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“Les petites phrases” (“Small phrases”) is my new zine ! As suggested by its name, it focuses on those small phrases you hear a lot when you’re queer, trans, feminist… but not necessarily.

It’s 16 pages long (cover pages included), printed on plain paper & sew binding. Texts are in French but I can include an English translation to your mail if you ask :).

You can buy a copy here (or contact me if you don’t have an etsy account & don’t wanna make one). I also love trades !

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“Les petites phrases” est mon nouveau zine ! Comme son nom l'indique, il s'intéresse aux petites phrases que l'on entend souvent lorsqu'on est féministe, queer, trans… mais pas que.

16 pages (pages de couverture inclues), imprimé sur papier uni et relié avec du fil.

Pour en acheter une copie, c'est ici (tu peux aussi me contacter si tu n'as pas de compte etsy et ne veut pas en faire un). J'accepte aussi les échanges avec plaisir !


from my instagram story!!
i took a couple days to do traditional art before i dive into zine work and art trades pbtbt
(i like the valkyrie stage outfit a lot,,,,)

llamadelbrey  asked:

Hey I just found your blog and I am so inspired! I'd really like to make my own zines. Do you have any tips on how to get started? Also what kind of markers do you use because they're killing it (and so are you)!

Hey! Thank you so much, that really made my day haha.
Zines aaaahhh. My advice to you is start. Google simple ways to make zines. I started making mine by folding a single sheet of paper and doodling random stuff all over it. Feelings and like…random stuff. And recipes, haha.
There are no rules when it comes to zines. I started photocopying mine at the library, but now I actually print mine with Copy and Print at Staples. Draw, scan and print. You can even make like…a single zine and never ever copy it and it’ll be the only zine like that in the world, it’s amazing. I’d also suggest trading zines with other zine makers. Like, even here on tumblr, look for pen pals (like me, ahem) and trade!! That’s another great way to learn, seeing zines in person and all that. I hope that helps. Seriously, zines can be about anything. And they’re never perfect which makes them that much better.

As far as pens go, I use a pentel pocket brush pen for filling in dark spaces and I use a pilot brush pen (hard and soft nib) for outlining stuff. I suggest experimenting with brush pens and hard pens and just having a good time because pens are your friend. They can be hard to tame but one day they’ll wake you up with a bundle of roses and forehead kisses and life will be okay.




2 issues of “Girl Germs” by Bratmobile, “Bikini Kill # 1 & #2”,“April Fools Day” By Kathleen Hanna (bikini kill),“i’m so fucking beautiful” by Nomy Lamm & “Channel 7"by Corin Tucker

GO HERE: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheEscapistArtist

(i do trades too!!!!)


I managed to finish my first zine! Yeah! It’s 20 pages long in black and white. It contains pages where I tried to write in a more or less constructive way about stuffs that bother me (hence the title), along with more personal pages.

If you’re interested in reading it:

- send me a message on Tumblr or to flyspanish@gmail.com; it’s 1,50€ , worldwide shipping included (but you’ll need to add Paypal fees if you choose this method to pay)

- I’m also open for trade, don’t hesitate to contact me! 


International Zine Month Postal Appreciation Week!

Day 7 - Make or decorate some envelopes or postcards to get ready for the week.

These are the envelopes I made for Day 7. They’re envelopes from an old batch of Christmas cards found at a yard sale, block-printed in black and copper with a linoleum stamp of a sun/moon.

If you want to get some cool mail art, free stuff and/or a letter from me during Postal Appreciation Week, all you need to do is PM me your address! I will send mail to the first 5 people who send me addresses!

You’ll get mail in a cool block printed envelope, with fun stuff inside like a letter/note, a postcard, a patch, a drawing/print, etc! All you have to do is send me your address and let me know whether you publish a zine (if you do, I’ll mail you on Day 9- “Write a letter to a zine maker that you don’t know.”) If you don’t publish a zine, I will still mail to you if you are one of the first 5!

I will respond with my own address, too, in case you want to reciprocate. Thanks. :D

I’m done with issue three of my main perzine! In this zine I have pieces about mental health, realizing I’m asexual, NaNoWriMo attempts, transhumanism, hipsterism, music recs, falling into gray areas, a comic, applying to college, having MS, and more. 44 pages, ½ size. - https://www.etsy.com/listing/265546170/perzine-metaparadox-3

Content note: depression, hospitals, religious fundamentalism

I’m open to fair trades. Email me! metaparadox11 AT gmail DOT com