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Hello everyone!

Here’s the list of our contributors!


@schaafdraws - @ammeja - @istehlurvz - @allidoodles - @ryonello - @keptein


@i-write-shit - @paxlegomenon - @myth-al - @amajikies - @deciduice - @andramion


@gilly-e - @hanatsuki89 - @coalas - @kim-quim - @sixlightyear - @sunniieedraws - @toondoon1010 - @jeaniniart - @mmiimmssyy - @typical-ingrid - @mitsouparker - @wispywhat - @yopeppy - @glalitites - @okaykois - @viri_idiana - @mon-doodles - @owliminati

Go ahead and have a look at all their works, give them encouragement and please look forward to all the pieces they will create for this zine!

- BnHA Big Three Zine Mods

We are thrilled to announce the final list of contributors for the anthology! After a long and grueling process of looking through all applications we received, we’ve finalized our list. We were blown away by all the talent the applicants had to offer, and it was extremely hard to narrow down. We would like to thank everyone who applied; it was a joy to see everyone’s work. The book will include a grand total of 44 contributors (including the anthology moderators, Mar and Zoe).

Without further ado, WANDERLUST, A Mythology Anthology will be featuring works from: 


@alfheimr & @djinnexp | @akimillustrates | @artinggrace@cysketch | @danielavicoso@radish-art | @mellific | @idaida & @pejntboks | @thismightydimoart


@amyliobat | @asmogrimae | @defenestratin | @degraala | @eachronicles | @huldrekall | @_janetho | @jerseytigermoth | @kholouz@koleslaaw | @larapickle | @mcatwhite | @multipleshields | @phyte | @queenstardust |  @rioburton | @roker_flower | @rubydart | @rynezion | @skirtsan | @spookyrumba (moderator) | @tanoreth | @teir3s | @terrimorgan 


@alyyks | @gogglesque | @haemochrome | @hasebefucker | @getaloaderthis | @luzbianca@mariahjessicawrites (moderator) | @peppermintwind@priscorum | @writegowrite | @yurochkas

Be sure to follow us to keep up with updates on the anthology! 

INFO: aboutfaq | schedule 
CONNECT: twitter | email: wanderlustbook2017@gmail.com

- WANDERLUST Moderators


We finally have our lineup of our magical contributors! Please all welcome the creators of ficlets, illustrations, stickers, charms, and postcards! (and the two nerds who brought everything to life)


@iceandbrimstone | @owlinaminor | @esselley | @spacegaykj | @shoujomomo | @citrusfluegel [twitter] | @fairylights101writes

Zine Artists

@bracari-iris | @fallingjaegers | @very-burnt-cinnamon-roll | @scijou | @sweetcandyholic | @pugsnotmen | @huaino | @limesicle | @kotaroukenji | @glalitites | @loonysl | @alienmandy | @mitsouparker | @tenowls | @peoshi | @seigneur.terraces [instagram] | @ramapenndragon | @sabimaki | @sigfig | @unterseebrot | @vivsdraws | @yukacchi | @yumomo

Bonus Artists

@schion | @keypyon | @pennu-art | @littleballofspace | @yumoirail | @marivagia [twitter]


@inky-thoughts | @raspberryfaerie

We hope that the interest in this zine will not deminish now that we’re all working on it to complete it! Stay tuned!

more info & updates on
twitter | tumblr


Introducing the SE Zine Contributor List!

We apologize for the wait -as we wanted to confirm participants prior to creating the list- but here it is! Join us in welcoming our badass team of Meisters and Weapons!


Aury K || Kathi

Kim  || Mak || Max || Eisschirmchen

SachiMizora || Sena || Soul || Violet Serenity

Coll || Foxi || Reikiwie || Digi

Neko || Taime || Kirouji || Sword Breaker

Alex  (twitter)|| Stormy Zapata || Yu (twitter)

Taminki || Star || Sofi

Mousu || Wholahayola || Flame || Lilian

Plotty || Ashley (Sunny) || Birdybomb || TheNoctivagant

Cly || Jenna Merry (twitter) || Allison Weyda || Nori-Wings



Jaded Envy || Ren Lee || Shannon Brady

Lala || Redphlox|| Flame

We hope you stay tuned for further updates on the zine and keep a lookout for when WIPS are posted! Thank you for your support so far everyone! Stay tuned for the merchant list when it comes out! ;D


PLUS ULTRA! SWITCH is Keiid’s second zine! Previously, she was in a Fairy Tail autumn-themed zine, and she’s recently been accepted to the @shinsouzine as well! Keiid is most excited to work alongside other super talented artists, and she looks up to everyone’s work so far. Of course, she looks forward to seeing the zine once it’s all put together!

