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I love this scene. Especially because (supposedly) Farhan was the trouble maker growing up– the one everyone thought was most likely to end up in jail. But as a director he tolerates no joking around. When Hrithik first worked as an actor on Farhan’s Lakshya he showed up late to one of the first calls and Farhan dressed him down. Zoya, the director of this film and Farhan’s sister, is supposed to be a very laid back director.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (HIndi, 2011)


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Laila: After achieving so much, are you happy? Do you miss something? Take time out for those things that really make you happy, like cooking…

Arjun: Yeah, well that’s the plan. I will retire after 40…

Laila: How do you know you will live till 40? Seize the day my friend!