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Introducing Gaybro, a distro for nontraditional queer boys

I’ve never run a distro before. I’ve never even thought of selling my own zines. But seeing as there are distros for every niche interest you could possibly think of, I’ve decided to open mine just as a pop-up shop in the winter of next year.


I want your zines!

If you’re looking to find a greater audience for your work, I can take your zines on consignment and sell them here in beautiful Portland, Oregon and on the Internet.

I really want zines that address the following

  • growing up gay
  • coming out
  • being in a nontraditional body (fat, skinny, muscular, femme, &c)
  • growing up gay as a person of color
  • being trans or generally non-cisgendered
  • zines about place, time, memory
  • zines about being bicultural or bilingual
  • being a poor gay person (aren’t we all?)
  • fiction/perzines
  • poetry chapbooks
  • assorted claptrap
  • pillow books (like my own zine, Galván in Portland)
  • anything else you can think of!

At some point I want to start selling the pretty things you make, too. Stickers, patches, buttons, and the like. And of course I’ll be selling my own zine, Galván in Portland!

You should totally anon me or send an email to joe@daelis.com. I’m looking for advice from well-heeled disto owners on how to maintain a distro. I really want to give voice to non-white, non-trad queer guys like myself who feel a need to advance their own agenda want to be part of a conversation about race, class, gender and sexuality in a welcoming way.

Email: joe@daelis.com

Or, conversely, drop me a line (or send your zine!) to:

Joe Galván

6300 Barclay St.

West Linn, OR 97068

Hey all! picassopixie and theseareclosequarters have come up with the idea for a zine where all the work gets submitted via text to a Burn Phone. This method seems quick and easy it can also be anonymous.

Please send us your poems, writings, pictures, and other art to (720) 507-4088. We’re working on putting the first issue together and will have a FREE digital download and physical copies available somehow.

The revolution can only be won when its accessible and appealing to all kinds of people. The single moms working minimum wage jobs dont care about your squat or your subversive music. Farm workers with families don’t have time to come to your zine distro or hang out with your collective. These people are key to victory. If your idea of revolution is a bunch of 20 somethings with black masks and tattoos liberating the entirety of society, you have the wrong idea. If your idea of revolution is everyone simultaneously dropping out of society to live on the street and burning down everything around them, you have the wrong idea.

I know that there are a lot of different tactics and all of them have their time and place, but pushing yourself into a romanticized corner while denouncing everyone else as “not radical enough” isn’t getting anybody anywhere.

Do you want revolution or do you want a hip lifestyle?


“Zine culture is not white culture. D.I.Y. culture is not white culture. Punk is not inherently white culture. So in the spirit of resistance, in the spirit of visibility and in the spirit of celebrating our cultures and intersectionality: Brown Recluse Zine Distro.”

We have all different kinds of zines (personal zines, political zines, DIY how-to zines) abt all sorts of stuff: racism, gender, sexuality, punk, sex work, feminism, addiction, recovery, harm reduction, anarchism, racism, teaching, self care, antioppression wok, accountability, herbalism, food, traditions, mental health, community activism, traveling, touring, bands, accountability processes, parenting, &more!

we’re open to all sorts of stuff! our criteria is p loose but we have an especially HARD NO to anything that includes hateful content towards trans folks, sex workers, and/or substance users.

please share this CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS far & wide!!

looking forward to continuing to support black & brown zine writers ❤️


Looking for queer mental health zines!

Do you identify as queer and write zines about gender or mental health? Make cool art? We want to distro you!

We’ll be at the following events and would love to table your zines/art:
portlandzinesymposium (for sure) July 18-19
thinkanddiethinking (hopefully!!) July 10-12
olympiazinefest (for sure) October 24-25

Contact us either here or via e-mail for more information. Our e-mail is queeranxietybabiezdistro@gmail ~~~

Welcome to the Hard Fifty Farm tumblr!

ABOUT THE FARM Based on the Hard Fifty Farm in rural Kansas, the Pioneers Press staff went “back to the land” in 2010 after stints in San Diego, CA, Norfolk, VA and Portland, OR. As beginner homesteaders and self-identified “farm punks,” they raise a variety of crops as well as care for an ever-growing group of rescue animals, including sheep, goats, chickens and ducks, all of which are supported entirely by Pioneers Press sales.

ABOUT PIONEERS PRESS Pioneers Press is a publishing house and small-press distro focusing on survival and sustainability on the farm and in the city, in addition to health, gender, sexuality, social justice and food movements, and literary works by up-and-coming authors. Since its launch in 2012, Pioneers Press has consistently produced titles that have made the best-seller lists of independent bookstores all over the world, including Powell’s Books #1 best-selling small press title of 2013 and 2014 (Adam Gnade’s The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad).


Love letters to way-too-late whiskey-drunk nights, stolen hearts and stolen kisses, small-town parking lots and bad decisions and even badder girls, WWTAWWTAP is a gritty and gorgeous series of riffs on living and loving punk. Like your very first show all over again, it’ll set your blood on fire.-Sarah McCarry, author of the Metamorphoses trilogy and publisher/editor of the Guillotine series


Jessie Lynn McMains is the 2015-2017 Poet Laureate of Racine, Wisconsin. She has been self-publishing her writing in zines since 1994, and currently publishes the zine series Reckless Chants. She is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee for fiction, and her poetry and prose have recently appeared in The Chapess, New Pop Lit,Witchsong, Rising Phoenix Review, Voicemail Poems, and I Want You to See This Before I Leave, amongst other publications. She performs spoken word locally as well as across the U.S. and Canada, and teaches workshops on zine-making, memoir, and poetry.

/Some of the awesome zines currently in our distro! Come check out what folks are photocopying in 2014.

ROT #5 ART and COMICS about queer punk life in Providence, dreams, dogs, street harassment, monsters, hexes, etc. November 2013.

Malcriada Personal stories and writing about “abuse, assimilation, and Latin@ identity.” Second Edition. 2012.

Cracks in the Pavement Personal writings on living in Boston, photos and art related to graffiti and punk, poetry, a guide about maple syrup, and more. I think it was made in 2012??

Other awesome titles we carry: Drop Everything & Make a Zine! (Papercut’s collab zine), Inspirado (Melissa Falco talks about being an artist/zinester/involved in the arts community in Somerville), Life is Posers 1+2 (punk comics), Nothing Mattress (more punk/Boston/life comics), Liz Prince (life/humor/dating comics), Assume Nothing (living with STIs),  In Spite of… (poetry from Philly), and some new zines by Jordan Stabile which will be available later today! 

We also carry some zines that are older but still interesting/relevant to us.

We ALSO have a copy of each in our library for those of you who would rather check them out and bring them back every two weeks/browse inside the library! 

Huge thanks to everyone who reblogged my statement about Joe Biel and Microcosm Publishing.

I’m trying to put together a comprehensive list of ACTIVE zine and/or small press distros for the folks who keep suggesting that Microcosm Publishing is a “necessary evil.” If you or someone you know runs a distro (no matter how small!) please shoot me an email with the contact information for the distro and what you specialize in. We’re so much stronger when we work together.

Thanks! jessie@pioneerspress.com