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The Illipsis: on Ferguson, riots and human limits

The thing about that tweet I sent out Monday night, that tweet wasn’t really from Monday night.  I made the exact same tweet, a year and a half ago, about Trayvon Martin.  The exact same tweet, word for word, all I did was switch out the name, and that’s how sick, that’s how predictable and sick, this white supremacy groundhog’s day is that we live in.  You can literally, word for word, have the exact same conversation year after year and just switch out the name of the black child we lost.


Trayvon Martin was an honor student with no criminal record, who may have smoked weed like so many other teenagers, but was on his way to college for aeronautics. George Zimmerman had previously been arrested for vandalism, assaulting a police officer, and domestic violence, and has since been arrested for two separate cases of domestic violence, threatening his girlfriend and her father with the same gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin, and a road rage incident where he threatened someone else with that same gun.

Mike Brown had no criminal record, was regarded as a “gentle giant” by everyone who knew him, refused to play football because it was too violent, and offered to come back and pray with a construction worker he spoke to on the way to the store the morning he was killed. He smoked weed, but again, so do many teenagers. Darren Wilson started his career in a police department so brutal and racist that it was disbanded, has a history of racial profiling and police brutality, and threatened to arrest someone for filming him. According to Anonymous, he’s part of the Ghoul Squad, a group of cops that are secretly KKK members.

And yet who does the media paint as heroes in these cases? Who do they paint as demons and monsters? This country is disgusting in how it deals with race. White supremacy is alive and well.

It’s wild how many people are still defending George Zimmerman. He’s been arrested for assaulting a police officer, domestic violence against three separate women, assaulting a senior citizen, threatening multiple romantic partners (and one’s father) with guns, and the ongoing situation that led to him being shot–him getting road rage and threatening the guy who eventually shot him with a gun, showing up at dude’s job the next day and lurking in the parking lot with a gun, and then pulling a gun on him again months later.

If he was black, he never would have ended up killing Trayvon Martin, because the cop he assaulted in 2005 would have shot him instead of being pressured by Zimmerman’s judge father to drop the charges.

George Zimmerman arrested for allegedly throwing wine bottle at girlfriend

From News 13:

A Seminole County judge has set $5,000 bond for George Zimmerman, who was arrested Friday night in Lake Mary.

The 31-year-old was booked around 9:45 p.m. for aggravated assault – domestic violence with a weapon. According to Don West, Zimmerman’s attorney, his client threw a wine bottle during the incident.


Michael Brown’s parents held a press conference today and they reiterated their hope that Darren Wilson would be arrested.  I could pretend to be surprised that he’s still free, but it took the police six weeks to arrest George Zimmerman.

They’ve already protested.  Some have already rioted.  The vast majority of the media is in agreement that something is off.  And people around the world are in support of Michael Brown, but Darren Wilson is still at home.

What else can we do?  What else can we do?

So basically...

Kids like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown were never arrested a day in their lives…and still get labelled “thugs” who had it coming.

Zimmerman, meanwhile, has been arrested five or six times, attended anger management classes, threatened his wife and father-in-law and even had a restraining order filed against him…and the same people trashing Brown and Martin aren’t saying a peep.