25 People You Should Be Following On Twitter~compiled by @InEyeAleE and @MissZindzi

     Twitter is quite an interesting place. You can learn from it, gain a support system from it, and, equally important, be entertained 24/7. From side-splitting cultural satire to witty insults to simply clever arrangements of everyday ideas, here is a list of tweets from 25 people that will have you silently guffawing at your desk at work or trying not to chuckle out loud while in public. These aren’t people who are just OCCASIONALLY interesting. They are consistently witty and will have you checking Twitter constantly for more.

     We’ll make this perfectly clear here and now: this list is ENTIRELY biased. These are the people WE enjoy that WE feel sometimes go without the recognition for their humor they should have. But this list is a guarantee for a fresh new follow (or the closest you’ll get to them without a fresh new restraining order.) Don’t read this list drunk. You’ll pee yourself. Seriously. One of us already has (sorry Zindzi, I’ll get that hoodie dry cleaned…) Enjoy!

  1. @beauty_jackson 

  2. @JosephBananas 

  3. @392_21_0223

  4. @_Rickeh 

  5. @chrisalexander_ 

  6. @MurphMcMahon 

  7. @savvyfatty

  8. @metroadlib

  9. @TheDillon1

  10. @dylantomassmith  

  11. @manicsocratic 

  12. @CeeNCrumpets 

  13. @LeeLeePotatoes 

  14. @desusnice 

  15. @BKBap 

  16. @CerromeRussell 

  17. @Myrtle_Urkel 

  18. @steenfox 

  19. @JeauxAlejandro 

  20. @brokeymcpoverty 

  21. @TheXDExperience 

  22. @_Hozay 

  23. @__Broke 

  24. @WoeLilly 

  25. @blunted215