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yoo! here’s the djwifi piece i did for @a-little-light-zine ~ if you would like to see all the pieces in this zine, feel free to donate and pick one up while it’s still available~ 

also wanna say a huge thanks @littleblackchat for your ridiculous amount of hard work in making this zine come together ;0; it was crazy watching you work and i have a lot of respect for you //grovels profusely// ur a beast gurl

A Little Light is a digital Miraculous Ladybug charity zine to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew. The zine includes art, fanfics, and cosplay. Zine orders will be open until Feb. 1.

Orders  –  Participants  –  Previews  –  Info

Hey! I’m Sunday and this is a rollcall post for what could be a Sakana Fanzine.

This is a fan run non-profit project revolving round Sakana. But! I need to know that the community is interested! So let me know by ask, reblogging, liking, and or replying to this post! The goal is 200 notes 💖

I need the support of the community seeing as this will be funded via Gofundme

More info under the cut:

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Light of My Life

Here’s my story from the Little Light Zine! All the donations will benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew, so donate while you can!

A Little Light is a digital Miraculous Ladybug charity zine to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew. The zine includes art, fanfics, and cosplay. Zine orders will be open until Feb. 1.
Orders  –  Participants  –  Previews  –  Info

Marinette was doing her best to hurry home. Sure, it was December, so a certain amount of chill was expected, but it was colder than usual and she had no desire to be out in it longer than she had to. Granted, the snow that was drifting lazily down into the glittering, lightened Paris streets was a pretty sight to behold, but not pretty enough to keep her from hot chocolate and a cozy bed.

Huddled up in her pink jacket, she resituated her bag on her back and hunkered onward. She was almost home—the sparkling, holiday decorated park on her left the one only just outside her house—and it might have been only moments before she was welcomed into the warmth of her parents’ bakery were it not for the familiar silhouette that stopped her dead in her tracks.

Staring through the glare of twinkling lights and falling snow, she watched as he walked from a bench to the bundle huddled nearby. In a perfectly fitted gray pea coat and the blue scarf she’d given him for his birthday, he hardly stood out aside from the usual glow of his blonde hair, but she knew it was him.


As a natural reaction, her heart did a little flip before pounding faster, hands tightening around her bag straps. Suddenly, staying out in the cold didn’t seem like such a bad idea if she could get herself into Adrien’s company.

Like a well-oiled machine, her mind started coming up with one scenario after another—all the excuses she could use to explain why she was walking over. Ultimately, she came to the conclusion that—since they were classmates—she didn’t need a reason to start up a conversation. Taking a deep breath, she told herself to stay strong and not fall to pieces before she marched off the sidewalk and into the park.

Right up to Adrien, who was…

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Can you help us raise money for our zine?

Hey everyone! For those of you who don’t know us, we are Olam Collective, an organization of leftist Jews who are committed to social justice. We also make cool art and write a lot of literature.

We’ve released two zines so far, and we’ve gotten some requests to print physical copies. There’s one problem: we haven’t made any money from this blog. A few months ago our blog and zine had a small scope and not many people knew about us. It feels as though we have reached a somewhat larger audience, and now we have demand for something we cannot supply.

These are the fees we would need to cover:
- Commission for our contributors
- Printing fees
- Shipping and handling
- Hiring and paying future staff

We are simply asking for donations to get us started so that we can make more zines, produce more art, reach wider audiences, and be a small beacon of hope for Jews who need a safe space or a job. We also hope to work in collaboration with other minority and leftist organizations, as our goal is the liberation of Jews and all oppressed people.

Our paypal email is olamcollective@gmail.com. We will post constant updates on the money to ensure to you the money is going toward the exact costs mentioned above.

Any donation now matter how big or small would be so much appreciated. Even if you cannot donate, a signal boost would be appreciated as well. Thank you for reading :)

A Little Light Zine: Preview

Just finished up my piece for @a-little-light-zine so I thought I’d share a small section of it for you all :) Please check out the blog so you can get a peek at some of the other previews. There’s a lot of exceptional talent being featured in this zine. 

This is a donate-what-you-can charity zine meant to support relief efforts in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. Pre-orders for the zine are still open through 12/5 so, if you can, please consider donating a small something to some of the listed charities. All the pre-order information can be found hereThere’s also a cool pre-order raffle going on where you can win some cool ML goodies~!

Light Bringers: A Preview

Ladybug dropped the bag to the floor when he finally helped her through the window and brushed all the snow off her shoulders before she detransformed into Marinette. He didn’t have time to ask why she was here before she pulled out a small lighter and three tall Christmas candles from her bag. She smiled brightly, slipped out of her shoes, and slid across his wood floors with her wool stockings. “Let’s have a sleepover.”

Adrien blinked. “A sleepover? You mean…like right now?”

“Of course, right now, silly,” Marinette laughed. She pouted her lips, looked around his room, and shook her head. “But this won’t work. Your room isn’t Christmas-y enough.”

Marinette lit up all the scented candles she brought with her, and suddenly Adrien’s entire room smelled of peppermint, vanilla, gingerbread, and chocolate. Then she pulled out an armful of multi-colored Christmas lights from her bag and bounced on her toes. “Come on, come on. Find us some tape! We can hang these across the windows, and then maybe some on the banister on the second floor.”

