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My piece for the @chasingrainbowszine! It could’ve been great. My color was Magenta, and the subject was Wendy ditching work to enjoy a nice break on her favorite spot!

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31 days of Mental Health Month have come and just about gone. Tumblr, thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for reading the stories of your peers. Without you—all of you—Post it Forward would not be the beautiful, caring community it is today.

Though we reblogged a lot of the art that was created this month, we wanted to end on a particular high note and highlight just a few more pieces in a special post.

There was no shortage of inspo:

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Some of it was simple, but just as helpful and nice to look at:

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We’re proud to showcase some valid as heck pets:

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One person, Fatin (@nfzsketchbook), even made a zine about what it’s like to focus on self-care while battling a mental illness:

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You can check out her full post—and more pages from her zine—here.

Mental Health Month may have been limited to, well, May, but it doesn’t mean our efforts stop in June. Post it Forward is always here as your hub for sharing stories and finding a support system with others who might be going through the same things you are.  So keep sharing if you can, keep reading, and keep up all of the amazing work we’ve seen so far.  And please always remember, there are resources out there if things ever get too hard. <3

Take care of yourself, Tumblr. You deserve it.

preview of my piece for @bnhaquirkswapzine ! it’s been so much fun, i can’t wait to see how everything comes together!


a few pages from my YOI model AU zine Gold is the new Black! 8DD

i gotta confess, i feel like i made the zine just so i could draw these 4 drawings LOL. Once again, thank you to everyone who bought the book/bundle in the last few months and made my first ever zine such an unexpected success ;w; I will do a (last?) round of reprinting towards the end of the year, when i’m hoping to churn out a sequel with the same backstory/theme (: 

My entry for the Haikyuu!! Ghibli zine that I made a few months ago. Unfortunately, the zine is discontinued but you can still check out the other beautiful pieces at @hq-ghibli-zine. Everyone worked really hard on their pieces so feel free to go through and give them as much love as well ♡ 

This was my first time contributing to a zine so I was really excited about it and I’m very happy that I was able to make this piece. When I heard that I was accepted I ended up telling everyone about it (lol my class was really supportive) so I’m really happy with the support I got and I hope I was able to mirror it on this piece.

 I’ll be applying for other zines as well since I still have some extra time on my hands~ I look forward on participating in more 


Hey, all! Posting a preview of my piece for the ML Disaster Relief zine! I’m currently in a nursing/rehab facility while I’m healing, but my family brought over my computer and tablet so I could work a bit!

I feel sure this zine is going to be amazing. Thank you for supporting!

Miraculous Fandom Events: June Reference Sheet

There’s a lot of stuff happening in June in this fandom, so I figured a quick rundown of everything that’s coming up for this month might be helpful for some people who might not otherwise know what’s happening and when. 

1) Think Outside the Lovesquare ( @thinkoutsidethelovesquare )

  • A month devoted to rare pairs and non-lovesquare pairings and each week has a different theme (daily prompts, remixes of scenes from the show, a week for polyamorous ships, and remixes of other people’s fics). 
  • Here’s a link to a post explaining the entire month
  • Here’s a link to all of the prompts for Week 1 (which starts tomorrow!)
  • Make sure to check out their FAQ and send their blog asks if you have questions

2) Julerose June ( creds to @loosescrewslefty )

  • A month devoted to Julerose (Juleka x Rose) that’s got daily prompts for each day of the month for you to content create for
  • Here’s a link to the post with the calendar of all the prompts since this also starts tomorrow!

3) Miraculous Pride Month ( @queermiraculous )

  • June is Pride Month! So a bunch of queer Miraculous fans came up with a calendar of prompts in honor of Pride Month! 
  • Because this is a pride-themed calendar, these are meant to be used to celebrate any queer ships within the miraculous fandom
  • Here’s a link to the post with the calendar of all the prompts (creds to @megatraven for making the calendar). Starts tomorrow!

4) Ladrien June ( creds to @professaurus )

  • A month devoted to Ladrien (Ladybug x Adrien) that also has daily prompts for each day of the month for you to content create for
  • Here’s a link to the post with the calendar of all the prompts. Also starts tomorrow!

5) Chlonath Week (creds to @powerdragonmoon )

  • A week devoted to Chlonath (Chloe x Nathanael) that will run from June 11th to June 17th and will have daily prompts for each day of the week for you to content create for
  • Here’s a link to the post with the list of all the prompts so that you all can get a jump on it early and be prepared

6) Chat Noir Zine Pre-Orders ( @meowraculouschatnoirzine )

  • If you didn’t know there’s a Chat Noir Zine currently in the works! Creators are still hard at work finishing up their pieces, but if you’re interested in pre-ordering a physical copy of the zine, those are due on June 5th
  • Here’s the link to the pre-order information. If you’re interested in getting a physical copy of the zine, there’s a minimum donation of $10 to cover printing costs (if you’re able to donate more, it’s appreciated! It’ll either be used to cover the costs of zines for people who can’t afford it or be sent to charity)
  • Keep an eye on their blog for more information about shipping costs when the zines are ready to be sent out! Free digital downloads will also be available to those who want that as well

7) Voting Period for ML Ultimate Guess Who Challenge ( @mlficwritersanon )

  • A bunch of writers all got together and anonymously wrote reveal stories so that the fandom can try and guess which writers wrote which fics! The deadline for voting has been extended until June 18th. 
  • Here’s a link to the AO3 collection
  • Here’s a link to the post explaining the ballots
  • Check out the Rules and Guidelines if you have questions. 

EDIT: 8) Alyadrien Week ( @miraculous-weeks )

  • Alyadrien Week is back on! It’s a week devoted to Alyadrien (Alya x Adrien) that will run from June 12th to June 18th and will have daily prompts for each day of the week. 
  • Prompts haven’t been decided yet but I’ll update this with links once prompts are released. In the meantime, go here to suggest prompts you’d like to see. 

If I’m missing anything, let me know and I’ll edit the post :)