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Zines In Libraries: Collecting, Cataloging, Community
The workbook zine from the ALA 2015 preconference

This is a PDF of the zine workbook we made for the preconference Zines In Libraries: Collecting, Cataloging, and Community. If you print it out double-sided and flip on the longside (that should be the default!) it should come out perfectly. It is a workbook to help walk you through starting some kind of zine project in your library, plus lots of resources and information.


Yeah! Check it out! The 2015 ALA Flipzine! - One side is the collaborative zine from the zine pavilion, the other side is the comic jam! 

2015 ALA Graphicon Comic Jam! - Collaborative comics made at the ALA conference in Las Vegas. Featuring contributions from the Fillbach Brothers, John Gren, Chris Giarusso, Ben Collison, John Hendrix, Jimmie Robinson, Elliott Junkyard, Ed Luce, and more!

The Zine Pavilion at ALA 2015 - Collaborative zine made at the ALA conference in San Francisco!

Print version. Online version.

Celia Perez is the creator of I Dreamed I Was Assertive, Ofrenda, and Sherman Sez (a Sherman Alexie Fanzine). She is a mama, writer, librarian, zine-maker, thing-finder, book-sniffer, coffee-drinker, pie-eater, and kid lit reader. 

(Every day until the conference we’ll be featuring some of the awesome zinesters who’ll be at the pavilion! I can’t wait!)

Here’s another of the zinesters that will be at the Zine Pavilion!

Jonas Cannon

Jonas is a Chicago zinester. He’s written four issues of the zine Cheer the Eff Up, a zine about washed-up punks, depression and cake that is slightly funnier than it sounds. He’s also written a number of mini-zines, and contributed to several compilation zines such as Zine Crush & Rad Dad.

Here’s another zine that will be represented at the Zine Pavilion!

On Struggling

“On Struggling” is a collective zine project based in Chicago by people of color with the intent of sharing personal narratives of struggle with culture, identity, white supremacy, mental health in our communities, modes of self-care and more. We focus solely on including the voices of POC in our zines because of our history of forced silence, invisibility and dismissal in society. Some of us are intersex, anarchist, queer, non-spanish speaking xicanas, palestinian, light-skinned, dark-skinned, etc, but we all have found common ground in struggling to remain resilient in the face of racism. Check out our blog at onstruggling.tumblr.com!

Jonas is a zinester from Chicago. He made the six-issue zine Cheer the Eff Up, and contributed to several other compilations. He has also written a novel: The Greatest Most Traveling Circus.

(Every day until the conference we’ll be featuring some of the awesome zinesters who’ll be at the pavilion! I can’t wait!)

Next year’s Zine Pavilion at the ALA conference in Orlando will be our fifth anniversary! (As was pointed out in this post from a couple of days ago.)

To celebrate we’re putting together a fifth anniversary zine filled with our own (awesome) personal experiences and photographs.

The size will be half letter (so 5.5 x 8.5), and remember to keep some margin space around the edges!

No deadlines yet, but put your thinking caps on!


Check it out! Delia Jean of Ladydrawers interviewed at the Zine Pavilion!

Here’s another of the zinesters who’ll be tabling and reading at the Zine Pavilion!

Eric Bartholomew / Junk Drawer

Eric Bartholomew grew up going to garage sales, finding stuff in alleys, and collecting odds and ends of various sorts. He tries not to save too much, and writes about it instead, in a zine called Junk Drawer. He enjoys all things ephemeral.

Filthy little hands is a DIY silk screen print press based out of Las Vegas, NV. Everything is hand - drawn, designed, and made from start to finish by Travis Jackson and Marc Pacifici including zines, posters, shirts, calendars, comics, etc. Filthy Little Hands is not commercial print press, but rather a vessel for producing personal print projects from the likes of Travis and Marc in small runs (of usually 50 or less of any individual item). You can find more of Travis’ work on tumblr and instagram.

(Every day until the conference we’ll be featuring some of the awesome zinesters who’ll be at the pavilion! I can’t wait!)

Here’s another of the zinesters who’ll be at the Zine Pavilion at #ALA2013!

Jaclyn Miller

Jaclyn Miller began making and self-publishing comics after her move to Chicago from Orlando, FL in 2009. Her work is centered mostly in short autobiographical or “diary style” comics, but she has recently moved on to (only slightly) longer form, non-narcissistic storytelling with The Grimes Sisters Murders, which will be read at this year’s ALA conference. Jaclyn is also a second-year organizer for the Chicago Zine Fest, and will be representing the fest at this year’s Zine Pavilion.