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Have you heard the word of Pan?

Now that the Zine PDF has officially come out- here is my finished Pan poster from @theadventurezine <3 I had so much fun working on this and Im so glad I could participate in a zine for my fave podcast @theadventurezone and for a great cause! Thank you everyone who put this on, was an artist or if you helped out via donations! You guys are all amazing! <3

i realized i never uploaded this! here’s some tiny hance enjoying street food

my submission for the filipino!lance zine (which i frankly never heard back from :’(( )

hello, if anyone heard about the cartoon cartoons zine through the fact that fucking ta//ka//shi0 reblogged our post tonight-


I’m going to be screening applicants a lot more closely if people apply tonight or tomorrow. I know a lot of people are applying for unrelated reasons, so if you’re a good person, you don’t have anything to worry about

*note that the reason we don’t want applications from these people is because that blogger is a known pedophile*

I haven’t been around here much this weekend as it is the Portland Zine Symposium but the last day is today! Here are some of our new buttons that I have been wearing around.

Also, I wasn’t on the witches and Zines panel but I attended it and it was pretty great. A lot of talk about writers block and manifesting art and where it comes from and why. It also fit in well with the Native opening speaker that reminded up we are on occupied land and that white people have our written word but they have oral tradition. The written word is magic and that our even was about that magic and a joke about “they call it ‘spelling’ for a reason” which seemed to shake something loose in me. Like, I always knew that. Where do they words come from?

I talked about my blocks with writing my own witch zine and heard some tools I can use to work on it. It was a good workshop.

I hung out with @lemonbalmgirl and @blue-index and @youlooksosmall and met @kdhume and a few others of you at my table. I wasn’t there much as I was running around trying to keep things from falling apart. A very tired and scruffy Ian B was there and my sister for awhile. Ian B had been up since 4:30 and hadn’t had a shower in a few days but he has been so helpful and great.

OK. Off to the IPRC for the super exciting skillshare portion of the event.

(via I Think I’ve Heard Enough poetry zine pre-orders by Allmymetaphors)

Hello! Guess what! My newest latest and greatest poetry zine is finally done! It includes tons of never-before seen poems chronicling an ill-fated and honestly fairly disastrous love affair I had during the past 6 months or so, and it is full of very embarrassing poems!

Y'all know the drill by now with pre-orders: I have 15 pre-orders available so I can raise up the funds to get copies made of this zine. If you order a pre-order you have to wait a few weeks to get your zine (because i don’t have the copies made yet) but when you get it it’ll come with two limited edition high quality glossy stickers of my art that will only be available with this zine! It will also come with all of my love and appreciation.

ALSO the copies are in black and white! if you WANT a color copy you’re welcome to message me and I’ll make you one, but honestly since it’s mostly text inside the zine I don’t think it would be worth the additional cost!

Anyway, that’s all! I hope you guys like this zine - I’ve been working on these poems since March so it is a very long work in progress and I’m excited to finally send them out into the world! If you’re wondering why i havent been posting poetry on tumblr lately, this is why! some stuff i feel weird posting on the internet but somehow feel less weird mailing out around the world to strangers as physical copies. for some reason? anyway! bye! 

I’m putting together a zine set to release its first installment some time in January. Everything inside will be about the many forms of mental illness quite a few of us struggle with: depression, anxiety, addiction, etc. Mental illnesses can be incredibly difficult; there’s always someone out there trying to convince you there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just a rut, and that other people have it worse. Unfortunately, these reactions further the isolation and fuel the paranoia. These feelings cause a deadly combination of thoughts which can often lead to self harm, and ultimately, suicide. In an attempt to fight the loneliness and detachment, I’m creating a platform for people who struggle with these thoughts to be heard. 100% of the content in the zine will come from submissions. Everyone has the right to have their voice heard, to feel validated, to relate to others who understand how it feels to be controlled by this. Everyone deserves the chance to tell their story. Any submissions can be made anonymous given the sensitivity of the subject. Now for the important part. This project will be entirely non-profit. All proceeds will go directly to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. If you’ve struggled with mental illness before, you know it’s not as easy as willing the pain away. But, we can work to increase the available resources through community and direct action. So PLEASE, don’t hesitate to submit your stories, poems, art, or whatever outlet you’ve found that I can print. There is no judgement or censorship here. For info on how to submit, please refer to this post. This world can be a mess and thousands of people are at risk of suicide every single second. This could really help someone out there, so please share with someone you know. This is a chance for us to convert all that frustration into positive change. I hope we can make this last. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask me directly.