He bit his lip and scratched the back of his head. “I-I…I dunno…”

“Please?” she grinned. “It’ll be lots of fun, I promise.”

(Yes that is calamansi in the background.) And yes, submissions are now open 24/7! I have been thinking a lot about the accessibility of this zine, in terms of cost and availability, considering that there aren’t many Pilipino zines in the “zine market” to begin with. I have considered making it completely free and available online. At the same time, I need to honor the production and labor that went into the making of this zine, especially noting that much of the content is written by femmes, nonbinary, and queer folks. When considering allowing the zine to be ‘up for grabs,’ I felt like this could be a step in the wrong direction, as it could potentially undermine the value of the emotional and physical labor that went into its creation, not to mention it would disrupt from the zine’s purpose to donate a portion of funds to certain Pilipino organizations.

The solution to this dilemma is still in the works, but for now I think I have found a way to take baby steps towards this goal. WHITE MAN’S BURDEN will now feature monthly newsletters that will feature 3 - 5 pieces of work that centers around a specific theme. The work featured will no longer be limited to paper! This means having video, audio, and other multimedia submissions. Submission guidelines will still apply (see the more info on Tumblr page or check out the Facebook) but there will no longer be a 'deadline.’

Printed and digital zines will still exist! And they will be compiled of the newsletter works. This way, everything that will be included in the physical zine will have already been featured in a previous newsletter, which of course will not cost a thing. The point of the zine will be to provide somewhat of a 'yearbook’ experience– a collective and cohesive output comprised of works from the past months. The bigger picture made into one zine.

I hope this all makes sense! Like I said I am still trying to figure out the process and don’t have plans yet for when exactly the first themed newsletter will go out, but I just want to generally let you all know that submissions are open and why I chose to do that.

*Please share the image above widely if you are able to!

Thank you so much for reading! There will definitely be more updates soon!

anonymous asked:

did you know there's another lance zine? :0

Yes, though we both made up our own zines independently! It’s so cool that there’s so much love for Lance in this fandom! We hope we’re both able to produce incredibly successful zines and donate lots of money to our respective charities.

- Mod H

Asexual Kobra Kid headcanons
  • He enjoys some physical intimacy (hugging, cuddling, etc.), but it gives him strong emotional feelings rather than sexual ones.
  • The occasional quick kiss is fine, but full-on making out makes him cringe. To him, it’s two people slobbering on each other’s faces.
  • Seeing Killjoys desperately try to hook up at the bar makes him privately glad to be asexual. When someone tries to pick him up, he just laughs good-naturedly.
  • The high prices people pay for pornodroids baffles him. Why would anyone pay 1,000 carbons for a short, one-off event? For that price, he could buy 500 comics that he can read over and over again.
  • The guys try to explain it to him, but he doesn’t understand sex in advertising. Risque city advertisements leave him unamused at best, and repulsed at the worst.
  • Sometimes people donate old ‘zines that they couldn’t sell, since the brothers love to collect 'zines and make collages. If they get a porn 'zine, Kobra just passes it along to Ghoul.
  • Kobra skips the sexy parts of novels and fast-forwards through smut scenes in Better Living books-on-tape, which Ghoul doesn’t appreciate. “Dude, you’re removing the context!”

Finally, it is done! All the zines have been sent out, and the project is officially over. I have made the donations to the three charities, each $2,350, totaling an AMAZING $7,050 donated. I really, really could not have done it without everyone’s support. Thank you once again for giving me this amazing opportunity.

Thank you to everyone who purchased the zine. Thank you to everyone who donated to the GoFundMe. Thank you to all the artists who participated. Thank you to all the artists who applied to the zine. Thank you to my friends, who put up with my complaints and helped pack the zine. Thank you to Thomas Astruc, who really put the zine on the map. Thank you to everyone who read the FAQ. And thank you to everyone who believed in the project and the good that could come out of it. It means the world to me.

Also! If you have not heard, the Zag team will be hosting a pizza party at their Glendale, CA location. Thomas Astruc and Jeremy Zag will be there!
Information: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIJWF5oAdfO/?taken-by=jeremy_zag

The address is: 
1845 Flower Street
Glendale, CA

I will also be at the party! I’m so excited to meet the team ;_____; I hope to see some of you there!! I will be wearing a black snapback (it says “Take care of yourself” on it), blue shirt w/ white polka dots (sorry, no black and red haha…), and blue shorts! I’m very shy but please feel free to approach me ; 7 ; I might have my face in my phone but I will be checking for Pokemon!!! SEE YOU THERE!

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hi, i was wondering where the money for the zine goes? does it all go to charity, or are the artists/writers also getting paid?

Because of copyright infringement and the desire to make as much money for charity as possible, we will be donating the entire net worth to charity. This means all money not used to pay for the printing and shipping of the zine will be donated to charity. 

- Mod H


As if I didn’t have enough ziney goodness on my plate already, I have now started up this little challenge……. I will be sending out pre-made mini accordian style zine kits to various groups, libraries, zine makers and collectives. If you would like one please send a stamped self addressed envelope to:
Murtle Chickpea
Orton Lodge
26 Murphys Line
Featherston 5771
New Zealand
When folded the pack itself is about 11cm x 8 cm so you would only need a small envelope :)
Oh and if you are over the sea, don’t worry about the exact challenge dates (it may take a while for the pack to get to you) so just choose a week of your own liking and go for it!