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Introducing Alystair!

pronouns: they/them or he/him
age: 20
online at: @Not_SoSure on twitter

Alystair wrote a short story titled “The Breath and the Dirt” for the pilot issue of Callithump! They describe the piece as, “Two boys grow up and fall in love in rural Kentucky.” His story contains beautiful visuals and a lovely depiction of the evolution of a relationship.

Pledge to the Callithump! Kickstarter to get a copy of the zine and read Alystair’s amazing contribution!

We asked each of our contributors to answer a few questions about themselves! Here are a few of Alystair’s answers:

Q: Describe your perfect weather:

A: “Bright sun, frequent breeze, clouds moving very quickly across the sky.”

Q: Can you boogie?

A: “I can fake it, but only with non-dancers.”

Q: Do you have a queer role model? If so, who?

A: “Miss Major.”

Q: When did you start writing?

A: “I started writing seriously when I was a senior in high school.”

Q: Tell us anything you’d like!

A: “I am embarrassingly bad at checkers. I have never won a game.”

Contributors of To Ashes: A McHanzo fic and art Zine!


Stitchlips @poes
AshenSky15 @sora-lynn
Hubris and Crafts @arachnescurse .
ScarletSumac (on ao3)
Deviation @writingdeviation



Plus some mystery contributors who didn’t want to be named just yet! We greatly look forward to working with all of them!

[Updated] Zine Schedule

Thank you all for your patience! Here is the updated schedule for the zine:

  • Applications open - 15th of May
  • Applications end - 15th of June
  • Acceptance emails sent out - 27th of June
  • Zine contributors announced - 1st of July
  • Creation period begins - 1st of July
  • Creation period ends - 5th of August
  • Creations due - 5th of August
  • Pre-orders for zine - TBD
  • Zine production - TBD
  • Zines sent out - TBD

There will be two check-ins for this zine:

  • FIRST CHECK IN - 15th of July
  • SECOND CHECK IN - 29th of July

*all dates are tentative and subject to change

What: A zine celebrating the greatest English writer of all time with modern takes on his work in the form of artwork, poetry, and prose.

Who: Anyone can apply, although we particularly encourage queer and trans content creators to participate!  The two mods are Nat and Betsy.

Why: Although many believe Shakespeare’s work is antiquated and useless to study, we find the characters, language, and themes of his writing more relevant than ever.  Throughout his works, the Bard poses questions on power, order, sexuality, psychology, love, death, and humanity itself; we want to reexamine these questions through a twenty-first century lens.  This can mean putting Shakespeare’s plays in new settings, focusing in on specific characters in new ways, rewriting scenes to reflect modern perspectives - we’re open to all ideas, as long as they maintain the spirit of Shakespeare.

When: Applications open on Thursday, June 1 and go through Friday, June 23!  You can find a more detailed schedule here.

How: Check our Tumblr and Twitter next Thursday for a link to the application.  We’ll be asking applicants to submit samples of their work, and to let us know which plays they might like to focus on for the zine.  You don’t need to have done Shakespeare-inspired work in the past to apply, but we would like to see some original work (instead of or in addition to fanwork).

*This will be a paid zine (all profits will go to the contributors).

I’m making this post to let y'all know that I’ve been accepted in the “To Ashes” McHanzo fan zine as a writing contributor! I really appreciated all y'all’s feedback and encouragement, and now I’ll be able to do something special just for y'all. I’m really excited to be working on it, so stay tuned for updates! Thanks so much for all your support. I couldn’t/wouldn’t have done it if not for y'all.

There is a massive chance that we’ll be creating an Overwatch-themed tarot deck. We’ll be getting artists from our pool of zine contributors, but since decks are more than just 25 cards, we’ll also be pulling from our Top 50 picks and putting an app form out for potential artists to fill out. The app form will only be open for a week or two, so please be on the lookout for that! 


A big thank you to those who submitted so far.

