelle | hanromi | crowladee | angie | alice | hachi | med | phee

please check your emails! we’ll be ringing up everyone in a day or so, but make sure it didn’t fall into your spam or anywhere!

thanks everyone for your interest and support – i hope it’ll be an easy and rewarding project!

Here’s my page that I did for Another Day, a TWEWY zine! Before doing this, I made a joke that the “Hot Stuff” scene would be hilarious however I didn’t have any inkling to do it, but after tossing a few ideas around, I couldn’t think of anything that would be better! I’m not the only person who gave a pair of minor NPCs some love, everyone deserves it just as much as our favorite player group. 

Anyway it was exciting to be a part of this, and I hope everyone who ordered the zine enjoyed it, and I hope to be part of more zines to come!

PS, last post of 2016, have a good New Year!

The Sanctum of Light, a preview of my entry for @legionzine ‘s Artists of Azeroth - A Tribute to World of Warcraft: Legion (a charity book)!! Preorders to be sometime in December (keep an eye out!) and there’s a whole bunch of amazing artists and their work included! :>

Man, I don’t usually do interiors (last one was in like…. 2014?), so this was a challenge and it was nice to get out of my comfort zone of characters.

I absolutely love the area, and really wanted to bring out warm colours.
And while I have mixed feelings about the outcome, it was a piece I grew from and makes me want to revisit! 


I want to do a zine! I want to do two zines and in order to decide which one I want to do first I thought I’d ask y’all. Both would be charity zines where all profits will go to charity:

Cure All: Precure Zine! Draw ur favourite cure or cure team. All proceeds would wither go to Doctors Without Borders or Planned Parenthood

Who Runs the World: A Zine for lesser known magical girls. Forget Cardcaptor Sakura or Sailor  Moon- move aside Madoka and Kill la Kill. I wanna see magical girls people forget about all the time. Bring me Shugo Chara, bring me Yuki Yuna, show me Corrector Yui. All profits would go to either Direct Relief or the ACLU

i wanna start this in the new year

pls put a vote in for which one you would like to see at first or at all?

Little preview of my illustration for the @vfd-calendar-zine

I think it is obvious which character I’ve got! I can’t wait for all of you to see the full illustration!!! The pre-orders are coming soon, go follow @vfd-calendar-zine for further details! <3