zine & not heard

i realized i never uploaded this! here’s some tiny hance enjoying street food

my submission for the filipino!lance zine (which i frankly never heard back from :’(( )

I haven’t been around here much this weekend as it is the Portland Zine Symposium but the last day is today! Here are some of our new buttons that I have been wearing around.

Also, I wasn’t on the witches and Zines panel but I attended it and it was pretty great. A lot of talk about writers block and manifesting art and where it comes from and why. It also fit in well with the Native opening speaker that reminded up we are on occupied land and that white people have our written word but they have oral tradition. The written word is magic and that our even was about that magic and a joke about “they call it ‘spelling’ for a reason” which seemed to shake something loose in me. Like, I always knew that. Where do they words come from?

I talked about my blocks with writing my own witch zine and heard some tools I can use to work on it. It was a good workshop.

I hung out with @lemonbalmgirl and @blue-index and @youlooksosmall and met @kdhume and a few others of you at my table. I wasn’t there much as I was running around trying to keep things from falling apart. A very tired and scruffy Ian B was there and my sister for awhile. Ian B had been up since 4:30 and hadn’t had a shower in a few days but he has been so helpful and great.

OK. Off to the IPRC for the super exciting skillshare portion of the event.

hey food fans!

So, malak and i are doing a collaborative food zine as you may have heard and we are looking for submissions! 

the short of it is we want

  • art
  • recipes
  • articles

the long of it:

  • the art we want can be comics(!!), it can be photographs, illustrations with your recipes, etc. Collages! If you made it with ya own hands submit it
  • recipes! we want them to have process pix and a blurb about the recipe itself and why you keep coming back to it
  • articles! mad about food gentrification in your neighbourhood? adore a restaurant that gets no love? complain about how pasta is sf expensive for what???? FOR WHAT? people made fun of your ethnic food as a kid and now they all think its trendy? obsessed with making the perfect cookie and want to log your result? Write us a 1-3 page article, it’ll be fun i promise. We love complaining but also we love being triumphant and rude.

Its a little short notice but we want it to be finished for february, so it’ll be less of a holiday issue and more of a love (of food) issue but! thats still a holiday so it’s fine haha.

For more ideas heres the original post about this zine and the stuff we are all about.

Submit to us here or @ me on my twitter account akitron! I might make an email for this so look forward to that.

Deadline is December 20th!