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Legfam Zine in the works! + AKD zine reprint

Hello guys!! Sorry Ive been mia for a bit, ive been working hard on commissions and another AKD update~

But anyway, Legfam Zine! I’m making it :-) this one will have a lot more exclusives and will most likely be around 80 pages maybe??? I’m not sure yet I’ll see. But this one will probably not be up for pre-orders until September/October. So just a heads up for you guys!

For August, since a lot of people are still interested with the AKD zine I did a while back, I’m going to reprint it again and have preorders open for that one sometime in mid August :-)

And as for merch I’m also restocking around that time as well! THE BUCKET BROS PIN CAME AND THEYRE SO NICE I’ll take a pic later! Let me know if you guys want to see other stuff from me as well, I’m always open for suggestions!!

Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the support for my new art ;0;; YES! I do plan on re-opening my store and make the new things I had from AX available online as well, but it probably wont be for a while since I have to finish packing current delayed orders and zine pre-orders. But I will be sure to post an update when I do! (* ′͈∨‵͈人)♡♥

Mermay Zine
A 8.5x11 zine that is filled with 24 fully colored mermaids designed & drawn by Noa Ikeda. Orders will be shipped in a rigid mailer to guarantee no folding of the book. For orders to Canada and United States, please expect 7-14 business days for the book to arrive. For International Orders, please expect anywhere from 1-3 months due to customs.

The books are all here!! They’re now available for purchase at the Etsy store ^^. 

Klance Zine/store orders Update

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry for the inactivity the past few weeks, con prep has been crazy and anime expo is just around the corner! ;0;; (I’ll be at table K09 if anyone is going!)

I know a lot of people who ordered the klance zine, or has ordered from my store have been concerned since its been a long wait for some of you, and it’s been weeks since zine pre-orders closed; and yet there has been no news from us yet.

But just to let you guys know everything is good! No zine orders have been sent out just yet. So if you haven’t received an e-mail about your order being shipped, don’t worry! Your package has not been lost or forgotten! 

For my other store orders who didn’t order the zine but still haven’t gotten an e-mail notification for your order, I’m so sorry for the delay as well, I’ve just been so busy ;A;;; as soon as AX ends I’m going to be in 100% mailing mode to make up for it!! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

Unfortunately, for the Klance zine, we ran into some printer delays and have had to push the initial mailing dates back. We’ve already started packing orders, but because of the delay of shipment from our printers we’ll have to wait on the remaining items to arrive before we can ship them. 

Orders who are not waiting on the delayed items (bundle bonuses), we will be shipping your orders first, starting the week after Anime Expo. Then we will ship the rest of the zine bundle orders as soon as the delayed items arrive. (Finger’s crossed for mid July!!) We will try our best to get everything out to everyone as soon as we can! E-mail notifications will be sent out right after we mail out your order, so you’ll know when your order is shipped!

AHHH we are so sorry for the delay, and we really appreciate everyone’s patience, and understanding, seriously guys thank you so much <333 Q//u//Q 

Feel free to direct message me or e-mail me, or contact @ryuuseikuma if you have any other questions or concerns regarding your zine/store orders, we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible! ╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯❣


another one of a kind zine made for a beautiful pal! i made this collage zine for Jonnine for their birthday. their actual present is the stick & poke tattoo design of ‘mulder it’s me’ that i’m going to give them… i just got a bit carried away presenting the designs i’d done lol.

copies of this aren’t for sale, but you can shop my other zines in my etsy store!

♡♡♡ Gemma Flack on Etsy ♡♡♡