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yuri on ice may be over (for now) but the fandom is big and active and there are lots of amazing things happening! this blog is meant to be a catch-all dedicated to organizing and cataloguing fan events to make participation and access simpler and easier for fanworks creators, and to provide advertising and support to the people who are hosting them.

the plan is to reblog informational posts about yoi events and zine sign-ups and to maintain a schedule of events with links and dates!

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if you know of an event happening in the yoi fandom, just send a message or submit a link to the informational post so it can be added to the schedule of events and reblogged!

we also track the tags #yoievent and #yoievents, so feel free to tag your info posts! you may also @ us!

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any yoi-based blog is welcome to affiliate with us as well for more exposure and support!  (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑  just send in an ask!

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I’ve mentioned this before, but here I’m gonna talk about it again in more certain terms:

I’m opening a Discord server for people looking for advice, tricks/tips, constructive feedback for/about art, writing, cosplay, music/audio, game development, programming etc! (If you make stuff for any sort of creative field not included and would like to take part, please yell!) This would be a server for real talk: objective criticism, specific help, discussion about art, inspiration, looking for beta readers, collab partners, and similar. 

It’s going to be open for anyone with any level of experience who wants to improve and needs some guidance/advice, or simply wants to have a conversation about their field/interests in general. If you need a platform to discuss team projects on, a private channel can be set up for you! (e.g. zine projects, event collabs, etc) Basically, come and yell about stuff you’re passionate about and want to get better at! (Don’t know about you, but I’m all about yelling, see twitter lol /)v(\ )

I’m curious to see what you guys would want this… thing to entail, something you’re missing from platforms you already use, something specific you want to get advice on. HMU any time and we can discuss!

Server will open this coming Friday, if you have ideas/requests/thoughts, please message here or tweet at me any time!! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ 

EDIT: Please spread the word if you can too, the more people now about it the better!! 🌿

anonymous asked:

hi!! i just found your art and I love it so much!!! id love to buy it and i was just wondering what cons you will be at this year? or if you are planning on going to any at all, i guess

Hi Anon!! Thank you very much! As for cons, I do plan on going but I haven’t decided just yet, it might be ones that are during the summer though, as I am really busy with schoolwork. Also, I am situated in Toronto, Canada, so most events I go will be there o _o… 

Oh! If you or anybody is situated in my region, I am actually in this little Zine one day event happening again at my college (Sheridan @ Oakville). if anyone is near there, I will be selling well relatively what I have been posting with my friend ↓


Just recently participated in SCAD’s first Generate, a 24-hr zine making event that happened over the weekend! We were four in the team and we decided to create a zine based on the Philippines and its folklore. I settled on the Sarimanok, a symbol of good fortune. o/

creative update

Often I feel like I’m not making any progress as a creative person and feel completely unmotivated to do anything, let alone make work. I have to take time to remind myself that despite what my head says, I am making cool things, whether or not I’m currently sharing them with anyone.

So, what’s next?

I’ve been making a lot of photographic and text work on the theme of radical softness and am now curating a zine on the theme. radical softness  the idea that unapologetic vulnerability is a tactic against a society which says emotions are a sign of weakness. I’ve reached out to some artists I highly respect (Starchild Stela, Clementine Von Radics, Molly Soda, Brandon Stanciell, Vivian Fu) and am very excited about the work that’s coming in. I am organizing a zine release event on October 26th in Portland, Oregon. If you’re in town, please come and bring your friends! (More details to come soon.)

I’ve also been getting back into music, which for me simply means writing simplistic songs alone in my room. I’m getting together with friends, trying to make something more of them, and my goal is to have an E.P. soon!

Poetry feels pressuring right now, which is strange. I can sense that my work is going to undergo a serious amount of growth as I begin challenging myself technically and become increasingly surrounded by poets. Having recently moved to Portland and begun working for a poetry press, as well as regularly attending the Portland Poetry Slam has forced me to be more critical with my work as well as attach myself to it. I have always felt very detached from my work and this is the first time in my life that I have declared myself a Poet and surrounded myself with others who write. Recently, I have begun feeling separated from poetry and find myself gravitating towards other mediums. However, while I am devoting more of myself to other projects, this doesn’t mean I’m not creating work. It means that I’m more hesitant to share work immediately and am putting poems through a more rigourous editing progress (in comparison to my previous practice of writing a poem online and posting it, unedited, right after.) I want to come out of this period of growth a damned good, more powerful writer. 

Thank you all for your continued support of my work. I’ve spent what feels like a very long time (2 years? wow) sharing my work with the Internet and I’m thankful that there are people out there interested in what is next to me. 

Love y’all. 

i haven’t really been posting or active because my dad has been really, really sick. audaciously sick. a lot sicker than a lot of us thought he was ever going to get when we first got into the hospital. he’s scared the everliving shit out of us on more than one occasion, and things are looking up after a few weeks of tantrums and tears, but his recovery is going to be very slow and very hard.

i’m really thankful to those of you who have sent me messages of goodwill, and to all of you that are being so patient about new work coming out. i’m sorry i haven’t had the time to reply to all of your messages. with things on the upswing, i won’t be cancelling any zine fairs or events that i’ll be appearing at in the coming month (this was something i was honestly considering a week ago). i’m playing catch-up with school and tattoo commissions on top of coming down from what’s easily been the most stressful and terrifying period of my life, so i sincerely appreciate that everyone’s had so much patience with me.

i hope to have new stuff up for you all soon!


After a long week, a long weekend of Portland Zine Symposium events and house guests, and learning about some expensive house issues I need to take care of, I got to escape as planned to my happy place: The Riverhouse. I have a collection of witchy, bird, and plant zines to read, remote Pokémon to catch in the woods, and feeding peanuts to my favorite forest punk corvids, the Steller’s Jays. Back to reality tomorrow but right now I need to hang a skychair so I can sit in it and read zines.

          Are you a comics artist, zinester, or self published writer living in New Orleans? Or maybe you plan on being in town in the near future? Well have you ever considered adding yourself to the lineup of the next exciting installment of Your Friends Make Comics and Zines?!
         This event is an ongoing series of comic and zine readings throughout the city put on by the organizers of NOCAZ. We are excited about readings that incorporate some type of performance. The type of stuff that is being made in the world of D.I.Y. publishing is exciting and lively so we want to challenge creators to present their work in a dynamic way. What this looks like is totally up to interpretation for each person!
         We are currently seeking readers and performers for our upcoming spring and summer events. We are particularly excited about amplifying voices marginalized by the mainstream publishing industry. If you think you would be a good fit then send us an email at nocazfestival@gmail.com tell us a bit about yourself and show us some of your work if you can.

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