zine challenge


We are looking for all types of media for an upcoming zine that challenges the current stasis in the queer community. We are very interested in all spectrums of sexuality and visual 2-D media, so please feel free to submit poetry/prose, sketchbook scans, text pieces, short stories, essays, opinion pieces, reviews (art, music, film, books, theory, etc), experimental writing, concrete poetry, photographs, digital images, documentation, visual pieces, etc. If you’re dying to call out the whiteness of radical queer culture, share some trans poetry or artwork, or tackle the prison industrial complex, then this is your space to do so. This is a demo zine and will be printed on tan paper with black ink. You will be compensated for your work and the turn around is pretty dang soon.

Deadline: December 16th, 2015.
Email entries + questions to: demian.dineyazhi@gmail.com

Introducing a forthcoming Queer zine dedicated to art, culture, literature, critique, & resurgence. Because the contemporary gay rights movement is not enough. Because queer cultural representations are often dominated by Western perspectives that have been anglicized & propogated through centuries of colonization, political & religious persecution, & societal pressures to exert gendered traits in stereotypical/easily identifiable manners. Because radical queer politics are not enough. Because homosexuality is a Western construct that does not need to impose its values on other countries or communities. Because we understand that cultural diversity begets ®evoltion. Because we come from diverse cultural backgrounds/traditions. Because we are divisive & our aspirations have led us to create & survive. Because we come home from queer parties feeling even more alienated & alone. Because we were not exposed to positive role models. Because we are struggling with negative forces & want to learn to love ourselves. Because we are artists, activists, visionaries, allies, & alive. Because we wish to learn more about HIV/AIDS, Trans Politics, and Indigenous Queer cultures in order to feel informed & empowered so we can dismantle stigma, patriarchy, & colonization/genocide. Because we grew up in small towns. Because all we know is urban decay. Because we want to rewrite the future. Because we are not doing enough to understand one another. Because the internet will never be big enough to contain our dreams, desires, identities, & realities.



✓ creative expression
✓ the spirit of the universe
✓ watching a plant grow
✓ watching a dog play
✓ feeling nature inside you

‘it doesn’t have to be perfect, i just has to exist’ is a new zine by gemma flack about making things, feelings things, and doing things.
it’s a reminder to yourself to be a magic and kind person, to other people and to yourself ♡

a zine challenge; i made this zine in one week in june 2015

A6, colour, 14 pages


prints & stickers also available 


Lemon Balm Girl #1 zine

Alright, I finally figured out how to put this thing on Etsy! :D

48-page, quarter-legal (4.25x7) b&w photocopied zine.

Lemon Balm Girl #1 talks about my current experience as an amateur gardener and starting a garden from scratch. There’s an large section discussing some of the herbs I chose to grow for both medicinal and witchy reasons, as well as helpful weeds and my house plants. Other content includes tracing the inspiration of my ideal garden, famous gardens I’d like to visit, and a couple of tea recipes.

This zine was written for the 24-Hour Zine Challenge put on by the 2016 Portland Zine Symposium. I didn’t finish the layout in time, but all of the text & illustrations were created within that time period.