Horóscopo Alquimista - Zinc + Boceto de Cobre.

El numero 4 de los Alquimistas, Zinc, el especialmente servicial~ 

Y el boceto de Cobre, numero 0 

Siempre dejo a este Horóscopo de lado y eso que los amo, por que todos son…tan excéntricos, si, esa es la mejor palabra para describirlos XDDDD. 

Es decir, tiene a este sujeto con ojos de dos colores, el líder conquistador, un travestí, un poeta ¡Tiene de todo! XDDDD

Pero bue, ya se vengaron en el cap siguiente~


•    Dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis)

•    White tongue

•    White marks on finger nails

•    Stretch marks

•    Mouth ulcers

•    Sleep disturbances

•    Hair loss

•    Skin dryness and rashes (acne, eczema, psoriasis)

•    Decreased libido

•    Poor healing of wounds

•    Diarrhea

•    Loss of appetite, weight loss, or difficulty gaining weight

•    Brain fog and irritability

•    Depression and lethargy

•    Reduced fertility

•    Absent periods

•    Stunted growth

Wheat, alcohol, spinach, high calcium foods, high sugar intake, low protein, all hamper zinc absorption.

I realized I am probably zinc deficient so i made this post to help other people who might need to increase zinc in their diets, or supplement. People who are at a higher risk for zinc deficiency are vegans/vegetarians, people with gastrointestinal diseases (crohns, IBS), pregnant and lactating women, infants, adolescents going through puberty, and those with sickle cell disease.

because i need my boy team cosplay the boy band (if my 17 yrs old boys can be as hot as chocobros in their 20s)

its funny to see slightest things i can make kaze connect to them (also possible moment of Emer has tattoos oh my)