This Is my Pipboy 3000 that my brother Zach over at Zimprops made me for Christmas a few years back. I’ve really enjoyed owning this awesome prop but I’ve decided it’s time to sell it and give it a new home.

I’ve seen a lot of Pipboy 3000 replicas, but this is the only one I’ve seen that is wearable and features the menu images that you can scroll through on the screen. In other words, it’s pretty h*cka cool!

Here’s the link to the ebay auction. Just think, you could have the coolest halloween costume in town!


Amazing Products - Zimprops

Check out ZimpropsYou can purchases amazing handmade props including a Zelda Treasure Chest with lights and sound
Captain America’s Shield 
and even Daft Punk related items. All items are skillfully made by Zachariah Perry so grab yours today. (Also Zachariah takes requests so if you’re looking for some custom work he’s worth checking out)

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This is a Captain America Shield that I sold to a guy for his 3 year old son.

Here’s a message he sent me when he bought the shield:

“My son is a real big fan of Captain America. Like your photos of the shield on your FB. We get every Saturday morning and watch The Avengers. He is only 3 but he knows all the lines of the movie. The shield is for my son’s B day the 8 of Feb. it’s going to be fun watching him open this present.”

He received the package today and sent me this message:

“Zachariah ,
Just got the shield. It’s AWESOME!!!!
My son is sitting with the shield right now watching Avengers. He has been sick today and this really cheered him up. I’ll send you a few pics. Give me an email that I can attach a picture to.

Thanks again

This made my day! :)


Here’s a video of those Guy helmet lights in action!


Oh hey, that’s a Captain America Shield I made. This makes me so happy!

I just finished the long journey of building 5 custom Machinima branded Xbox Slim consoles. I don’t know if I’m allowed to show pictures of the actual consoles yet or not, so here’s the design mock I did originally.

Actual pictures will come sooner or later.