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knightstocco  asked:

Will you also sell your McHanzo Bake off au zine in your store?

I will! It’ll be available on my shop sometime after Rose City Comic Con.

I didn’t make this super clear in my post, but the zine is actually a collection of a few AUs, not just my Bake Off AU, and will also feature illustrations, sketches, and some comics! It’s a huge collaborative effort between me and Gen, so we’re really excited to make it available to as many folks as possible when it’s done (°◡°♡)

prncssjn  asked:

Hi! Not sure if you've already answered a question like this or provided a link (my computer is trash) but what are some fics/drabbles,etc. that you recommend? I love your writing and whole blog tbh, but was just wondering what some of your personal faves were! Thanks in advance! <3

hey!! i think i’ve answered this question twice before? but i’m always discovering new fic writers so i don’t mind it at all! @versigny and @seokvie are two writers i am always always always turning to and basically anything on either of their masterlists is amazing.

and i know this wasn’t really your question but @ask-kimdaily and @bts-multiverse is my new favorite obsession. it’s fan art but the artist is SUCH an unbelievable storyteller that it reads like a fic and it’s honestly inspirational (i ordered the zine from her store!) 


another one of a kind zine made for a beautiful pal! i made this collage zine for Jonnine for their birthday. their actual present is the stick & poke tattoo design of ‘mulder it’s me’ that i’m going to give them… i just got a bit carried away presenting the designs i’d done lol.

copies of this aren’t for sale, but you can shop my other zines in my etsy store!

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