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Contributors of To Ashes: A McHanzo fic and art Zine!


Stitchlips @poes
AshenSky15 @sora-lynn
Hubris and Crafts @arachnescurse .
ScarletSumac (on ao3)
Deviation @writingdeviation



Plus some mystery contributors who didn’t want to be named just yet! We greatly look forward to working with all of them!

I’m making this post to let y'all know that I’ve been accepted in the “To Ashes” McHanzo fan zine as a writing contributor! I really appreciated all y'all’s feedback and encouragement, and now I’ll be able to do something special just for y'all. I’m really excited to be working on it, so stay tuned for updates! Thanks so much for all your support. I couldn’t/wouldn’t have done it if not for y'all.

There is a massive chance that we’ll be creating an Overwatch-themed tarot deck. We’ll be getting artists from our pool of zine contributors, but since decks are more than just 25 cards, we’ll also be pulling from our Top 50 picks and putting an app form out for potential artists to fill out. The app form will only be open for a week or two, so please be on the lookout for that! 

Zine Schedule

Originally posted by sairenji

Hello!! It has taken some time, but we have put together a tentative schedule that we’ll be following for the zine!

However, please note that these dates are subject to change!! 

Here is the schedule we have set out for the Setters and Ace zine to follow:

Applications open - 15th of May
Applications end - 15th of June
Acceptance emails sent out - 20th of June
Zine contributors announced - 25th of June
Creation period begins - 25th of June
Creation period ends - 31st of July
Creations due - TBD
Zine production - TBD 

[ *EDIT: schedule has been updated as of 05/14/17 ]

@ghost-princen answered your question “If I organized a zine to sell, who might be interested in contributing…”

would the artists be paid?

I was just looking at that! If we had 20 contributions and ended up with 35 pages give or take (2 pages per piece of paper, double sided pages), printing 60 would be $500. +$3 domestic shipping would be $680. divided by 60 that would be $11.33 per zine.

selling the zines for $15 would be a $3.67 profit per zine. selling all 60 zines would be $220 profit. with 20 contributors plus me, 220/21 is $10.47 for each contributor, which is pretty average for a multi-contributor zine. alternatively, maybe a contributor could choose a free zine ($15 value) instead.

that’s just guesstimates. i would probably do pre-orders to see how many people would buy a zine in the first place (the more people buy, the cheaper printing gets). but yes the artists would be compensated in some way. it’s only fair!

borishu replied to your post: There is a massive chance that we’ll be creating…

Wouldn’t it be better to only get artists who weren’t in the zine to do the art for the tarot cards? To give more people a chance?

If we do a deck of 78 cards (the “standard” for tarot cards) then we could use the 20-25 artists from our zine to help fill some roles, but not all of them will be participating. We’re giving them the option, but some are going to sit out and focus on their zine piece rather than engage in this project. 

So that’s why we’ll go to the other Top 50 picks (i.e. people who also didn’t make the zine) and hold applications as well. Folks who didn’t make the zine can reapply once the form goes out today or tomorrow, and at the end of the day, the majority of peeps working on the tarot cards won’t be zine contributors! :D

For Potential Contributors

As signups approach, here’s a bit more information any potential contributor should know.

The goal for the zine is to celebrate both Voltron and dark horror. It will be open to various styles and narratives so long all works have a strong presence in horror. They should feel disturbing, frightening, mysterious, or gloom rather than comical or overly romantic like Army of Darkness or Nightmare before Christmas.

For you to apply to be a contributor, you will need to have 3 - 5 samples of your work that best represents what you hope to create. These samples do not have to be connected to Voltron or horror but any previous works with those themes will help with judging.

Contributors will retain all rights to their works and may do as they please with it. The only condition is that full works should not be published until pre-orders close. Cropped samples, previews, and work in progress shots are encouraged and will be reblogged on the zine blog.

For writers:

You will need to create a short story or prompt that is no longer than 2,000 words.

These should be completed works and properly edited before being submitted for the zine.

You are free to ask others for help in beta reading or editing your work. A helpful community you can look into if you are in need of someone is the VLD Beta Readers.

