Some of my other animated movie art. :D

I don’t just love Disney - I love lots of animation! Some of this is pretty old, but what the hey. Let’s share!

Kung Fu Panda (Dreamworks)

All Dogs Go to Heaven (Don Bluth), How to Train your Dragon (Dreamworks), A Monster in Paris (Bibo Bergeron)

The Land Before Time (Don Bluth) , Megamind (Dreamworks)


A few more squares for my Music Timeline Collaboration at DeviantART.

The dates at the top are their years active creating music, not their lifespans.

I decided to add more classical composers to the mural for some diversity. :D

The first time I was called a freak was when some girls in my fifth grade class asked me what type of music I liked and I said “classical”. If liking classical music makes me a freak, then I’m proud to be one!

One of the most requested things for my comic from the readers after it was finished was to show William and Sonia in the future with a child.
Since I had such awesome readers, I thought it would be a nice gesture to draw what it would be like. I’m not sure the two would actually ever have any kids given the way Sonia is, but nyehhh… you can take this as canon or not. Your choice!

What’s the child’s name? I was thinking Stewart, or Stew for short.
What’re they reading? Beatrix Potter, perhaps.

I imagine life with Sonia as a mother would be fantastic and trying at times. Heh. Now that sounds like a decent sequel, actually. But… I guess you can just watch “A Goofy Movie” instead. 


Two more drawings for my “music through the years” project! ^.^

Frank Sinatra and Gene Pitney. My dad and his parents had these fine fellows to listen to when they were young. All the kids have today is Justin Bieber. ;_;

Frank Sinatra’s style of singing can be put under several categories: lounge, swing, jazz, crooner, etc.

Gene Pitney was hard to categorize even in his time. He was just kinda thrown under Rock and Roll, but the way he sings is almost operatic. Hehe.