Locked out, Part 13

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Eric wasn’t entirely sure how he made it through the rest of dinner. He could feel Jack’s feet and knees bumping into his, and he kept looking up at Jack to find Jack looking back at him.

“This is delicious,” Jack said, after every fifth bite or so.

Eric stopped thanking him for the compliment after the third time, because the conversation – or lack thereof – was getting ridiculous. It was like Jack got shyer when Eric said he wanted to go out with him.

Of course, Eric wasn’t doing much better. No matter what part of Jack fell into his field of view, he couldn’t help but imagine that part of Jack after dinner, when they would, he hoped, not be sitting with a table full of food between them. Jack’s eyes, that kept landing on Eric; Jack’s mouth, that Eric could probably (definitely? maybe?) kiss tonight; Jack’s hands, which he would use to touch Eric – when he’d taken Eric’s hand to bring him back inside, Eric had been struck by how Jack’s hand engulfed his.

“I have to admit I’m a little nervous,” Eric said.

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Soulmate AU

So this idea just pop up in my mind

  • So, imagine a world where your body is kind of transparent.
  • People see through you like if you were water/glass. When you get close by your soulmate, your body slowly gains color.
  • It starts on your finger of your hands and as you get closer to them, more color will appear in your body. Imagine it like how you put food coloring to your water, how the food coloring floats a little before it dissolves.
  • Just like that. So not only you get to meet your soulmate, but also get to see how you truly look.
  • BUT! If your soulmate dies, the color will slowly start disappearing, you can see yourself slowly turning see through again.
  • I’m gonna call it, “Vitale AU” which means life giving in Latin.

so is this what we’re doing today ??? crying bc of this sneak peek and also having the same reaction as mrs. alicia zimmermann ??,?, listen, jack is so casual and staying calm and i LOVE THAT !!!! and don’t even get me STARTED ON HOW SMITTEN BITTY IS ! you can see how happy they both are and it really melts my little gay heart