For artists:

You will need to create illustrations that are no smaller than 6.25" x 9.25" at 300dpi in CMYK. Anything smaller than that will cause it to pixelate. Be sure to use the same ratio when drawing to avoid any cropping.

The additional .25" is for the bleed which will be cut off in production. Nothing important should be placed within this space or near it as it may be lost.

You can create up to two pages of work or a full page spread. If you choose to create a full page spread, be sure to keep any vital details away from the direct center as it can be lost or difficult to see once bound.

For all other types of contributors:

Due to the unknown nature of your works, you will follow the same conditions as artists.

Help with formatting will be offered when needed. 

Corgi plush photo! I am going to Matsuricon this weekend so come see and hug the plush in person at table 5!

Car is fixed! Yay! Production will start after Matsuricon. I may do a Kick Starter to help with some of the costs? May have a stretch goal for another plush color (tri color?) or another plush altogether! What do you think?

Remember! A portion of profits goes into helping Little Jax get his therapy corgi and help fund zine too. And each contributor of the Zine will get a corgi plush on the house, AKA, free!

Carla put together the whole layout and we sent it all off to the print shop today. Issue 2 should be in our shop in the next couple of weeks!

Thank you so much to our amazing contributors! This zine is going to be so lovely!

                                                                                   <3 Tallulah

Hello all! The ZukeZine will be starting the first stages of its creation!

For those who don’t know. Lauren Zuke, the most social media active Storyboard Artist on Steven Universe, was victim to some awful bullying a few weeks ago, which pushed her to deactivate her Twitter. I decided to organize a special zine dedicated to her!

This zine will feature fanart, short fanfics, and nice comments for and about Lauren Zuke. Although Steven Universe is what Zuke is mostly known for, to make it more personal, the zine will feature not just her work, but interests of hers as well.

Official Guidelines for the contributions to the ZukeZine will be released shortly, on Wednesday at the latest (I’m on vacation until Monday).

The ZukeZine will be a free zine, so that all fans of Zuke can enjoy this zine. Because of that, the zine won’t be printed, but will instead be released as a PDF on this blog.

The ZukeZine will be accepting contributors very soon! If you are already certain that you want to contribute to the ZukeZine, email these details to zukezine2016@gmail.com:

• Your main blog url

• Your art blog url (if you have one)

• Where to view your past art (art blog, online portfolio, certain tag)

• Your Top 3 Art pieces

• Your name (as much or as little of it as you want, nicknames can be used, optional)

• Country of origin




@e-mcwaffle, #waffleart

*insert my best art here*


United States

The zine will display your name, blog, and your country, along with your artwork. Please mark which blog you would like to be displayed in the zine. All contributors will be accepted unless I recover an overwhelming amount. Contributors may be asked to volunteer to attempt to create content from some of Zuke’s other interests if there aren’t enough. If you don’t happen to have any ideas, don’t be afraid to ask for some inspiration. Nice messages can be accepted any time, in the form of asks sent to this blog. Please write messages as if you were sending them directly to Zuke.

Make sure to follow this blog, and @e-mcwaffle for more info on this zine and regular updates. (Unfollows from my main are expected after the zine is over)

Now, as a disclaimer, there is no certainty that Zuke will ever see this zine, but we all have our hopes.
No Missing Pieces, an A/autistic compilation zine, is FINALLY FINISHED!!

Jeeeez. Gosh. Jiminy crickets. More than a year since it was started! Wow. I need a cup of tea and a nap.

Once I start printing (maybe tomorrow?), I’ll put a couple pictures up so folks can see what it looks like on the paper.

Here’s the basic zine info for the paper version:

84 pages, printed double-sided (42 pieces of heavyish-weight paper), full-size (8.5x11”), text-heavy, a lot of pictures too (color and black & white), printed in color. Not sure of the binding yet.

All images have descriptions to go with them, and submissions have trigger and/or content warnings where applicable.

All contributors in this zine, including me (editor / contributor / zine elf) and the another person who contributed image descriptions, are A/autistic (self-diagnosed and otherwise), and it’ll be distributed by a zine distro (Feral Is My Heart Zine Distro) run by an Autistic person (me again).

The cost is $5 per copy.

- Jordan