If you’ve seen Keiid’s artwork, you can probably guess her favourite character—Shinsou Hitoshi! What makes him such a special character for her is is story, the way he talks, and the way he looks. Plus, his quirk is really cool, too! When he comes back, she hopes to get to know more about him (〃▽〃)

One of the proudest things for Keiid is the fact that people cosplay the designs or dub the comics she makes; that her work inspires others to make something! We’re constantly amazed and inspired by Keiid’s artwork and originality, and we know you will be too with her piece in the zine!

Visit Keiid on Tumblr @keiid / Twitter @keiidakamya

See the original artwork here: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

To find out more about PLUS ULTRA! SWITCH, visit us @bnhaquirkswapzine​ ✨

See other zine contributor featurettes here!

Hey there mun’s :’)

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful note you wrote me 💜 it was really inspiring, and so i’m keeping it on my cork board to remind me that i’m ok ;v; thank you so much for taking the time to personally write something for me💜 it was a joy to work with you girls!

( hmu for anymore shallura events 💜)


It was our pleasure @starrycove !! We can only show our gratitude to our creators and motivate you all to keep doing what you do ^_^ Our zine wouldn’t be the same with your vision and creation, and it’s been so lovely to work with you too! 💜💜

- admin jules and cat


the official contributor list is HERE!




Unsung Zine’s Contributor List

Thank you so much again to everyone whose applied. Emails with more details will be going out later today, but here is the list of those who will be contributing to the zine. I encourage everyone to take a look at these amazing people and see the work they’ve done. It’s incredible, and we’re so excited to get to work with you on this project. 





Jules Ashley


Emery Elise


Ashley Woolley

Kei Tran

Tiana McDonald


Ashley Dean




Rebecca Glendining


Andrea Cely

Kai M. Archuleta

Isaac Parente


Vinita Punnakris


Zine Contributor Lineup!

We are proud to at long-last reveal the zine contributor lineup for our zine!

Please help us welcome our wonderful 35 artists, cosplayers, and writers! Over the next month, they will be creating works featuring your favourite Haikyuu!! setters and aces as they travel across the world!

Additionally, we are releasing the official zine title:

Wanderlust: A Haikyuu!! Setters and Aces Fanzine

Thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions, and especially Tsu @tsushiki and Shirin @actualscienceside for “Wanderlust” – a title so good it was recommended twice – and Momoko @momokkoi for the subtitle, “A Haikyuu!! Setters and Aces Fanzine” ✨

The creation period officially begins now! BUT WAIT!

While our contributors are working on the zine, we’ll be releasing some bonus items for you:

  • a series of featurettes for each of our zine contributors, with a new installment each day
  • fun games and quizzes (with mini prizes)
  • also… we may host a giveaway! stay tuned!

For more information, keep reading below!

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Introducing Alystair!

pronouns: they/them or he/him
age: 20
online at: @Not_SoSure on twitter

Alystair wrote a short story titled “The Breath and the Dirt” for the pilot issue of Callithump! They describe the piece as, “Two boys grow up and fall in love in rural Kentucky.” His story contains beautiful visuals and a lovely depiction of the evolution of a relationship.

Pledge to the Callithump! Kickstarter to get a copy of the zine and read Alystair’s amazing contribution!

We asked each of our contributors to answer a few questions about themselves! Here are a few of Alystair’s answers:

Q: Describe your perfect weather:

A: “Bright sun, frequent breeze, clouds moving very quickly across the sky.”

Q: Can you boogie?

A: “I can fake it, but only with non-dancers.”

Q: Do you have a queer role model? If so, who?

A: “Miss Major.”

Q: When did you start writing?

A: “I started writing seriously when I was a senior in high school.”

Q: Tell us anything you’d like!

A: “I am embarrassingly bad at checkers. I have never won a game.”

such stuff as dreams are made on is pleased to announce its official list of zine contributors! We received almost one hundred amazing applications; it was a hard decision, but we eventually narrowed down our list. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s work in the finished zine.

Thank you so much to everyone who applied!

