Star got drunk, learned her lesson though.


Zimmi is back from the army clip


Star will never learn


Zimmi Akhmad has joined Electric’s team, just a short time ago! Thanks a lot for this promo-vid Zimmi!!

afloydianslip asked:

my thirst has no chill like some people drop subtle hints but im like haha yes zimmy stick your harmonica up my ass or smth

and im just there waiting 4 pink floyd to gangbang be in those leather the wall clothes. i feel u my friend, my thirst 4 rockstars is unendless. we all need a dick

Hello cricket fam,

As you all know, I’ve been so nonconsistent basically nonexistent with posting since the last Pakistan series in Sri Lanka. I tried to be back so many times but I failed :( as mentioned by @aussiecricket, it also depresses me to not post original content while I know there’s so much to be posted. [LOOK AT US LETTING OURSELVES TO BE MURDERED BY THE KIWIS BUT ANY KIWI ANYDAY IS TOO PRECIOUS YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING BUT LOVE THEM. and Sri Lanka, you are filth. I also developed a soft corner for India ever since I met Virat Kohli (cough - @caughtandbowled is very happy) West Indies are out of my list cos in real life to the fans, they are rude (*Marlon Samuels, i’m looking at you*) it disappointed me so much. Jason holder is a sweetheart though. Bangladesh & Afghanistan are too precious and i want them to send us back home in WT20 cos we suck. Hi Zimmies! And the Dutch.]

So yes, this is to say I’m leaving this blog. I won’t delete this though cos I treasure this so much. I made a personal blog @zin10santafe. Give me a follow there and I’ll follow you all back cos I’ll be talking (cricket) to you there (just reblogging and live blogging stuff) and I love you all. I had such great 3 years with cricket fam. Tumblr cricket FAM is the best cricket community EVER!

Zinara xx

PS: my twitter & instagram are also @zin10santafe and if you are there, say hi.