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New zine!


new zine I made by compiling a bunch of paintings I made in May and June 2014.
23 new images, which are all 18"x24” fluid acrylic paintings on canvas. 

Cover is printed on Pop - Tone Red French Paper company paper. 

Folded and stapled it is letter sized.

Black and White

Limited to 50"

there’s this gross hideous white boy who lives in my home town who has a cultish group of worshippers because he fronted a popular hardcore band but he is literally my least favorite human being ever because he is insufferably academic, partonizing, racist, misogynistic & manipulative amongst a slew of other terrible things

one time i called him out for being racially insensitive and he went on a rampage taking (unrelated) personal blows at me super publicly. some of the things were bordering truth, but one thing he said was laughably untrue- that my zine was “dumb.” like dude. that is objectively false. exactly, comprehensively false.

my zine is etsy’s best seller by a thick ass margin- has been for years. i have distros from seattle to new jersey selling out all the time. it’s more than two years old but it’s still being discussed and held on panels at zine fests across the country. has been featured by lots of blogs and organizations including autostraddle and has been archived in zine libraries as far as tokyo. prominent vietnamese-american punks of merit have reached out to me because of it. it has fostered for me a giant network of friendships and connections of people who support me and my writing, my sentiments and my insights

so suck. my. diq.