Preorders for the zine will open on August 1st, so stay tuned!


a courage || ALIENMANDY || Apollo || bracari || Christina Qi || Erica Doyle || glithch || Jenna Y. || Kara Kern || Kotanya || leylses || M. Cat. White || michi || Nadia Kyobe || Nat Roze || Rocketdoq || Rycheza || Shannon Kao || sophianecatrix || Strontium || Xenia Rassolova


B Taylor || Douglas McDonald || Eden Arielle Gordon || irisbleufic || Katherine Xiong || Nora Pearson || Renn Elkins || smallepics


agronaa//amy || Amrita Chakraborty || HMS G || Jay S. || Jaz Vallin || Kelsey-Jean || Marilyn Schotland || owlinaminor || Tate

Introducing Orion!

pronouns: he/him/his
age: 19
online at: poetry blogmain bloginstagram, and twitter

Orion contributed “PSALM 23” to the pilot issue of Callithump! His poem is absolutely stunning - like all of Orion’s poetry, it is full of beautiful imagery and descriptions that leave you thinking for days after you first read them. Orion describes his piece as: “Two boys tussle by a riverbed. It is a desperate and holy encounter.”

To read Orion’s poem, contribute to the Callithump! Kickstarter and get your copy of the zine!!!

We asked each of our contributors to answer a few questions about themselves! Here are a few of Orion’s answers:

Q: Where is your favorite place to write/draw/create?

A: “Curled up in my bed in a nest of pillows with a glass of chocolate milk.”

Q: Do you have any pets? Do you want to tell us about them?

A: “SNICKERDOODLE IS MY DOG!!! She is a tiny fluffball who prefers sleeping and cheese over everything else.”

Q: What’s something you can do that you’re proud of?

A: “I can play guitar and recite the alphabet backwards!”

Q: Do you have a queer role model? If so, who are they?

A: “Laura Jane Grace is a queer trans woman in the band Against Me! and she’s a constant source of inspiration for me.”

Q: How did you get the idea for your story?

A: “I’ve read a lot of pieces about gay unholiness, but not many about the inverse. I wanted to write a poem that allowed my love for men to be the holy part - although there are other parts of my life (and the narrative of this particular poem) that aren’t clean or pretty, loving men isn’t one of them. There is nothing more holy than queer adoration.”


Andy is one of the most iconic artists around in the Voltron and Haikyuu!! fandoms, among several others. Her distinctive lineart is paralleled by her talent for using colour pallets that transport you to the perfect atmosphere of the piece ✨

Wanderlust Zine will be her 8th zine for the Haikyuu!! fandom alone – and we’re just as enthusiastic about having her on the project as she is about the wonderful setters, aces, and characters from this show!

Visit Andy on Tumblr @andythelemon!

See the original artwork here: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

To find out more about Wanderlust Zine, visit us @setters-n-acezine ✌🏽

Check back every day for a new edition of zine contributor featurettes!

hot oil spit (fic)

He was always a wuss, but now he’s a wuss with a gun and a twisting dragon that his soulmark has burned haunting, frightening, impossible into his hand and wrist.  

read on ao3 →

i’m doing things a little differently for my mchanzine fic entry. i am proud of the fic i contributed, which told the story of gabe saying goodbye to jesse as he’s about to leave blackwatch. but… honestly it would make me a little queasy to be reminded of this episode whenever i got a kudo notification. so! instead! i will expand the 1.5k fic by many thousands of words by weaving its worldbuilding into my gritty realism meets bildungsroman afterschool special of a magnum opus, hot oil spit.

hot oil spit is a wip soulmark au—but otherwise canon-compliant—character study of jesse mccree. to judge the pace of the backstory, we’re 30k in and jesse is only just about to enter blackwatch. 

perhaps needless to say, this is a slow burn. (but there will be young mchanzo! so the wait won’t be forever.) unlike the zine, this fic is rated r and there are some serious content warnings (all listed in the ao3 tags with more to be added as the fic progresses). it’s a pretty intense list, but i promise that this is not, like, a thoughtless whump fic meant to exploit jesse’s pain. instead, this is a tender story of recovery, found families, and growing up.

to support me at this moment, the best thing you can do is give hot oil spit a read. thank you to everyone who has supported @mchanzinecontributors. it means a lot to me as the blog mod and as one of the zine contributors.

Contributor Spotlight #7

As we launch into our creation period, we’d like the chance for you to get to know the creators and contributors involved in making this zine happen. For that reason, we will be posting bi-weekly Contributor Spotlights, which will showcase the past works of Limitless Zine contributors.

They’re all amazing creators with amazing talent, so please show them your support!



“Other than KNB my other sports anime love is Haikyuu!! and I absolutely adore Kise and Oikawa together as a couple lol I’m so happy to have gotten the opportunity to be part of this KNB Fanzine project and I’m so excited that a KNB fanzine is the first zine project I’ve gotten to be a part of!”

