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SARAH’S WOMB: a creative project of Black-Jewish solidarity

sarah’s womb is a collective, digital zine being curated by dia ( @blackamydunne ) and sefa ( @hintele ). we are looking for art, photography, poetry, short prose, personal stories, and any other forms of self-expression that can be published in a digital zine, and we’re looking for them from black people, jewish people, and black jewish people.

the histories and experiences of the black and jewish peoples often sing similar tunes, even if in different voices. we are resilient peoples who constantly fight for justice, who have experienced unspeakable hardships, and who have unique, beautiful stories to tell.

sarah’s womb will be a collective story told in several parts:

i. love (might include: romantic love, friendship, family, love for humanity, etc)

ii. loss (might include: loss of loved ones, loss of agency/opportunity, loss of knowledge, loss of home, etc)

iii. culture / traditions

iv. body / self (might include: work discussing how being black and/or jewish has shaped your view of yourself/your body)

v. diaspora

vi. justice (might include: work highlighting the historical coalitions between black people and jewish people, histories of standing up for what is right, current political commentary)

vii. solidarity and togetherness

these are intentionally broad, general topics so that your artwork isn’t restrained by parameters that would prevent you from telling your own personal story. the examples given above are just that – examples.

if you have any work that you would like to create or submit for sarah’s womb, please check that it fits the following guidelines and submit it to us!

-we are looking for content from any and all sorts of jewish people, but we are not interested in receiving, reading, or publishing work that is in defense of the illegitimate settler-colonial state of israel. additionally, we are not looking for content from Black Hebrew Israelites that denies the legitimacy of the judaism of any jewish people.

-submissions that include any manner of racism or antisemitism will be rejected immediately and without ceremony. this is not a platform for discourse, hostility, or arguments between black and jewish people.

-please do not submit work that includes graphic imagery. please refrain from using slurs or nazi imagery, for example. [if you feel that your work CANNOT exist without one of these things please discuss it with us privately and we will decide how to proceed]

-prose fiction submissions cannot exceed 3,000 words

-work that uses the work of others MUST include sources (and permission, if necessary)

-work must be submitted by August 10, 2017, as we want to publish the zine by the end of the summer

for more information about us and about the zine, check out our about page. to submit work, go to our submissions page.

if you have any questions, please send them to our ask box, or ask either of us personally! we are so excited to put this project together and to share with the world the experiences, artwork, writing, and other works from people who are black and/or jewish.

nonblack gentiles are strongly encouraged to reblog this post so that we can spread the word and receive content from as many black and/or jewish people as we can!

People seem to be getting their copy of the zine so here’s my full piece for @krazehkai‘s FE Cafe Zine!! Thanks again for all your hard work and for inviting me to participate in the zine, Kai! And thanks to everyone who bought a copy!!

Please do not repost, edit, or use my art!


SKETCHY BEHAVIORS | Heather Benjamin (RH)

Through her dense and detailed packed line drawings to her more focused ink brush pieces, Rhode Island based artist Heather Benjamin’s work is visceral, cathartic, and autobiographical. It offers a completely unapologetic and unflinching look into an artists’ own struggles with life, body image, self confidence, and sexuality.  We find her and her art to be inspirational, honest and badass.

We recently ran into Heather at her booth at the LA Art Book Fair and caught up with her a few months later to ask about her art, her experiences at RISD, her influences, and her thoughts about her work and her life. 

Photographs courtesy of the artist.

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HOLY PRINTERS: The printed object


Holy printers is a visual study of the printer machine and the action of printing but also a visual response to the question: IS PRINT DEAD? Proposing the functional object as a symbol of the culture it’s involved and how it’s being glitched out of it.

Holy printers is separated in two projects: one is printed and the other one digital in order to create a dialogue between the computer and the printer. This is the tangible part of the project.

watch the digital part here: holy printers: the audiovisual

Printed in riso green and black



An ‘Everybody Lives’ Stardust Crusaders Zine focusing on Found Family and Happy Endings (to quote Mod Sherry: “This fanzine… is a famzine”). Content will focus on the core cast (Joseph, Jotaro, Avdol, Kakyoin, Polnareff, and Iggy) but characters such as Holly, Sherry, or Jolyne are welcome in addition. The zine will feature both art and writing, and will be available for preorder September 21st.

15% of all profits will go to charity (chosen by the contributors via poll) and all contributors will receive a free copy of the zine in addition to their cut of the profits.

Signups Open: June 14th

Signups Close: August 31st

Acceptance emails will be sent out by September 7th and final pieces are due by December 1st.


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HEY unrelated to wes anderson but this is a new zine i made. it’s called OPEN LETTERS & is 5 letters by 5 writers, plus ephemera, in a single envelope. you can get it at opnletters.net along with totes & pin badges ✌️ ok that’s it thnx! back to wes anderson from here on.

We now offer editing/design and printing services for people who want to self-publish their zines. If you have a zine that is ready (or not) to print and don’t know where to start or are looking for a place to get it done, we can help. Same thing if you have a bunch of photos and would like to turn them into a zine but don’t know your way around InDesign or a photocopier. We have easy access to high quality printing and assembling/stapling machines and could help you make your zine. For a quote or any questions: INFO@STOLENGROUND.COM

Romani Zine

Hey y'all, would anyone wanna contribute to a zine about Romani experiences?

I’m especially interested in hearing from American Roma, queer and trans Roma, black and brown Roma, immigrant Roma, disabled Roma, and mixed Roma. This would be an anti-oppressive zine seeking to discuss and present diverse Romani experiences.

Text, images, whatever you want. Short stories, poetry, etc. Various languages accepted.

Would anyone wanna help me organize it or contribute? First steps is making an official call for submissions. I hope to do that in a couple of weeks (gonna design a page, possibly the cover, with the call for submissions on it). Artists and zinester contributions appreciated!

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