zine prompt


subtext: I can’t even name myself how the hell am I going to name a zine jeez

I’ve been having some recent conversations surrounding what body posi movements have accomplished and what they are lacking with folks I care for and one common experience that we brought up was a general lack of representation of what we/our parents/our culture bluntly refers to as “bad skin”; the logical step forward from this seemed to be “hell, let’s compile a zine about it”.

I think the content for this zine in both form and content should be open ended. Photographs, stories, poetry, collage, comics, quotes etc. are totally welcome. In the aforementioned bud talks, we generally agreed that our relationship with our skin was, well, complicated. So you are hardly required to frame your experience with yours in an entirely positive way to contribute. All in all, this project is shakily aiming at uncovering visceral and emotional feelings that we have been convinced to cover at one point or another.

send submissions, questions, and criticisms to fiona@silversprocket.net or ask me for a mailing address! & give this a reblog if you care to! <3

Submit Your Work


PROMPT: Create a visual piece based around or inspired by any of the professors from the Pokémon world (games/manga/anime/spin-offs).

RULES: We want to keep a relaxed and friendly vibe here, so the rules are short and sweet. You can submit as many pieces as you’d like. It can be silly or serious, funny or dark. Ships allowed (PG13). Your art can feature any of the characters (humans/creatures/other) from the Pokémon world as long as the piece somehow relates to the professor/s.


  • 148×210mm (+3mm bleed) 300 DPI, portrait.
  • Colour/B&W, CMYK or RGB*
  • Comics are welcome, as long as they fit on an A5 page!
  • Collaborations welcome

*If you want a better idea of what your art will look like when printed, please change colour mode to CMYK.

SELECTION PROCESS: Please bear in mind that depending on the amount of submissions we receive we may not be able to feature everyone. We also want to try featuring a balanced representation of all the characters. Just try your best and have fun while you’re at it. This project is a way of allowing us to work together and create something we can be proud of!

PUBLICATION: The finished product will be a full-colour A5 portrait art book. Depending on the popularity, we’re hoping for it to be printed. Page count tbc. All artists featured will receive a copy, of course.


Thank you for getting involved!

Please send all submissions to pkmnprofzine@gmail.com with the subject line SUBMISSION. Please include your name and a link to your website (or Tumblr or Twitter etc etc, this is so you can be credited in the zine)