This is REALLY pissing me off

If one more person posts “Seriously!? Michael Vick got TWO YEARS and Zimmerman is free?” We can’t be friends anymore. What an ignorant statement. Yes, Michael Vick got TWO YEARS and you know what? That wasn’t enough for the disgusting things he did. And Zimmerman… he’s a piece of shit. He was looking for trouble, he instigated it and an innocent kid died for it. Of course he should be punished but don’t be the asshole that tries to take away from what justice Michael Vick DID get just because another jury is blind.

This is just like that idiot “journalist” who said the man who beat the shit out of a dog and murdered him shouldn’t do time because the Vancouver rioters didn’t get harsh enough sentences. Fucking moron. Sometimes the system works and most times it doesn’t. Why can’t we be grateful for the times it does and do nothing but fight for justice when it doesn’t? 

The ignorance disgusts me.

I watched the trial completely. In the beginning, I had no opinion set, but as I watched the trial and the evidence was revealed, I formulated a speculation. Zimmerman is innocent. Do not stop reading here; I know some of you will.

One of the things that annoyed me was the constant use by the prosecution of the word “Child". He was 17 years old. He graduated from childhood 5 years ago.

Trayvon Martin was no saint, as the media portrayed him. He was suspended from school a few months before the shooting for possession of marijuana. He was also getting into trouble because of aggressive behavior with other people (Which was also seen through texts, where he talked about fighting).

Zimmerman was doing his responsibility as a neighborhood watchmen. He had a call from one of the residents, a worried single mother of a young child, about someone hanging out in front of a mailbox. Zimmerman could have listened to when told not to follow him, but there is no law against following someone in that county.

No one but Zimmerman knows truly what happened once they confronted each other. My speculation is that they exchanged offensive remarks and both parties became upset. Now keep in mind that while Zimmerman was taking MMA fighting, his training was just beginning and that his trainer called him pathetic and weak. Trayvon on the other hand was experienced in fighting and was quite built. Evidence clearly showed that, and the prosecution later pulled its opposition to this scenario, Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman continuously hitting him and slamming his head into the sidewalk.

In that state the law says that “if a person is in fear for their life or well being they may fight back with deadly force". Unlike what many believe, Trayvon was NOT shot in the head. He was shot in the chest. And by forensic testing, it shows that Trayvon was in fact leaning over Zimmerman when the shot was fired. The GSW was the only wound on Trayvon, therefor Zimmerman had waited before fighting back, probably hoping that Trayvon would let up on him before he would have to use deadly force.

After reading this, I hope some of you are more cognizant of what happened and why Zimmerman was found not guilty. If you are still upset and think a murderer was set free, well then at least you have heard both sides. Thank you, to all of you who read this completely instead of ignorantly hate posting back after the first paragraph.


Zimmerman has gained almost 100 lbs since shooting & killing Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012. He gained this amount of weight to make himself look less attractive should he go to prison to ward off the fella’s, or to help his defense tactics by having at least two witnesses testify to how Zimmerman is not a skilled fighter, doesn’t have much strength or muscle tone and is uncoordinated. They both even motioned and said “No offense, but just look at him.” Look at his current first two pics, next, look how he actually looked (last 3 pics) when he was fighting with Trayvon that night. He’s not helpless like they are trying to make him out to be. (5 photos)

I know I’m probably going to get shot for saying this but I am entitled to my own opinion. Every is playing Trayvon Martin to be some innocent child and he was not. I don’t know who decides they have to have skittles in the pouring rain. He wasn’t just doing nothing. I’m sorry an innocent life was lost. Condolences to the family. George should have reacted differently but he didn’t. But Trayvon could have reacted differently. Because George did not injure himself. I’m sure if Travon were alive both of them would have been facing charges.

Zimmerman Trial

This Trayvon 🚶Just walking to the store & here come Zimmerman no neck inspector gadget wanna be ass come 🏃.
Trayvon Black Zimmerman whatever ethnicity he is 🚶👈🏃= Long ass trial
But if Trayvon was Zimmerman ethnicity & Zimmerman was black
🚶👈🏃= No long ass trial possibly capital, or 1st degree murder with life in prison!!
Fucked up racist ass world we live in smh

I'm watching the live video of the George Zimmerman trial.

All I’m saying is if George Zimmerman is pronounced innocent, it isn’t gonna be pretty lol. I’m predicting Rodney King riots. Its obvious to me & a lot of people that George Zimmerman is guilty of killing Trayvon Martin on purpose. & no, I’m not bias just because I’m black. It’s simple, everybody with common sense knows right from wrong. George Zimmerman is wrong for what he did. The 911 operator told George to stop following Trayvon. But George continued to follow Trayvon.. Do I need to say more?? There’s many other things that show that Zimmerman is guilty.

Zimmerman Jury

How can an all non-black female jury relate to a black teenager? They can’t! They don’t see Trayvon as “that could have been my son.” They see Trayvon as a Menace to society…a threat…a thug…uneducated and a drug user. That is the only way in hell 6 women could find a grown man innocent of killing a child.

They relate to George Zimmerman because in interviews they are giving, they don’t refer to him as “George Zimmerman.’ They refer to him as "GEORGE.”~A~

People are ignorant I just cant

Treyvone Martin suspended and kicked out of school for having illegal substances as well as stolen women’s jewelry. He also had a grill and several gold teeth NONE OF WHICH were seen in the 12 year old pictures the press was using to try and promote sympathy for his case. Another way the press manipulated the public was by changing Zimmermans 911 call to make it sound as if he was being racist. Also, if Zimmerman was killed by Treyvon I highly doubt we would be hearing anything about it. Just like we didnt hear ANYthing on the national news about the young white boy was beaten by three black men and left in the street to get hit by cars. Its funny how the world works.


You can’t scream “Free Boosie” and then want Zimmerman arrested. It doesn’t work that way.