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Raising My Legson: The Origin Story

(Single Dad Legmon doesn’t know the answer to that question either :’-((( @1lsan )

Updates might be a little slow for a bit, but here’s a super tiny preview for a super zine coming later this september!

@greenhillzine is a charity zine packed to the brim with reinterpretations of all the zones from classic sonic games, spanning from 1 2 3&K to CD. The artists are all each amazing and their work in the zine is absolutely something to check out. I was really lucky to be a part of it, and I really hope you’ll check it out later in the month!


Hey, squirrel-frans! Last year, I made a Drag Race fanzine and I’m down to my last 12 copies! I won’t be reprinting so I am selling this as a pack for US$10, INCLUDING shipping anywhere.

It comes with a zine, sticker pack, AND an A5 custom drawing of your fave Ru-girl! Swipe through for samples!

US$10! DM me if interested!



What kind of stuff should we send you?

Essays! Rants! Fiction! Illustrations! Photo Essays! Comics! Recipes! Mixed Media! Collage! Poetry! How-tos! Anything realistically printable in a zine! If you haven’t seen the zine before, you can get at all the old issues in the sidebar and check out what we do.

Can I send you something I’ve already put on my tumblr/blog/own zine/an assignment etc?

You sure can! Basically anything that’s your original work, but make sure any previous publications sign off on it (we do not have lawyers)

How big/long/what size/what format should submissions be in?

When you submit, please give your name as you’d like it published and a title for your piece!

Text stuff: Please send submissions of any kind, preferably under 3000 words. We take .doc files, and we edit using track changes.

Image goodness: We prefer 300dpi - 1748 x 2480px for A5, 2480 x 3508px for A4. We print in full colour, but this is a print-at-home zine meaning that colour quality is mid-fidelity, so please keep this in mind.

.png or .tiff preferred and .jpg is cool too. If you don’t know what any of this means that’s fine too, we’ll try our best to help you figure it out, there’s lots of space to negotiate so don’t let the above deter you!

Is anything off-limits?

Things that are fine:

Language! Nudity! Adult themes! General insurrection! Discussions of Real Shit! Being completely independent means we can publish pretty much whatevs we want.

Things to keep in mind:

If your piece involves the use of slurs, we may asterisk them up. If you’re commenting on the slurs meaningfully and in good faith, that’s probably going to be fine. If you’re using slurs to be totes edgy and rustle jimmies, we’ll probably be bored with it.

We may ask you to put content warnings in text pieces (we’ve generally used them in-text if something super gnarly is coming up), or insert our own. Content warnings are important because they’re the very definition of classification over censorship, and we want the freedom to discuss anything that affects us, like assault or mental illness, and give people the heads up they need when going into a topic that’s tough for them. We will not publish pieces about how content warnings are wimpy and indulgent and are ruining academia, because… they’re not.

I have an idea, but I’m not sure what to do with it!

Shoot us an email, and one of the editors can talk it over with you. But give yourself lots of time!

What happens if you’d like to publish my thing?

Hooray! One of us will be in touch (Talia for visual pieces, Rebecca for anything with words) to edit your piece and make sure we’re both happy with it. We edit/give feedback on/workshop all of our stuff until both we and the artist are happy with it, so get ready to furiously draft. We will definitely be using track changes in Word for text pieces.

We also work with a tight set of deadlines, as we are all doomed students and this is our version of taking a vacation; so be ready to edit like the wind!

Why didn’t I make it into this issue?

Like we said, this is a fly-by-night self-printing operation, so we can only publish so much. Everyone will hear back individually from us either way, so you may get some feedback, notification that I’m holding the piece over for the next issue (with your permission), or a friendly ‘submit next issue!’

Do you pay for content?

We now actually do: we pay $20 per piece. We’re self-funded, but we do charge for the zines- and our artists work hard. A ‘piece’ for the purposes of payment will be anything that would come under a single heading in our contents page, and will probably be negotiated individually; it’ll be paid shortly after we launch.


WHEN – 2ND JULY 2017




Hello everyone! Zines have arrived! 

We packed up all the orders today and we will begin shipping tomorrow!

Originally posted by keitsukishima

We will let you know when all of the packages have been shipped. They should all be out before the end of the week. 

Orders are shipping from the US. 

Domestic orders are shipping via Media Mail and once in the USPS hands it will take 2-9 days to arrive.

International orders are shipping via First Class Mail International. Per USPS “Deliveries generally take between 7–21 days to arrive, although the USPS does not guarantee delivery dates or times.”