If you still want to contribute I have extended the deadline for submissions until 1st August 2017 (this was the original call). Please do not forget to include your name and a link to your website/portfolio when submitting.

LucasArts, its logo, LucasFilm etc. are © their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended, this is a not-for-profit work from fans to fans

anonymous asked:

Hi!! will rejection letters also be sent out tomorrow, or just acceptances? :)


Due to the outstanding number of applicants, we will not be sending out individual rejection letters. Acceptance letters will be sent out, and after zine contributors are finalized, we will make an official announcement here on the blog!

If you would like to contact us personally to double check, or if you had questions on our reasoning, you can send us a message on Tumblr or an email and we’ll get back to you right away!

Good luck to everyone! We’re still narrowing down the applicants, and it’s been a tough process – you’re all so amazing!

- mod cara

For Potential Contributors

As signups approach, here’s a bit more information any potential contributor should know.

The goal for the zine is to celebrate both Voltron and dark horror. It will be open to various styles and narratives so long all works have a strong presence in horror. They should feel disturbing, frightening, mysterious, or gloom rather than comical or overly romantic like Army of Darkness or Nightmare before Christmas.

For you to apply to be a contributor, you will need to have 3 - 5 samples of your work that best represents what you hope to create. These samples do not have to be connected to Voltron or horror but any previous works with those themes will help with judging.

Contributors will retain all rights to their works and may do as they please with it. The only condition is that full works should not be published until pre-orders close. Cropped samples, previews, and work in progress shots are encouraged and will be reblogged on the zine blog.

For writers:

You will need to create a short story or prompt that is no longer than 2,000 words.

These should be completed works and properly edited before being submitted for the zine.

You are free to ask others for help in beta reading or editing your work. A helpful community you can look into if you are in need of someone is the VLD Beta Readers.

For artists:

You will need to create illustrations that are no smaller than 6.25" x 9.25" at 300dpi in CMYK. Anything smaller than that will cause it to pixelate. Be sure to use the same ratio when drawing to avoid any cropping.

The additional .25" is for the bleed which will be cut off in production. Nothing important should be placed within this space or near it as it may be lost.

You can create up to two pages of work or a full page spread. If you choose to create a full page spread, be sure to keep any vital details away from the direct center as it can be lost or difficult to see once bound.

For all other types of contributors:

Due to the unknown nature of your works, you will follow the same conditions as artists.

Help with formatting will be offered when needed. 

borishu replied to your post: There is a massive chance that we’ll be creating…

Wouldn’t it be better to only get artists who weren’t in the zine to do the art for the tarot cards? To give more people a chance?

If we do a deck of 78 cards (the “standard” for tarot cards) then we could use the 20-25 artists from our zine to help fill some roles, but not all of them will be participating. We’re giving them the option, but some are going to sit out and focus on their zine piece rather than engage in this project. 

So that’s why we’ll go to the other Top 50 picks (i.e. people who also didn’t make the zine) and hold applications as well. Folks who didn’t make the zine can reapply once the form goes out today or tomorrow, and at the end of the day, the majority of peeps working on the tarot cards won’t be zine contributors! :D

anonymous asked:

will contributors also get a copy of the zine?

Hello !!

Yes, contributors will !! We’re hoping to be able to send them each a free copy of the zine, any extra copies of the zine will come at production cost though.

- mod mack

Corgi plush photo! I am going to Matsuricon this weekend so come see and hug the plush in person at table 5!

Car is fixed! Yay! Production will start after Matsuricon. I may do a Kick Starter to help with some of the costs? May have a stretch goal for another plush color (tri color?) or another plush altogether! What do you think?

Remember! A portion of profits goes into helping Little Jax get his therapy corgi and help fund zine too. And each contributor of the Zine will get a corgi plush on the house, AKA, free!

Carla put together the whole layout and we sent it all off to the print shop today. Issue 2 should be in our shop in the next couple of weeks!

Thank you so much to our amazing contributors! This zine is going to be so lovely!

                                                                                   <3 Tallulah