Original picture here

Akaashi Zine Contributors!

Hello! These are the people who will be contributing to the zine. We’re all excited and working together to create something to celebrate one of our favorite Haikyuu characters!!


Aishwarya - @toondoon1010
Ania Roa - @aniaroa
Caitlann - @very-burnt-cinnamon-roll
Chiara Martinelli - @chiaramartinelliart
Claudia - @claudiyah-art
Dorian Gabriel - @artsy-stargazer
Eiri - @schion
Hyun - @mediocre-h
Ikari Yuuji - @ikari-yuuji
K - @studiotiptop
Kaiisen - @kaiisen
Kayen - @mutsukkii
Lattien - @lattien
Minty - @miyaosamu
Mona - @tenowls
Moriah - @themoskabot
Natalie - @milkyshibes
neenya - @neenya
Nhikas - @nhikas-art
ono-mono - @ono-mono
Orangiah - @orangiah
Pan - @pank0
Prism - @hqrarepairs
Quincy - @q195-arts
Reikiwie - @reikiwie-art
schaaf - @schaafdraws
Silvia Sigrid Sillaots - @si3art
Syd - @that-one-guy-in-naruto
YokoMoNe - @yokomone
Yuka - @yukacchi
yuncumber - @yuncumber


Avery Faux - @foxyena
David - @a-pessimist-reader
Deathbelle - @worthlesspride
downmoon - @downmoonwrites
Kaiyou - @kaiyouchan
Mac - @mckendie
Mack - @amajikies
Nik - @andramion
Sarah - @silentmarco
Sky - @fairylights101writes
Tottwriter - @tottwritesfanfic
Winter - @crown-of-winterthorne


Kaiyou - @kaiyouchan
Kristin - @bugbearz

What: A zine celebrating the greatest English writer of all time with modern takes on his work in the form of artwork, poetry, and prose.

Who: Anyone can apply, although we particularly encourage queer and trans content creators to participate!  The two mods are Nat and Betsy.

Why: Although many believe Shakespeare’s work is antiquated and useless to study, we find the characters, language, and themes of his writing more relevant than ever.  Throughout his works, the Bard poses questions on power, order, sexuality, psychology, love, death, and humanity itself; we want to reexamine these questions through a twenty-first century lens.  This can mean putting Shakespeare’s plays in new settings, focusing in on specific characters in new ways, rewriting scenes to reflect modern perspectives - we’re open to all ideas, as long as they maintain the spirit of Shakespeare.

When: Applications open on Thursday, June 1 and go through Friday, June 23!  You can find a more detailed schedule here.

How: Check our Tumblr and Twitter next Thursday for a link to the application.  We’ll be asking applicants to submit samples of their work, and to let us know which plays they might like to focus on for the zine.  You don’t need to have done Shakespeare-inspired work in the past to apply, but we would like to see some original work (instead of or in addition to fanwork).

*This will be a paid zine (all profits will go to the contributors).

I’m making this post to let y'all know that I’ve been accepted in the “To Ashes” McHanzo fan zine as a writing contributor! I really appreciated all y'all’s feedback and encouragement, and now I’ll be able to do something special just for y'all. I’m really excited to be working on it, so stay tuned for updates! Thanks so much for all your support. I couldn’t/wouldn’t have done it if not for y'all.

Hi everyone. I’m sure you are all aware of the recent events occurring about Overwatch zines. Here is our statement from an organizer via twitter. 

1. We are not affiliated w/ Lynn 
2. We are all equally paying for printing for the zine

Contributors associated with the bullseye zine and are participating in our zine, you are allowed to stay. You applied fair and square and we chose you. This outcome is not your fault whatsoever. We are very sorry you have had to deal with this and hope you will have better zine experiences in the future. We are all disgusted that this happened, and hate that this might ruin any future zine creations for the overwatch fandom. On our part, we will make sure the experience you have with our zine will be a good one. To anyone who will be purchasing the physical copy of our zine: we will make sure that the book and any merch we include will get to you. There will be no purchasing of any Utena merch with your money whatsoever.

If you have any questions or concerns that I did not address, please feel free to message us on here or send us an email at spiderbytezine@gmail.com. 

anonymous asked:

Will the siren AU also be put on ao3?

A while after the zine is released, contributors will be allowed to post pieces publically.

However, the zine will be available both in print and digitally, with the proceeds going to a coral reef conservation charity so I would encourage everyone to support all the artists involved and purchase it, if you’re able!