Thank you again for your patience!!!! :D :D :D

Important Update (please read to the end)

First of all, I owe everyone here a strict apology. It was completely irresponsible of me to start a project like this, accept money from people, and not work on it as much as I should have. I would like to explain myself and what has happened in the five months of silence from this end.

I had initially planned to print the zine with the company of a family friend. We talked it out and the plan seemed to work. Once I had ale pre-orders for the zine in, I sent my payment to the company to print my books. The payment was processed and from there the wait cycle began. After a seriously long time had passed, I contacted the company again to ask about my order. They told me that, although the payment was accepted, they had not started on our project. At that point, I got into a dispute with them where they insisted on printing the zine while I wanted the money back to go to another company. Eventually, this was resolved and my money was returned to me and that is when I started a lengthy search to find a worthwhile place to print the zines.

The reason I have been silent is mostly due to personal reasons. Throughout the waiting period and the time that I was unreachable, I was going through surgeries and familial issues. Additionally, I am a senior in high school, and the college/scholarship application process was absolute hell to go through. I just got back from an emergency trip to Florida because my uncle died all of a sudden.

The #1 reason for my silence is because I was afraid to come forward about the issues surrounding the zine. I was unsure how everyone would react and the prospect of a negative reaction terrified me. Of course, I just made it worse by not saying anything, but my anxiety got really out of hand.

All this being said, the zine is happening. There was a post made by @tsukidaisy that will stay up until each of the zines has been shipped out. They are in printing right now I expect to ship them all out by the middle of May. I will update this blog on a weekly basis to avoid further suspicion and worry as to what has really happened.

I do understand if some people want their money back after a long period of silence. I am willing to give refunds to those to want them, but I would greatly appreciate those who stay with us for just another month or two. To compensate for the long wait and the silence, I will be giving out lots of free goodies along with the zines. Each person who decides they DO want to receive their zine will get a pack of four large stickers, an extra print, and a free commission of whatever they wish, redeemable after the zines have been shipped. There are no restrictions on the commission, I will draw whatever you want me to. The commission will be lined and fully colored.

However, those who want a refund can send an ask or a message with their Order Number, PayPal email, and the amount they paid.

Again, I sincerely apologize for the mistakes made and the long wait. I am thankful to those who will choose to stick around for the remainder of the time. I never expected the amount of responsibility that came with this project and I will not pursue similar projects until I am certain of the fact that I can see them through to the end.

Excuse this rather long post, and I hope you will choose to stick around. Once again, my deepest apology for taking so long to update and I expect that the zine will be well enjoyed once it is shipped. Thank you so much!



Hoax Zine’s rachel is now selling button packs!  

4 custom made 1.5 inch buttons for $5!

Pack #1: Humorless Lesbians Against Glitter, Femmes Against Consumer Culture, I Heart Feminist Zines, Queers Against $ociety 

Pack #2: Natural, Pathologize This, Ask About My Pronouns, Cyborg

Pack #3: Feminists Against Neoliberalism, I Heart Queer Femmes, Not Gay as in Happy, Queer as in Nihilistic, Your Pinkwashing Is Showing 

Pack #4: This is my Resistance, Decolonize Desire, Witches for Mutual Aid, Gentrification Equals Colonialism

Pack #5: She / Her, He/ Him, They, Don’t Assume My Gender

Mix & Match! Give some to friends!

Please allow up to 2 weeks for orders including buttons - all these packs are custom made!

If you are interested in a custom pack with buttons from the various different sets, please message hoaxzine (at) gmail (dot) com!

PS - Please excuse the glare in these photos!


All Things Zine : Skullfie II | Travis Millard

We’re taking a look through some self published artist zines this week.  Here’s one from Los Angeles artist Travis Millard, titled Skullfie II. This mini sized zine contains a collection of delightful horror drawings + The Lord is Bossy mini-comic.  Travis’s zines are always packed with wonderful content and weirdness that has you flipping through it over and over.  

 This little fella runs about 4.25” x 5.5” zine. 48 pages. B/W. for $5.00 USD.  You can grab your own by checking out Fudge Factory Comics


Good news!

Zines are packed and ready to ship starting Monday!! It should take 3-5 business for Domestic/USA shipping and 5-10 days for International shipping!! If you do not receive a copy after the allotted time, give or take a day or two, then please e-mail me at vonnamilee@gmail.com in order to settle any complications!!

Sorry it took so long to pack after AX. It was only me doing the packing and everything, so we apologize for that, but it is done!! Thank you so much for all of the support, you guys are amazing… We can’t thank you guys enough and we really really hope you enjoy the book!!